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“These Paws Were Rescued” – Brody

“These Paws Were Rescued” – July 2014

Brody the Border Collie

Brody and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. He is a very nice pup and extremely talented, knowing over 200 tricks! But not only is Brody a Champion Trick Dog, he is also a Service Dog and a K9 Artist, painting beautiful abstract masterpieces which he donates to various charities for auctions and raffles as his way of “Pawing It Forward.”

But before I get carried away barking, let me introduce you to my pawsome friend, Brody.


Trick dog Brody

Brody the Border Collie


Darko: Thank you so much for accepting this interview with me, Brody! It is an honour to have the chance to interview such a talented pup as yourself! I am super excited to hear all your answers to the many questions I have, so let’s get started…


You are one talented trick dog! What are your top ten favourite tricks to perform?

1.   First and foremost my favorite trick is Painting, it satisfies my need to have a job to do!

2.   Cartwheels

3.   Jumping rope with mom

4.   Basketball Dunking

5.   Scooting around mom backwards

6.   Shaking paws

7.   Waving (Hi or Bye)

8.   Whirley, Twist and Disco (Spin clockwise, counter clockwise and spin on my hind legs)

9.   Break Dancing (Spin and Rollover)

10. Loading the dishwasher


What are the top ten favourite tricks requested by fans?

1.    Painting BOL!

2.    Shake paws

3.    Hi Five

4.    Wave Hi or Bye

5.    Salute

6.    Stick ‘em Up & Play Dead

7.    Break Dance

8.    Dunking Basketballs

9.    Balance Beam

10.  Hoop jumps or jumping over moms outstretched arms

Video 22 0 00 42-24

circle jumps


What is your favourite…

… Activity?   Painting

… Toy?   Phil the Pheasant

… Treat?   Tricky Trainers Chewy Cheddar Treats

… Pastime?   Cuddling with mom and getting belly rubs

… Game?   Frisbee

… Walk Place?   The Fitness Trail at Veterans Memorial Park in my hometown


After performing a trick, what do you usually receive as a reward?

Tricky Trainer Treats chewy treats


Do you prefer a treat or toy as a reward?

I prefer the treats unless we are outside and we are working on my Frisbee Freestyle Routine… then I want my Frisbees.


What is your absolute favourite reward?

I am a foodie, so pretty much anything edible!



You are quite the Frisbee dog. Do you have a favourite Frisbee disc?

I like the Eurablend, I have a hard mouth and they last just as long as the Jawz from Hyperflite they cost less so I can have more of them.


How did you learn to play Frisbee?

I have mad jumping skills and like to bounce so mom had to find a find an outlet for this skill and started out by learning to catch and release the Frisbee.

DiscDog Brody


You like to use the treadmill as one of your many exercises. Did you find it scary or difficult at first? How long did it take you to learn?

No I wasn’t scared of it cuz mom used it too. I took to the treadmill right away.



What is your favourite exercise routine?

I hit the Treadmill in the morning for 45 minutes, 30 minutes at lunch time and then 15 minute Frisbee session before my 3 mile evening walk with mom then later in the evening I work on a new trick and then 5-10 minutes of painting before bed.


Where were you adopted from?

Skyway Border Collie Rescue


How old were you when adopted?

18 months


When is your “Got ‘Ya” Date? (adoption date)

October 2nd, 2009


Why were you at the shelter? What was it like?

First I was at animal control, I was found as a stray in an unfinished subdivision that went bankrupt during the housing crisis.  I was terrified in the shelter and I was heartworm positive. Amber from Skyway BC Rescue got me out of there and I was treated for Heartworm, I had to be crated with very little activity while I underwent treatment.

Manatee Animal Control


How did you find your forever family? 

Mom wanted a BC or Aussie or combo of both and she was looking on and I was listed for adoption.



What was it like meeting you forever family for the first time?

It was wonderful meeting mom cuz I instantly rolled over and she knew I wanted belly rubs.


What was it like when you first arrived at your new forever home? How long did you need to adjust?

It was scary, I was afraid of the wood floors and the cats. It took me about 3 weeks to adjust to the new environment and mom’s routine.


You were quite timid when first adopted. Are you still shy now?

I can be.  Men of a certain stature make me uneasy.


Did you have any big fears? If so, did you over come them?

Oh I was afraid of everything, I would get scared over the ice maker inside of the freezer cuz it made noise. Mom taught me if something scares me to nose target it and she would reward me for touching it then it wasn’t so scary anymore.


Your new forever human taught you tricks to help build your confidence. What were the first tricks you learned and how did they help you?

My first trick targeting with my nose onto a post it and mom would stick it to various things for me to target, when I got the hang of it mom eliminated the post it, when she would see I was unsure of something she would stand by my side and have me nose target that item or person and she would make a big deal over me touching the thing I was scared of with praise and treats and then the scary thing wasn’t so scary anymore. The other first tricks I learned were shake paw with mom and pick which hand the treat was in, these were helpful to me and mom as we began to form our bond.


What would you say is the biggest difference in yourself from when you were first adopted compared to now?

I am no longer a cowering dog with no confidence, now I am quite confident and in fact mom says I turned out to be quite a ham.  Oh yeah and my coat is super soft, I no longer suffer with food allergies and my teeth are always clean.



Your forever human is a Certified Obedience Instructor, Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Certified Dognition Evaluator and you are her assistant. What kind of things do you get to help her with?

I demonstrate how to do a trick mom is trying to convey to her students.


What is your favourite thing to help with? 

Breaking down the trick to its simplest form cuz I get treats for each little increment during her class when any other time, I don’t get the treat until the entire trick is performed.


What was the hardest trick for you to learn?

I would have to say it’s the one I am currently learning,  Walking on top of a barrel cuz I have to hold my balance on top and walk backwards to propel the barrel forward, as of now I am only able to go about 2 feet.


Is there a trick that you find more difficult to perform?

Yes, performing a handstand without support of a wall.


You have achieved many things since you’ve been with your forever human, receiving countless awards and titled a Champion Trick Dog. What would you say is your greatest  achievement so far?

My greatest achievement has been the opportunity to paw it forward by painting and raising money for homeless animals.


You’ve been featured in American Dog Magazine, in a commercial for the Neater Feeder and on several television shows/news channels. What would you say is your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience was the Neater Feeder commercial, it was the first time I was exposed to such huge cameras, lighting equipment and an actress.


Luckily, I remembered my nose targeting skills and I conquered my fears by targeting the equipment and even the actress.  Mom and the other trainer on the set were giggling when I was acting like the guilty dog cuz right before the said action I walked up to the actress and nose targeted her before going to my mark none of the crew filming the commercial were the wiser… Hee hee!

Video 21 0 00 23-11


You have three kitty siblings, just like me. Tell us a bit about Angel, Toby and Fenway. Were they a part of your pack before or after you came along?

Angel is a 16 year old Persian, she has issues associated with her old age, Toby is 12 years old and is incredibly spoiled and Fenway the Photo Bomber is 11 and she likes to watch out for me since I became part of their pack.


Brody and Fenny



IMG_1382 R


***Angel passed away just over a week ago at the end of June. She was a 16 year old purebred Persian who could play dead on command. May you Rest In Peace, pretty kitty. ***

Video 50 0 01 12-27


Are any of your kitty siblings adopted?

Yes, Toby and Fenway are.


What was it like meeting them for the first time?

I wouldn’t even look at them, I was afraid of them.


Did you all get along right away, or did you need some time to get to know each other?

We avoided each other. I got along with Fenway within weeks, it took about 6 weeks for Toby to come around and Angel will turn on anyone of us at any time so we all keep our distance.


You are turning in to quite the canine artist! How and when did you discover your inner talent?

When I was training for my Trick Dog Champion Application, I needed to have a couple of chained tricks to video and submit to Kyra Sundance to view and grade, mom had already taught me to dust and painting was on the application so we swapped out my duster for a paint brush, and the nightstand for an easel and added some paint.



What was it like learning how to paint?

It was a little intense cuz mom was trying to video for my title and I was feeling the pressure, but once pressure was off I really took to it.


What is the biggest painting you have completed so far?

I just started working on a canvas that is about 2’x3’ it will be my biggest masterpiece yet.


You sell paintings to raise money for charities. What inspired you to start doing that?

I want to paw it forward to help animals who find themselves in the situation I was once in.  How many paintings have you sold for charity? I have honestly lost count, I not only sell them but I donate them to Shelters and Rescue to auction or raffle off, I also paint live at their fundraisers and that painting is usually auctioned off.



I personally LOVE positive reinforcement training and enjoy every session with my humans learning new things, but am not near as talented as you (not even close! BOL! ..I’m working on it, though!). Do you have any tips/advice for others wanting to learn more about positive reinforcement training and how to go about getting started?

1.  Have training sessions often but keep them short and fun, leave us trick dogs wanting to comeback for more.

2.  Always end your training session on a positive note… remember humans don’t get greedy and push it you could end up poisoning the trick.

3.  Use a clicker to mark the proper behavior, there are no emotions tied to a clicker sound like there is to a humans tone of voice

4.  Jack pot often for a job well done!


Is there any reading materials you would recommend?

For tricks I recommend 101 Dog Tricks, 10 Minute Dog Training Games and Do More With Your Dog all from Kyra Sundance.

For canine freestyle I recommend Dancing With Dogs by Mary Ann Nester and Dancing with Dogs by Mary Ray.

For disc dog training, I recommend Disc Dogs! - The Complete Guide by World Champions Peter Bloeme & Jeff Perry.



You can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and your very own Website. Are there any other social media tools you use that we can share with our readers to help them keep up with your adventures?

I would have to say to get the most up to date info on my adventures you can find it first on Facebook, my website and youtube for my latest videos, currently I only update the other sites weekly and sometime bi-weekly cuz of my busy schedule.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Please let your readers know I am always looking for ways I can paw it forward, if they are a shelter or rescue they can contact me and I will be happy to donate a framed painting with a Certificate of Pawthenticity with my pawtograph on it and DVD to watch me paint the painting so that they can auction or raffle at their fundraiser and if they are just someone who wants a painting they can pre-order them online at Just type in Brody in the search field, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to charity.  Also, you and your readers can always email me with training questions at


These Paws Were Rescued

Painted Paws


A few more photos of Brody…

Brody Mows


tropical brody


What a wonderful story! Thank You so much Brody and Mom for sharing it with us! You are one amazing pup, Brody. Keep it up! Our deepest condolences on the loss of Angel. May she rest easy across the Rainbow Bridge.

You can track Brody’s adventures with the help of several social media devices. Sniff him out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and his own Website! You can also email him at


This has been our July edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining me so stay tuned!

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at and your story could be featured in an upcoming “These Paws Were Rescued” issue.

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Roro

Published: June 1st, 2014 by Darko 

“These Paws Were Rescued” – June 2014


Roro and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my FB page. He’s a super pawsome dude, always up for fun and eager to help other pups in need. Being a rescue himself, he knows what it is like for other shelter animals out there and likes to share photos of animals in need on his page.

And guess what? He has a giant frog stuffie too, just like me! BOL! But we’ll get to all that frog stuff a little later on in the interview. First, please say hello to my pawsome friend, Roro.

Roro snow


Darko: Thank you for doing this interview with us, Roro. It is pawsome to have you!

Roro: Thank you so much for asking me to be here! I am super excited and so honored to be featured on your site Darko!

Darko: ***excited nubby wags*** I am so happy you and your Mom could be here with us! Let’s get these questions started…


If “Roro” is your nickname, what is your full name? 

My full name is Roscoe Williams. When I tell people my name they always say “Oh like Roscoe P. Coltrane?” I have no idea who that is so I just say “Yep!” BOL!

Roro froggy pose


When is your Barkday?

My birthday is March 19, 2012. I just turned two!


What is your favourite… Food/Treat?

My favorite treat is for sure bacon! We even found “bacon jerky” and it was AMAZING!

… Activity?

My favorite activity is playing chase with my Mom. It’s my own version of ball except I never give it back once she throws it, I just make her chase me!

… Game?

My favorite game is tug. I am the master at playing tug! hehe

Roro Frog 1

… Walk Place?

My favorite walk place is our local park Westminster City Park in Westminster, CO.

… Pastime?

My favorite pastime is probably watching for squirrels and kitties from my big front window. I have a prime spot on the couch that’s perfect for checking out everything going on in the front yard every day.

… Toy?

My favorite toy is definitely my giant frog from Morgan!


You have a giant frog stuffie, like me. What is your favourite game to play with your Frog? Does your Frog have a name? Do you bath your Frog? (Mine is high-maintenance so I have to bath/nibble on it every single day)

My frogs name is HANK! He is the best snuggle partner ever! I like to wrestle with him but I almost never ever win! He’s just too big and when I try to throw him in the air he ends up landing on top of me! I totally think that qualifies as cheating! I don’t really clean Hank as much as I like to nibble on him! hehe

Roro Frog sleeping


Do you prefer… Ball or Tug?

Definitely Tug! Mom has never once won a game and the current score is Roro -1423 vs. Mom – 0!

Roro tug

… Stuffies or Squeakies?

Oh my goodness that’s a tough one…stuffies or squeakies…I love both! I guess if I have to pick I’ll say stuffies because Mom lets me just go crazy and destroy them and with squeakers she’s always watching and waiting for me to get the squeaker so she can snatch it away from me before I try to eat it. So I will take unsupervised destruction any day! hehe

… Dog Bed or Human Bed?

This is actually a funny story about my bed. I have my choice now between the fancy bed my Mom made for my birthday, her bed, my big boy bed I got for Christmas OR the little round puppy bed upstairs that I’ve had since I was a baby. EVERY single night I end up in my puppy bed! Mom laughs and says I don’t fit and she’s bought me at least a half dozen new bigger beds but nope, that puppy bed is MY bed!

… Blanket or Pillow?

Luckily I don’t have to choose between a blanket or a pillow because Morgan sent me the coolest birthday present and it’s a froggy blanket with a pillow on the end of it, built right in! It’s the perfect snuggle spot!

Roro Frogs toys


Where were you adopted from?

I was adopted from the Boulder Humane Society in Boulder, CO.


How old were you when adopted?

I was 3 ½ months old when I was adopted.


Why were you at the shelter? What was it like?

The shelter was a super scary place and I so hate that any animal ever has to be in a shelter! They found me as a stray in Denver, CO and transferred me to Boulder, CO because they labeled me as a pit bull mix and there is a pit bull ban in Denver so at least in Boulder I would have a chance at being adopted.

baby Roro at shelter 2

baby Roro at shelter


Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it before and why was your name changed?

My name at the shelter was Rookie. They asked Mom if she would keep that name and she said she wasn’t sure, so they left my name as Rookie on the paperwork. Then my name was Hercules for about half of a day! hehe Then she decided on Roscoe – Roro for short. She calls me Ro a lot too. Sometimes when she’s really silly and she’s calling me to come in she says “Yo-Yo-Ro let’s Go”…I usually just ignore that and pretend I don’t know her! BOL!


How did you find your forever family?

On July 10th 2012 my Mom (who had been looking for a while for a female dog over 1 year old, complete opposite of me!) saw my face online and that was IT! She called the shelter, put a hold on me and left work the second she could to come get me. I was in the very first kennel in the very first row and as soon as my Mom walked in the door, there I was, tail wagging looking right at her! “HI MOM!!” She told the lady at the desk “I’m here to get Rookie, I have a hold on him”. Not oh I’m here to see if I like him or I’m here to see if we bond..nope..I’m here to GET him! Mom had come to break me out of that place and she wasn’t leaving without me!


What was it like meeting your forever family for the first time?

It was PAWSOME! The lady at the shelter picked me up out of my kennel, Mom walked in the meet and greet area and when the lady put me down I ran right over to my Mom and started jumping up on her and running around all happy with my tail wagging! I gave my Mom a kiss and before the lady could even make it back to her desk, my Mom scooped me up in her arms and said “We are going home.”


What was it like when you first arrived at your forever home?

It was a little scary at first. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Then we went outside and I have this big yard but I wasn’t sure where I could go so I stuck pretty close to Mom at first.

baby Roro 4


Did you need time to adjust to your new forever home?

I was a little nervous but within a day or so I was much more comfortable with my surroundings and as soon as I realized I had squirrels in that big tree out back, I started defending that yard as my own!

baby Roro 3


From one dog to another, what is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Oh no…well…let me start this story off by saying my Mom hates moths…hates them!! Sooo I was taking a nap downstairs and a moth was flying around down there for like 2 days and Mom would come running through covering her hair and stuff all dramatic every time. Well…it just so happened that it landed on the wall REALLY close to my bed. Mom saw it and before she could tell me not to do it, I swatted it off the wall, stomped it on the floor and ate it. Then I started licking the wall where it had landed. Mom said “ewww” and then told me to stop and walked away. What she came back to was a pretty good size hole in the wall and a pile of paint and plaster on the floor. To this day she’s not sure if I scratched at it with my paws or chewed on it with my teeth but she ended up having to plaster and paint the wall after that! Bahahahaha!

Roro shame photo


You “specialize” in the Froggy Doggy pose. Can you explain it to us?

I LOVE the froggy doggy pose! It was never even deliberate I just started doing it one day and it became my “thing”! Mom says most of the time I look more like a turtle instead of a frog because I don’t stick my legs all the way out but it still qualifies as “froggy doggy”! There is no special way to do it, you just have to get as flat as you can on the ground and stretch your legs out. Someone told us that not every dog can do it but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe they just haven’t realized their full froggy potential yet!

Roro froggy pose 2


What is your opinion on squirrels? Can they be trusted or are they always up to no good?

If you had asked me 6 months ago I would have said they are ALWAYS up to no good. Then I met my friend Peanut on Facebook and she is PAWSOME! I will say that the squirrels in my yard though, they are like ninjas! They sit up in the tree and yell at me and throw things at me, including peanut shells since my Mom just insists on feeding them! It’s just rude! Maybe Peanut is the only exception.


You were featured in the Winter 2013 edition of American Dog Magazine. Tell us what that was about.

OMD that was soooo cool! American Dog Magazine had a contest for “Dogs with Friends on Facebook” and my page was one of the judges picks! It was such an honor! I love ADM and was so excited to be featured in the same issue as so many of my friends!

Roro mail 1


What is your breed? (Or what do you think your breed is?)

We had a DNA test done in October 2012 I am a mix of quite a few things! My main two breeds are Bull Terrier and Catahoula Leopard. After that it’s a mix of Chow, Chinese Shar-Pei, Newfoundland, Puli, Parson Russell Terrier and a Border Terrier. Quite the combo if you ask me! It’s all pretty funny when you think about the fact that on my adoption profile I was listed as a Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog mix!


You are not a Pitbull but a lot of people think you are, right? So what is it like living under strict BSL? Are there things you aren’t permitted to do?

A lot of people do think I’m a Pit Bull which is pretty crazy since really my shape and features don’t match a Pit Bull at all. Mom’s theory is that it’s the eye patch that throws people off and that makes people think of the Pit Bull on the show the Little Rascals There is a strict Pit Bull Ban in Denver, CO where I was found as a puppy so it’s definitely a scary situation. Last summer there were a few rallies and demonstrations that Mom wanted to bring me to but they were all in Denver and we were too afraid that I would be mistaken for a Pit Bull so I had to stay home. BSL is a serious issue that effects so many people and the animals they love. It is based solely on ignorance and until we all start standing up against this type of discrimination, nothing will change. We have to stand together and fight this for not only the animals this is currently effecting but for those poor animals who paid with their lives because of the ignorance of others. It’s unacceptable and a disgrace to humanity.

Roro 1


You have a Facebook page and are always sharing animals in need, but especially those looking for forever homes. Do you have any advice for others wanting to do the same?

My advice would be to try not to get overwhelmed because it is heartbreaking. People will complain, people will ask you to not post such sad pictures and people will absolutely un-like your page…don’t let that discourage you at all! If you believe in what you are doing and this is your way to help, then do it! At the end of the day you will have done the right thing and you can be proud of yourself for doing your best to help others in need.


You are on Facebook and Packdog. Is there any other social media you use that we can share with our readers?

I don’t have any other social media and I really don’t fully understand Packdog. I’m on there and there are people “tracking” me but I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do! BOL! So I just post pictures now and then but most of my attention is focused on my Facebook page.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Just that I am so thankful that you chose to include me on your PAWSOME website! It’s been a super cool experience and I really appreciate it!


These Paws Were Rescued

Roro Paws 1


A few more photos of Roro… 

baby Roro 2

baby Roro 1

baby Roro 5

Roro snow ball

Roro stick

Roro toys


What a pawsome story! Thank you so much Roro and Mom for sharing it with us! 

Sniff out Roro’s FB page and paw the Like button to get all the latest updates at Roro’s World.


This has been our June edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining me so stay tuned! 

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! My kitties and I would love to hear it! Send me an email and your story could be featured in upcoming “These Paws Were Rescued” features.

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Chance & Shy

Published: May 3rd, 2014 by Darko

“These Paws Were Rescued” – May 2014

Chance and Shy

I met these “brothers” on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. They are both pawsome dudes always up for some fun and eager to help out a friend in need. Both being rescue pups, they know what it is like for other shelter animals out there and share photos on Facebook of furry friends looking for a forever home to call their own.

These two handsome pups may have had a bit of a “ruff” start but they now live in a pawsome home and have fun every single day which we will get to later. First, let me introduce you to two of my Facebook friends Chance and Shy.




Shy (2) resized


Darko: Thank you so much for doing this, guys, it is pawsome to have you here! You are my first fellow canine interview! ***excited barks***

Chance: Thank you for having us here, Darko! We feel very honored that you chose to interview us! ***Chance play bows while Shy wiggles***

Darko: ***nubby wags*** I have a lot to ask you both so let the questions begin!


What is your favourite… Toy?

Chance: I LOVE my yellow rubber squeaky toy! I carry it everywhere and I sleep with it beside me, too! When I want someone to throw it for me, I make sure to bump it into their legs until they do! BOL!

Chance-Favorite Toy

Shy: I love all of my toys equally, however, my favorite toys are any kind of stuffy that I can destroy the same day I get it! BOL!


… Food/Treat?

Chance: My favorite treat is liver training treats! I love them so much even though my human “mom” says they are stinky! Maybe that’s why I love them, BOL!

Shy: I am very big on food! If it is edible, I will try to eat it, BOL! My favorite food is cheese, though!


… Nap Spot?

Chance: OMD, my favorite place to nap is in a BIG pile of stuffies or pillows! I lay on top of them with my rubber squeaky beside of me!

Shy: To me, there is nothing better than napping on the porch on a sunny day!

Shy Yawn


… Activity?

Chance: I LOVE training, playing, doing my jumps, and WALKS!


Shy: Hmm.. I think my favorite activity is going for walks! I wasn’t quite sure about them when I was first adopted, but now I absolutely LOVE them!



… Walk Spot?

Chance: My favorite walk spot is on a dirt road in our woods. I love all the different smells and sounds!

ChanceMountain resized

Shy: What he said!

Shy Mountain resized


Do you prefer… Squeakers or Stuffies?

Chance: I love almost any toy! My favorite toy is my yellow rubber squeaky toy, but I love stuffies, too! I have a strange habit where I will lay down with my stuffy and hold it in my mouth until I fall asleep. Sometimes we have strange occurrences where the stuffies EXPLODE for no reason! (It’s not my fault, honest! ;) )

Shy: I like stuffies the best! I love to catch them in my mouth and then shake them around!


… Blanket or Bed?

Chance: I like beds the best! Nothing better than curling up in a nice warm bed!

Shy: Oh, blankets, for sure! I burrow in my blanket like I’m making a nest with it, BOL!


… Walk, Run or Swim?

Chance: I am a very high energy dog, so I loooooove to run! I like to swim, too, but not half as much!

Shy: Sometimes I like to run and sometimes I like to walk. I definitely like to take time to sniff the flowers and check my Pee-Mail, BOL!

… Wrestling or Racing?


Wrestling resized


… Tug or Ball?

Chance: I love to play ball! I could play ball for hours!

Shy: I am a Tug-Dog, for sure!


What are your thoughts on B-A-T-H’s? Are they really necessary?

Chance: I think B-A-T-H’s are the worst thing ever! Usually when I start to smell REALLY good, my human “mom” will put me in the bath tub and wash all my stank back off! It’s totally unnecessary!

Shy: I hate B-A-T-H’s, BOL! I always wait until the shampoo is lathered up in my fur really good before I jump out! ;)


What is your favourite thing to roll in/on? What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever had the luxury of beautifying yourself with?

Chance: The best thing to roll in is fresh dirt! I like to dig holes and then give myself a dirt bath! ;) The nastiest thing I ever beautified myself with was a dead mole I found, BOL! You should have seen the look on my human’s face! That stunt definitely got me a B.A.T.H.!

Shy: I also enjoy the art of dirt-bathing! I like dusty dirt, though! You always know I’m rolling in dirt because there is a huge dust cloud around me, BOL! My favorite time to roll in dirt is after I’ve been bathed, BOL! I haven’t really rolled in anything especially nasty that I can remember…


Do you have any fears?

Chance: Unfortunately, I do. I am afraid of strange people and barking dogs; especially our neighbor’s rambunctious Chihuahua!

Shy: I’m a lot less fearful now than I was when I first came home, but I am afraid of loud noises (gun shots, fireworks, bangs, etc.) and I am afraid of things like brooms, rakes, and other handled tools.


What do you think of squirrels? Can they be trusted or are they trouble?

Chance: Squirrels are definitely trouble! I can’t stand the way they mock me from way up high in the trees where I can’t reach them! I’m sure you understand..

Shy: I agree. There is definitely something shady about those squirrels! If only we could figure out what they were up to…


From one dog to another, what is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Chance: Oh, I could go on and on, BOL! My nickname around here is “Black Dynamite” because of my antics! I think the naughtiest thing I’ve done was tear up a bag of sugar. I didn’t eat any of it (I’m not prone to sweets), but I tore up the bag all over the kitchen floor, BOL!!

Shy: Hmm… I think the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done happened on my second day at home. My person left me alone in her room for just a few minutes and I chewed up the door frame and paint (the room had been painted about 4 months before.) I completely tore the trim off of it and to this day, the paint still has my claw marks in it, BOL!


When is your Barkday?

Chance: I don’t know the EXACT date of my birthday, but I was born in 2012. It was sometime in early June. I was adopted July 30, 2012.

Shy: I don’t remember when my birthday is, but I was adopted February 18, 2013.


What is your breed? (Or what do you think your breed is?)

Chance: I’m a “variety breed,” Darko! BOL! I’m not 100% sure, but I think I am some sort of terrier mix. I was labeled a Dachshund/Min Pin/Boston Terrier, but I don’t see the resemblance, BOL!

Shy: I’m not really sure what breed I am, either, but a lot of people say they see a little bit of Shepherd or Labrador. I was labeled a “Friendly, Young Male Dog” at the pound.


You two are quite the energetic pair. What consists of the “average daily events” at your house?

Chance: Well, to start off, we will usually destroy a toy or two (or maybe even 3! BOL) After we eat, we go for a walk, and then we come back and train for a little while. Sometimes, we will go hiking. We take periodic naps throughout the day; gotta stay energized, you know! We always make sure to fit a good wrestling match into our day somewhere, too!

Chance Smile

Shy Easter resized

Statue Chance resized

DSCN2484_edited resized


Are there any fun stories you would like to share?

Chance: Usually, when our human “mom” tries to take our pictures for Facebook, we will either get into a wrestling match or pull our favorite trick! When one of us is looking at the camera, the other will be distracted and vice versa! Don’t tell our human, but we do this on purpose, BOL!


Chance, you were adopted from a high-kill shelter. Why were you there?

I was an owner surrender. I was taken there with my 3 brothers and sister. The best I can figure is that we were an accidental litter and the owner didn’t want us or even try to find homes for us.

Chance Shelter Photo


What was it like at the shelter?

It was very scary. It was cold and it smelled bad. The other dogs barked all the time; they were all scared too. None of us understood what we were doing there. I was kept in a cage with my siblings until they were all adopted and then I was alone.


How old were you?

I was 5 weeks old when I entered the pound.


How long were you there?

I was there for 2 long weeks. I was adopted the day before I was scheduled to be euthanized.


How did you find your forever home?

Facebook helped me find my home! A very kind volunteer group posted my picture on Facebook and that’s how my family saw me for the first time. It was almost a week after my human “mom’s” 18th birthday and she wanted to adopt a dog from the pound. I was her first pound rescue! An interesting story, actually. Originally, my human “mom” had picked out a different pup from the pictures on Facebook. However, that litter already had rescue and weren’t available for adoption. The volunteers told her about me and she saw my picture. Something about my picture told her to pick me and she said “I want him.” Two days later(the pound is closed on weekends), the two-leggeds were there before the pound even opened to adopt me!



Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it and why was your name changed?

Yes, I did have a different name. My name there was Jack. Once I was in her arms and we were outside of the pound, my person said, “I think I’m going to name him Chance, for his second chance at life.” It was truly a new beginning for me, Darko.


What was it like meeting your forever family for the first time?

It was very strange and nerve-wracking. I was afraid they wouldn’t want me, since someone had already given up on me. As my human held me for the first time, I was shaking like a leaf, but I still managed to give her kisses and lick her fingers. I just wanted to be loved so badly.

collage Chance first day


Did you settle in to your new home quickly, or did it take a while for you to adjust?

I settled in very quickly! Once I got home and had a nice bath, got some food in my belly, and was given new toys, I did zoomies back and forth through the house for two hours! I suddenly had all this energy. I knew I was finally safe!

First Day


Are there any big differences in you from then to now?

The biggest difference I think is my energy. That first day, when I was so energetic, I’ve been energetic ever since! However, now I have a good bond with my human “mom,” too! And despite all of my energy, I do obey commands (most of the time, BOL!)


Shy, you were adopted from the same high-kill shelter, correct? Why were you there?

Yes, that is correct, Darko. I was picked up as a stray.


What was it like at the shelter?

It was closed in. I was used to seeing wide open skies and having my freedom. It was a big change for me to suddenly be put in a cage in a windowless building. We don’t see outside again at that place unless we get adopted, pulled into foster, or rescued. 

Shy Shelter Photo


How old were you?

I’m not sure. I was listed as a “Friendly, Young Male Dog.” We think I was around one and a half or two years old at the time.


How long were you there?

I was there for a week on Stray Hold. My adoption fee had been paid by a sponsor because there was no interest in me and they wanted to help my chances. When my stray hold was up, I was pulled into foster. I only stayed in foster for 2 days, though, before I was adopted. My human actually didn’t know I was in foster and went to the pound to get me on Sunday. The pound was closed, but the worker was there feeding the animals and cleaning the cages. He then told her that I had been pulled into foster, so she went home, messaged the volunteers, and got in contact with my foster. I was adopted the next day.


How did you find your forever home?

The two-leggeds actually weren’t looking for another pet when they stumbled across my picture. My human “mom” and her parents were looking on the volunteer Facebook page through the animals who had been rescued and saw that there was a “RED ALERT” for the pound as it was full. (Euth day is usually every other Tuesday.) Somehow, they were going through the available albums and stumbled upon my pictures. I had 2, maybe 3, shares and no rescue/adoption commitments. They weren’t sure about getting another dog and continued looking through the album. However, my human’s mind kept going back to me. She said there was something about me that she could feel even from looking at my picture. They met with my foster and adopted me a few days later.



Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it and why was your name changed?

My human “mom” thinks the volunteers gave me a name, but she doesn’t know what it was. I was known as “#681.” From my picture, she was going to name me Riley or Cash. However, when she met me, she didn’t think either of those names suited me. Later that night, she decided on Shy for my timid, sweet behavior.


What was it like meeting Chance and your forever family for the first time?

It was very strange, Darko. I didn’t meet Chance until they got me home (due to Chance being afraid of new/strange people, he couldn’t come meet me when they met the foster.) However, meeting my family was so fun! On the ride home, I sat in the back seat with my human “mom” and cuddled the hall way! I LOVE hugs and she found that out very quickly, BOL! When I wasn’t trying to cuddle with her, I would put my chin on her shoulder and just look at her face. I couldn’t believe I finally had a family. I was afraid if I looked away, I’d be wake up back at the pound or on the streets again.


Did you settle in to your new home quickly, or did it take a while for you to adjust?

It actually took a while for me to adjust. I didn’t bark at all for the first 3 months. I didn’t know how to play, either. I was shy and timid (and yet very sweet) for such a long time at first.


Did you and Chance get along at first? Or did you need some time to get to know each other?

Well, I’ll be honest with you, Darko. For the first few months, Chance and I had to be separated from each other. When I first met him, we got into a fight. However, our human worked with both of us on that (using positive reinforcement methods!) She took us out for walks together, using the help of her brother. Finally, neither of us would “posture” at the other one any more and we started to play and be true “brothers!”

DSCN2454_edited resized


Are there any big differences in you from then to now?

Oh yeah, definitely. I used to be so afraid of everything. If someone moved too quickly, I would crouch down to the ground with my tail between my legs. I bark now. A lot. BOL! Oh, and now I know how to play! I play and zoom around. I don’t react to dogs any more. Before, I would react so quickly, there were almost no body languages/signs. Now, I ignore them until I’m allowed to greet them and I greet them the right way. I’ve made a lot of doggy friends!



You have been trying to help fellow furry friends since you first started your Facebook page. What is it you do?

We try to do a little bit of everything on our Facebook page, Darko! We crosspost and share animals in need. We post happy tails, freedom rides, and try and shed light on all the beautiful animals waiting for their homes in shelters. When we share our stories, we hope we inspire others to adopt a pet.


Do you have any tips or advice for others wanting to do the same?

Chance: Any help you can offer is so much more than doing nothing. Please remember that. Without those tirelessly sharing and networking, thousands of animals wouldn’t have been noticed by their forever homes.

Chance Leaves

Shy: Never get discouraged and keep your head up. We understand the heartache and frustration when you feel like you can’t help them all. But like Chance already said, any help you can offer is so much more than sitting idly by. Share, network, crosspost, adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, educate, etc.!



Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Chance: Despite some of the myths, shelter animals are not broken. We all need love and just because someone has given up on us before does not mean there is necessarily something “wrong” with us.

Shy: There are pets of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breed in the shelter! You never know when you’ll hit the jackpot!!


Do you use any other social media besides Facebook that we can share with our readers?

We have a Youtube Channel that we put most of our videos on. The URL is:

The Boys

Thank you for having us on your blog, Darko! We have had a pawsome time speaking with you and feel so honored that you wanted to interview us! Woof!


A few more photos…

Chance Woods resized


Shy Rocks resized


ShyFav resized


What a wooftastic story! Don’t you think? Thank you so much Chance and Shy for doing this interview with me. It was pawsome to have you here!

Sniff out their Facebook page and paw the Like button for the latest in the world of Chance and Shy at Chance’s Second Chance.


This has been our second edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it and share it with your friends! Next month another special furry friend of mine will be joining us so stay tuned! 

Check out my previous interviews of These Paws Were Rescued on my home page by clicking on the link.


Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! We’d love to hear it!

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Stylish Sydney

“These Paws Were Rescued” – April 2014

Stylish Sydney

Sydney and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. She is a gorgeous tabby cat and a super pawsome friend, always willing and eager to help out a fellow furry in need. Being a rescue kitty, she knows what it is like for other shelter animals out there and shares photos of furry friends looking for their own forever homes on her Facebook page.

Sydney lives with a wonderful family and now has SIX fur-siblings! We’ll talk about them a little later on, but first let me introduce you to my beautiful feline friend, Stylish Sydney.


fav pic 2

Stylish Sydney

Darko: Thank you so much for joining us today, Sydney! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Sydney: Oh thank youz so very much Darko :) The pleasure iz all mine <3 I iz honored that youz chose to interview me :)

Darko: Well, I’ve got a lot of questions for you, my friend, so let’s get started…


What is your favourite… Food/Treat? 

Favorite food iz Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets or anything other flavorz mom feeds me MOL :)

… Toy?

And my favorite toy iz the laser that my beautiful furriend Mizz Furry bottom sent me from Canada!! Oh and I plan on catching that red dot one day :)

… Catnap spot?

My favorite Catnap spot iz the upstairs bedroom where the pawsome SUNBEAMZ come in during the morning. I just love those :)

… Pastime?

My favorite pastime iz watching the birdiez from my cat tower and chattering my teeferz at them :) Watching birdiez iz serious business youz know!

… Sibling?

My favorite sibling iz Cassie my 10 year old Shih-Tzu sisfur. She iz the same age as me and the same size..MOL :) Actually she iz very laid back compared to Zoey the 1 1/2 year old pittie and Capt’n Jack the pit mix that iz 1 1/2 Those two are always wrestling! Cassie getz in the middle of them and barkz at them to stop :) And they do :) Oh I just lovez Cassie for that :)




Do you prefer… Dog bed or cat bed? 

*Gigglez* I prefer momz head…MOL! She had to put another pillow above her head so I would stop sleeping on her head and grooming her hair….hmpft…thought I waz doing herz a favor! Apparently NOT!!! Guess not getting enough sleep before youz haz to go to work in the morning iz not a good thing :) That Mom iz so silly :)

… Sunbeam or blanket?

Oh I most definitely prefer the SUNBEAMZ! They feel so wonderful on my face :) And I stretch out to really enjoy them :)

… Catnip or peppermint?

I haz lotz of Catnip toyz that I roll all over on :) I even droolz a lil bit! Oh I never haz tried the peppermint!! MOM….what iz this I hear about peppermint?!?! How come we haz never had it?!?! Darko…. I haz to further investigate this for surez!!!!


Where were you adopted from, Sydney?

I waz adopted from the Shelter in Noblesville, Indiana. It iz a wonderful Shelter where the people that work/volunteer there network their animals by making them Facebook pages and ask people/pet pagez to share them. That iz how mom saw me. I had been at the Shelter for a year and I waz over-looked because I waz a senior girl :( Mom kept going back and checking in on me and it waz breaking her heart. So she decided I waz for her and she didn’t want me to spend Christmas there. So her and dad drove 5 hours to go get me and 5 hours back.


You were at the shelter for almost a year. What was it like?

Oh it waz really sad for me :( I kept getting over-looked. Not many people wanted a senior kitty. I kept going to adoption functions at pet stores and still no one wanted me :( The people that had surrendered me did it on New Years Eve and had said I didn’t get along with other petz! It’z not that I don’t get along with other petz, it’z just I am a laid back senior lady :) And I enjoy my time alone.


Did you have a different name at the shelter?

I think that my name waz Sydney but the Shelter in order to share me on Facebook came up with the catchy name Stylish Sydney :) Funny cause lotz of friends/furriendz think I iz a boy kitty cause of the name Sydney :) But I never correct them…I just smile and thank them for calling me a handsome boy :)


Your “Mom” found you through Facebook because someone shared a photo of you, correct? So do you think that even a single Like or Share has the chance to make a difference for an animal in need?

Oh yez I believe that with all my kitty heart!!! A single like or share can make a difference for an furriend in need. I am living proof of that and so iz my sisfurz Sally Girl, Tabby and Capt’n Jack the pitty mix that waz on death row, minutez away from being euthanized :( And my new brofur kitty Picasso…himz waz going to get euthanized az well but because caring, loving people shared, liked, networked they iz both alive and in their furever loving homez.

Freedom Photo 

shelter pic


Your humans traveled a very long way to adopt you. How did you handle the five hour car ride to your new home?

Oh I waz such a good girl the whole ride home. Mom had a big carrier and a cushiony bed and I just looked around and napped and ate treatz :) MOL…but I haz to tell youz that a couple monthz ago…mom took me for my yearly check-up and I meowed the whole time going there :) Oh good timez :)

Freedom Ride Home

freedom ride


You have five fur-siblings now. How many were at your new home when you arrived?

As of today (March 30th) I now haz 6 fur-siblingz! Yep mom haz lost herz marblez :) But anyhow…the boss of the house waz here when I arrived…that would be Cassie the senior Shih-tzu, Zoey the pitty and Sally Girl and Tabby the adopted kittiez.

At New Forever Home

at new home


What was it like meeting your fur-siblings for the first time?

Well the doggiez didn’t really care….they sniffed me and went on their merry way wondering what treatz they might be getting…MOL :) Tabby the shy kitty avoided me and hid. And Sally Girl kept hissing at me from a distance.

Did you need time to get to know each other?

It took a while for uz to just tolerate each other. I like to hang out upstairs most of the time and I come down to see what’s going on. Usually the big doggiez are wrestling and Cassie iz barking at them. Too much commotion, so I head back upstairs and lounge on the bed. Usually Sally Girl iz either hanging out on the cat tower or sleeping with the doggiez. Deep down I think Sally Girl thinkz she iz a doggie…MOL :) Tabby iz always napping on mom and dadz bed.

What is it like now? Do you all get along?

We just all do our own thing. I iz a mommas girl, so I like to follow mom around :) Sally Girl preferz the doggiez company and iz always massaging/kneading them :) Tabby iz a daddy’s girl and likez to hang out with him. The doggiez love everybody and always want to play with everyone including the kittiez :)


Two of your kitty-siblings, Sally Girl and Tabby, are adopted. What are their stories?

Dad waz looking on Pet Finder and saw a real chubby kitty named Scamper that had been at our local shelter for 5 years. So mom and dad went to meet Scamper and Scamper hid and was no where to be found. (The shelter iz an open shelter, no cages…the kittiez walk around and nap, eat and play) Just the kittens are kept separate and the new arrivals are quarantined. Anyhow mom spotted a real chubby cat in a cage that haz just came in a week ago. Holy Moly that girl waz Sally Girl and she waz morbidly obese at 25 lbs. Well it touched momz heart that when she approached the cage, the morbidly obese kitty could barely move but somehow managed to get up and come over to the end of the cage to be petted and give headbonkz :) Mom fell in-love with this sweet girl and decided she waz coming home with her! Before she left the place they told her that Sally Girl had come in with another kitty named Tabby, who waz petrified and so scared of all the other catz that she had to be kept with kittenz. OMC…long story short…mom adopted both of them :)

Sally Girl and Tabby

Sally Girl and Tabby


What about Zoey and Cassie? How did they come to join your family’s pack?

Cassie waz our first doggie. A lady mom knew said her daughters doggie had puppiez and they wanted to give them away or take them to a shelter. So dad said…lets take one of them. And Cassie chose dad when he picked her up and she hugged him and wouldn’t let go :) So they bought her home! Zoey came to be with uz after my Angel brofur Gizmo kitty passed from a stroke, he waz 11 1/2 yearz old and left Cassie alone without the companion she had know all her life. So dad waz looking in the newspaper for a fur-sibling for Cassie and saw Zoey and fell in love! When mom and dad went to meet her…she kept un-doing momz shoe stringz. So they decided this funny sweet girl waz for them :)

Zoey and Cassie waiting for Dad

Cassie and Zoey waiting for dad


Your fur-sibling Capt’n Jack has quite the story. Tell us about him.

OMC…Capt’n Jack!!! He iz the funniest, sweetest goofball ever :) A friend of moms on FaceBook from S.C. and her pet page The Fleabitten Four share petz in need. They asked her if we could share a dog named Macho Man that waz on the Euth List in S.C. Well Macho Man had the most gorgeous smile. We shared him and kept checking up on him. Hiz smile waz haunting momz dreamz and she couldn’t stop thinking about this boy. You see he waz in a High Kill Shelter and waz picked up az a stray and no one came for himz :( Himz hold waz up and he waz going to be euthanized. Mom heart started beating really fast and she messaged her friend in S.C and said please get him out now, I’ll adopt him!!!! OMC Darko…those ladies worked so hard and so fast cause he waz hourz, then minutes away from being euthanized. They all bombarded the place with phone callz at 6 am in the morning, they start euthanizing by 7 am and they worked on a rescue pulling himz, a foster to take him (at this Shelter Pit Bulls/Pit bull Mixes can only be pulled by a Rescue, they cannot be adopted out) They were all holding their breath and waiting…finally they were told that Macho Man waz safe and waz being pulled by Where Hope Lives. That iz Capt’n Jackz story formerly known az Macho Man!!! Our GOOFBALL with the most gorgeous smile :)

Capt’n Jack

Capt'n Jack


You’ve been trying to help other animals in need since you first started your Facebook page. What is it you do? 

Mom inherited my Facebook page when she adopted me :) My Foster mom started the page for me. That iz how I waz shared :) So then mom thought…what am I going to do with this page now? She then said to me, Sydney we should help furriendz in need!! We should Paw it Forward!! So I try and share a lil bit of everything….. furriendz looking for their furever homez, The Seniors, Shelters, Rescues, Fosters, Donations, Auctions, Fundraisers and any kind of help. I like to share fun thingz and thingz that my friends/furriendz post to my page as well.

Do you have any advice for others who want to help animals in need too?

My advice for those that would like to help furriendz in need iz to purrease like and share. Just a simple click could save a life!


Is there anything else you do that you would like to share with us?

We haz a new family member! He iz a 6 year old boy kitty that waz going to be euthanized in a High Kill Shelter in Tampa Bay, Florida Himz name iz Picasso…formerly known az Jimmy. Owner surrender, they were moving and didn’t want to take himz :( Me and mom shared himz and it waz breaking our heartz. Mom decided to adopt himz :) We so wish we could save them all!!! It iz so heart breaking to see all these innocent babies being put to sleep everyday :( We hope to see the day when there are NO Kill Shelters…NO Puppy Mills and people ADOPT Don’t SHOP!!!




These Paws Were Rescued 

paws 3


Sydney: My handsome furriend Darko, thank youz for this wonderful opportunity to tell youz my story and the story of my fur-siblingz and how we came to have our forever homez. It waz so funz and a pleasure!!!


A few more photos of Stylish Sydney and her fur-siblings…


fav pic 3

paws 2

fav pic 1

fav pic 4

Sally Girl

Sally Girl



Zoey and Capt’n Jack

Zoey and Capt'n Jack


Isn’t that a beautiful story? Thank you so much Sydney and family for sharing it with us! And a big warm welcome to your new family member, Picasso! We look forward to seeing him from time to time on your Facebook page. 

Sniff out Sydney’s page and paw the Like button to get all the latest updates from her pack at Stylish Sydney.


This has been our very first edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining us so stay tuned! 

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! We’d love to hear it!

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Ravage And Frenzy, The Decepticon Brothers

I am very excited to announce that we are finally ready to reveal our monthly feature!

My humans and I want to help raise awareness for all shelter animals and show people that they are just as pawsome as every other animal out there. So every month we will be featuring a fellow furry friend who was adopted from a shelter or rescued from an ugly situation and share their story of how they came to be where they are now.

Some of the interviews may make you laugh or even cry, but they all have a happy ending in common: a loving forever home to call their very own.

I was a little nervous about interviewing my fur-friends so I decided to start with my two older brothers Ravage and Frenzy or the “Cons” as we like to call them (being both named after Decepticon Transformers). We’ll call it the warm-up round. BOL!

So without further barking, here we go. I give you the introductory issue to my new monthly feature: “These Paws Were Rescued.”



Ravage and Frenzy, the Decepticon Brothers

“Thanks so much for being here with us today, Cons. It’s great to have you both.

Frenzy rolls his eyes. “Well first of all we live here and second, you didn’t really give us much of a choice.”

“Yes, I did. You are free to walk away at any time, but unless you complete this interview I will not share my dog treats with you.”

“That’s not a choice! Of course I want your dog treats! How long is this going to take, anyway? How many dog treats will I get?” 

Ravage smacks Frenzy on the top of his head. “Would you forget about food for a few minutes so we can get started, please?”

Frenzy scowls at Ravage, lowers his ears, then smacks Ravage back and the two engage in a paw-smacking kitty brawl.

Darko starts whining and looks to Mom for help.

Mom sighs. “Decepticons, enough!”

Ravage and Frenzy immediately stop their brawl but continue to glare at each other for several long minutes afterwards.

Darko shakes his head. “Brothers” he mutters quietly.

“What was that?” Frenzy asked.

“Nothing” Darko replied quickly. “Lets begin with the questions…”


Where were you adopted from?

Ravage: I was adopted from the Nanaimo SPCA branch here on Vancouver Island in 2007.


Frenzy: I was adopted from the Nanaimo CatNap Society in 2009.



How old were you when adopted?

Ravage: The SPCA thought me to be about eight weeks old.

Frenzy: I was almost ten weeks old.


What was it like at the shelter?

Ravage: I wasn’t at the shelter very long but the humans there seemed nice enough and took care of me and my litter mates, so it was alright I guess. But I sure was glad when I found my forever humans!

Frenzy: I didn’t stay at a shelter because I was a foster kitty. I was a bit out of control as a kitten and gave my foster families a hard time. When Mom and Dad found me I was currently staying with my third foster family because I was such a “handful” so I was really happy to finally have a family for my very own.


Ravage, you were the first of your litter mates to be adopted. Why was that?

Ravage: It was meant to be. Mom and Dad were visiting the SPCA looking for a dog to adopt and on their way out they stopped in to see the cats and give them some pets. As soon as they opened the door to enter the cat room I knew they were my humans. I had just returned from the animal hospital with my litter mates from our “special visit” (but my humans didn’t know that yet) and so we were in a big cage on the far wall of the room. When my humans entered the cat room I got up from the pile of sleepy groggy kitties, walked to the front of the cage and started meowing at them to get their attention. It worked! As soon as they saw me they came straight over and started petting me through the cage as I purred and meowed at them, sticking my paws through trying to pull them closer. After my humans petted me for a few minutes they went to go find a human that could let me out because I was just too cute and they had to snuggle me. When they started walking away from the cage I began to cry loudy and when they returned and the cage door opened I leaped out and latched on to Dad, purring a big kitty purr in Dad’s arms. And that’s where I stayed until it was time to be put back in to the cage with my litter mates, and I didn’t go back willingly. I clung on to Dad and cried but they eventually managed to get me back in the cage. As my humans walked away I threw a big tantrum letting them know I was not happy they were leaving me behind. They were my humans and I was not going to let them get away, but all I could do was scream at them to come back and to my dismay they kept walking. Then a short while later they came back and took me away with them! It was one of the happiest days of my life!


Frenzy, you were the last of your siblings to be adopted. Why was that?

Frenzy: Like I was saying earlier, I was a bit out of control as a kitten and was the “difficult” one, referred to by my foster families as “spirited.” My two litter mates were much better behaved than I and had both been adopted the week before Mom found me. So I guess you could say it was a little rough – but not for me, for my foster families. MOL! It was lonely though. I was only with my foster families at night. During the day I would hang out in a large glass pen all by myself at one of the pet supply stores here in town, which is where Mom saw me. I’m glad I was adopted last though, because otherwise I would never have found my forever family and I don’t know what I’d do without my Mom. I’d be one lost kitty, that’s for sure! MOL!


Did you have a different name at the shelter?

Ravage: The name the shelter gave me was Teddy.

Frenzy: I actually had two names. The first name I was given was Alpha and later I was renamed Zoom-Zoom (which was my name when Mom found me).


Why was your name changed when you were adopted?

Ravage: My Dad is a big fan of Transformers and Ravage was the first cat name that came to mind. It stuck and it suites me well. (Read post My Namesake – Ravage)

Frenzy: Dad wanted my name to be a Transformer like Ravage, but I actually ended up earning my name. They were going to call me Rumble until they witnessed how crazy I was and so they named me Frenzy. (Read post My Namesake – Frenzy)


What was it like when you first arrived at your new forever home?

Ravage: I purred non-stop for the first three days, sneezing every few minutes while exploring my new home. I was really REALLY happy! Still am!

Frenzy: When I arrived at my new house there was two other kitties already here, my older fur-siblings Ravage and Deunan. Ravage hissed at me and then ignored me for exactly seven days but Deunan took me under her paw immediately and showed me the ropes. She acted all mom-like for several months until I started telling her I didn’t want to be smothered anymore.


Are there any big differences from when you were first adopted and now?

Ravage: Well… I drool more. MOL! But other than that I wouldn’t say I’ve changed very much. I still love snuggles, playing with toys, being silly, racing around the house all crazy-like and so on. I will always be me, Ravage the Decepticon.

Frenzy: Hmmm… I would say the biggest change in me is that I now have self-control around food (unless unsupervised, of course) and am able to sit and wait for my meals and any treats or scraps given to me. Other than that, I’m still pretty crazy and I have always been a Mamma’s Boy. (Read post My Name Is Frenzy And I’m A Foodoholic)


When is your birthday?

Ravage: July 13th, 2007

Frenzy: April 1st, 2009


Is there anything you would like to say about adoption?

Ravage: Please don’t over look us black kitties. We aren’t supersticious or anything like that. We are just as loving, playful and smart as all the other kitties out there and we all want forever homes to call our own.

Frenzy: What Ravage said. And BLACK CATS RULE!!! So, about those dog treats…..


These Paws Were Rescued

collage paws


Photos of Ravage and Frenzy

Frenzy and Ravage snuggling.

collage 3

The Decepticons attempting to bust in to their catnip and snacks.

collage 2DSCF3274

Ravage and Frenzy napping on the kitty tower. Check out the look Frenzy is giving. BOL!

collage 1

The Cons posing with their favourite catnip toys.



About the shelter/rescue

Last year, more that 14,000 pets have found new homes through the various adoption programs run by the BC SPCA. In addition to the 36 BC SPCA branches there are 13 satellite adoption centres, and their Drive for Lives program transfers animals to less crowded shelters for a better chance of adoption.

CatNap is a local, not-profit rescue orginazation, run entirely by volunteers. Founded in 1998, CatNap runs a variety of programs including rescuing, fostering, spay/neutering, and of course, adoption. Every year, they help hundreds of cats from Nanaimo and area find new homes.


This has been our introductory issue to “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! For our first feature a very special friend will be joining us so stay tuned. 

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