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Four Months Later…

Well.. where to begin? So much has happened since we last barked.

As you may already know, I have a new baby brother named Brutus. He joined our pack back in the middle of December (2014) and has fit in very well.



We have since discovered he loves his fresh greens and most veggies, loves organic fresh apple slices and dried banana chips, he loves to shred stuff and loves to hang out in cardboard boxes. Brutus is one silly guy and we love him!


A week after Brutus arrived, my little friend Diego came over for a big sleepover for the holidays. We had a pawsome time together and my humans enjoyed having a few days to relax during the holidays as well. Although, between the six of us fur-kids we kept them quite busy… BOL!



I also got to meet my new cousin Loki. He’s a Shepherd mix and was a really nice guy. He came to my house for a day to hang out with Diego and me. My kitties weren’t very impressed that there were three hyper dogs in the house but we sure had a great time playing with all my toys. BOL.



A while later, Brutus went for a visit to the vet.  He had started to spray what he believed to be his territory and – ummm, “hugging” the kitties vigorously on a regular basis, so it didn’t take long for my humans to discover that he was indeed fully intact and quite mature. Needless to say, the lucky guy spent a day at the scary vet clinic. I was very upset when my humans took him there and cried in the car. But not to worry because we picked him up a few hours later and he was completely fine. I was quite relieved and very happy to have my baby brother back. Of course, I had to give him a thorough sniff inspection and found that his back end area smelled strange. Reminded me of my trip to the vet when I was six months old…

Anyway, not long after that, I had a sleepover with my friend Summer. She’s my favourite girlfriend and we always have a barktastic time when we’re together. I brought one of my favourite stuffies, Chewbacca, and she played with him almost our entire sleepover. Since I’m a nice guy, I let her have her fun and played with her toys instead. BOL. We also went to the park together and took turns chasing each other and went on a walk. By the time we returned to our own homes and human, we were exhausted. Slept for a whole day after. That’s how much fun we had. *wiggles*


What else..? Oh ya, the kitties and I raised $222.00 for CatNap Society by selling desk calendars of me. We hope that it helped a few kitties in need and would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who supported our fundraiser by purchasing a calendar.


A few weeks later, we moved. We didn’t move very far, but it was still a chaotic and tiring event. I love my new house though. I have new friends here, and guess what? There’s grass in my back yard! Oh, how I have missed you, grassy yard…


On April 1st, Frenzy turned 6. Yes, 6 already. My humans are still in shock at how fast we are all growing up. Happy Birthday, bro!


Then a really big thing happened… My humans got married.

dragon heart smokey starry  background image green signed LnBdate RESIZED

Yep, a week and one day ago today, and I was the “ring-dog” person. It was very exciting, especially since my blood brother Logan was there with his humans and lots of other people.

collage wedding

The week before the wedding was even more exciting because I met many new people and since I am a very vocal boy, I spent some quality time with my muzzle. It helps me remember to refrain from barking, and once the excited stage passes the muzzle is removed and I’m fine. I just can’t control my excited barking at all. Ya, I know. I’ve got a problem. *sigh* I’m working on it. Promise.


But regardless of having to wear my muzzle a few times, it was a pawsome wedding and everyone had a great time.


Currently, for the past week, my family and I have been enjoying some much needed relaxing time with just the seven of us. We have slept in until 10 am almost every day, and that never happens. Even the kitties have tolerated the late breakfasts and sleep in too. BOL.

What else have I been doing with all my free time this week? I’ve been wrestling with my kitties (mostly Ravage), playing ball with my humans and enjoying the nice weather. I think swimming season is just around the corner… *excited nubby wags* I’m looking forward to going to work next week, though. Been missing all my friends.




Oh! How could I forget! On May 3rd, Deunan turned 7. Happy Birthday, to my favourite fur-sis!


So that’s what I’ve been up to the last few months. Or some of it anyway. I’m sure I missed a bunch of stuff but I think that is enough for one day.

I hope you have all been doing well during my absence. Now that the move and the wedding are over with, my humans have no excuse to abandon my blog, and I will make sure they assist me on here again in the very near future.

*nubby wags* ~ Darko

Introducing My Baby Brother Brutus

Brutus arrived 11 days before Christmas, on December 14th, 2014, in the early afternoon. It was a HUGE surprise to me and I kinda freaked out with excitement. BOL. I have seen lots of bunnies before, but only wild ones around our neighbourhood. They always run away from me as I walk by, so to have one come in to my house was something I had never even dreamed of before!

Brutus collage 1

For the first few days Brutus stayed in his cage while we all got to know each other. The kitties were allowed to meet him almost right away and my humans made the room a cat and bunny only room so they could all hang out together, but I had to wait until I was ready.

Brutus and kitties collage

During the first week I was extremely excited around my new baby brother and would whine and wiggle and roll over in front of his cage every time I was allowed in his room. I also tried to share things with him and would bring him my toys, including my giant stuffie Frog.

Brutus Darko 1

My humans spent the first week teaching me appropriate manners around bunnies, such as no attempting to shove Frog in to his cage.

By week two, I had stopped my excited whines whenever I could hear Brutus hopping around having fun, and learned to lie by his cage quietly. Brutus would always hop over and sniff me through the fence. He is a very social and relaxed little guy.

Brutus collage 3

By week three, I was ready to meet Brutus face to face…

Brutus 2

…And I was so proud of myself afterwards that I pranced around the house continuously asking my humans for snuggles, since I did earn them after all. BOL.

Brutus and I hang out all the time now, and it’s pawsome! *nubby wags* (But only when our humans are home with us, of course!)

Brutus Darko collage

The kitties and Brutus eat their meals together and when I am finished mine I go hang out with them in their room and wait for them to finish. One of the first times I joined them, I decided to try and fit in Brutus’ cage. I was a little big… BOL. (above right)

Brutus veggies collage

So now that we have all got to know each other and whenever our humans are at home, Brutus is allowed out of his cage to roam the house as he pleases. He has yet to venture outside of his room, but the door is open for when he is ready.

Brutus 3

Welcome to the pack, Brutus!

Happy New Year, Furiends!


Good-bye 2014! Welcome 2015!

Ya, I know I’m a little late – but hey, it’s only by a few days. BOL. I’m going to blame the kitties wild holiday catnip party. As you can see, they are still recovering from a major hangover.


But seriously, it was pretty busy around my house this holiday season. I had two fur-guests during the holidays, my furiend Storm and then my furiend Diego, and my humans worked a lot.

We also got a Christmas tree for the first time ever and guess who played with all the ornaments? Nope, not Frenzy. Ravage. BOL! He’d swipe an ornament off the tree, bat it around the house until he lost it somewhere he couldn’t retrieve it from, and then go get another one and start the game all over again. Silly kitty.

Earlier in December, I somehow survived an encounter with a strange, jolly and red human called Santa. Then the following day I went to my doggie daycare’s annual Christmas party and had a blast with all my furiends.

And, AND.. I have a new little dog-cousin named Loki. He is a pretty cool dude.

But anyway, details and photos will come later. For now, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all!

2015 pawmazing collage

Oh ya… did I mention we have a new baby bunny brother? No? Well, stay tuned! I will be introducing him to you very soon.

Snuggles With Deunan


I love to snuggle with all my kitty siblings (even you, Frenzy), but I think my big sis Deunan might be my favourite. She’s not pushy or slobbery like Ravage is, and I don’t have to worry about getting smacked in the face for no reason like I do with Frenzy. Yep, my big sis is a purrfect snuggle buddy. Well, second to Mom, that is. BOL!


Deunan likes to sneak attack me with head bonks sometimes…


And check on me while I’m sleeping.


When Deunan is in a silly mood, she likes to roll around and purr and give me kisses.


Usually, she’ll lick my face and my paws, then curl up beside me for a short nap.



Sometimes we even share mom’s lap.


And when Frenzy is being nice, we let him snuggle with us. Too bad it’s not that often. BOL!


‘Til next time friends, I’m off to snuggle with… well, I’m sure you can imagine who. BOL!

Calendars For Cats

20141121_063929 -AR

Just over a week ago, I was sneaking around on the computer shopping for a present for my humans. I had overheard them comment several times to each other in the last few months how they would like to make a calendar of the kitties and I to have for next year, and while I was pawing through photos I got this big idea. What if I ordered a bunch of mini calendars and did a fundraiser for an animal shelter or rescue group? How pawsome would that be, right?

It was a little last minute, but I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. Why not now? So the next thing my humans knew they were receiving a big box of calendars, and they were all the same and all of me. I think Mom was a bit confused at first and thought they were all for her because she got really excited when they arrived. BOL! But don’t worry, I explained the fundraising thing to her and she’s cool with it. Besides, I don’t think there’s enough flat surfaces in the house anyways. *wink wink*

Frenzy seems a little miffed that he’s not in the calendar. Don’t worry Frenzy, you’ll get your turn. 

20141122_185245 -AR

The charity I picked for my very first fundraiser is CatNap Society, where Frenzy was adopted from. They are a small, non-profit group run by volunteers who help stray, abandoned, and feral cats and kittens here in my home town and surrounding area. If it wasn’t for them, my big brother Frenzy wouldn’t be with us today, and even though we’re not always the best of friends I can’t imagine life without him. And for them to take in, foster, and find a home for a kitten like Frenzy who was – to put nicely – a complete super jerk from all the stories I’ve heard (and sometimes still is), well, I think that’s really pawsome. Visit CatNap on Facebook, Twitter, and their webpage to learn more about them and what they do.

collage 1

20141121_185043 -AR

All profits will be donated to CatNap Society. Help me raise funds for the place that helped Frenzy find his forever home. 


How To Get A Calendar…

First of all, you will have to contact me and let me know you would like one. The best way would be to email me at or you can send me a private message on my Twitter or Facebook page. Also, if you would like me to pawtograph it please let me know right away as the paint will need extra time to dry.

CANADA: Single Calendar – $13 (shipping included anywhere in Canada)

USA: Single Calendar – $15 (shipping included anywhere in the United States)

International shipping available. Multiple calendar shipping available. Each calendar will be shipped in a bubble mailer.

***SPECIAL OFFER*** Pawtograph – $2 extra (paint will be black, just like my paw pads, and pawtograph will be located on the inside front cover unless otherwise specified)

Payment Method: PayPal, E-Transfer, or Money Order.

For your calendar to be received before the New Year, orders should be placed by December 1st. 

20141122_185538 -AR

A Pawtastic Walk For A Cause

20140907_113742 -RC

On September 7th, my friend Tierce and I went for a walk together. But this wasn’t just any walk, it was Paws For A Cause, a charity fundraiser for the BC SPCA.

I’ve attended this walk every year since I was a pup and Tierce has come with me every time. Cool, huh? Don’t tell him I said that though. He may think I’m getting clingy or something. He is a Shiba, after all, and they’re touchy like that. BOL.

PfaC -c5

Lots of nice pups from all over town were at the walk too. Some even dressed up for the occasion.

PfaC -c1PfaC -c2

Most of the walk was along the waterside. What a tease. Especially since it was such a nice day out.

PfaC -c4

In fact, it was so hot out that we ended up cutting the walk a bit short. A few of the dogs in our pack were exhausted, and since I have dark fur I was pretty warm too and didn’t complain one bit. Besides, all I wanted to do was go swimming, anyway. *sigh*

PfaC -c3 PfaC -c6

Once we returned from the walk, we all drank a lot of water. If I remember correctly, our pack cleaned out three of the water bowls that were waiting at the finish, and I drank a bottle of water. (Yes, I like to drink bottled water. I also like to drink from squirt bottles.)

20140907_130731 -AR

When the event was over, my humans and I had to make our way back to the car. We stopped a few times along the way to enjoy some shade here and there. It was HOT out!

PfaC -c7

And if we thought it was hot outside, it was an oven inside the car. The humans cranked the cold air and then we waited in the shade until it was a much more acceptable temperature.

PfaC -c8

But even though it was super hot out, it was still a pawtastic walk and our team raised just over $300 for the BC SPCA. *high paw*

Until next year….

Hello Again, Friends!


WOOF! Hello, my friends! *wiggles*  OMD, is it really November already? Wow, I’ve sure been gone awhile, and I’ve missed you all very much!

So many things happened during the past few months and I can’t wait to tell you all about my many adventures, but there’s just so much to say! So here’s a sneak peek at some of what I’ve been up to… and stay tuned for some stories, both old and new!


Beach Before Breakfast


So, remember that fancy off-leash dog park beach I was telling you about recently? Well, about a week after my first visit there, my friend Finn was over for a sleepover and I was barking away telling him all about it and how much fun I had there.

Finn, like most Labradors, is a crazy water dog – just like me – so naturally, he was a little jealous and requested I take him there so he could see it for himself, first paw.

It just so happened that my humans were wanting to take me there anyway, but this time at low tide. When I was there the first time, the tide was coming in fast and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the big sandy beach that I had heard so many barks about.

My humans investigated and found out that super low tide was at an un-dogly hour of 5:57 am on this particular Sunday morning, but we decided to go anyway. Besides, a sunrise at the beach is always nice to see, right? So off we went.

We were all a little sleepy to start, but when we got there everyone woke up real fast because there was a deer in the parking lot and Finn freaked out barking. We were wide-awake in no time! BOL!

When we got down to the beach we were the only dogs there. And WOW between all the sand and the sun waking up, it was PAWSOME!!! Low tide is definitely the best time to come here, and for my humans a sunrise like this is makes it worth getting up at the crack of dawn.


Finn and I tore around on the beach and splashed through the puddles and the waves, racing back and forth at our top warp speeds seeing who was fastest.


DSCF1084 -AR

The sand felt amazing to run on! So soft on the paws.

DSCF1087 -AR

Finn is stalking me. Can you see where I am?

DSCF1090 -AR

I waded through the puddles, checking for treasures such as rocks and sticks. You never know what you may find.

DSCF1093 -AR

Look at all this sand! I think I’ll stand here for a while and enjoy the feeling of it squishing between my toes.


So soft… Why can’t all beaches be like this?


The sun is beginning to stir… What a gorgeous sky!


While my humans were busy admiring the sights and taking photos, Finn and I were off exploring along the shore.


It was really shallow for a long ways out which was fine with us. Easier to scavenge that way. BOL!



We found all sorts of goodies including sticks and seaweed, but nothing really amazing to eat or roll on. Better luck next time.

DSCF1110 -AR



After awhile, I decided it was time for my humans to throw rocks for me and stared them down until they caved and threw a few.



Once I finished chasing an entire herd of rocks down, Finn and I continued on our scavenger hunt along the shore.


DSCF1120 -AR

DSCF1126 -AR

Then we had a good chase and wrestle. We can be crazy pups sometimes! BOL!

DSCF1127 -AR

Finally! The sun is awake! It made the sky so pretty.

DSCF1132 - SAR

The sun also made me glow gold. How do I look?

DSCF1146 -AR

DSCF1167 -R

Maybe I should chase a few more rocks…

DSCF1168 -R

DSCF1174 -SR

DSCF1181 -AR

DSCF1182 -SR

Come on! Throw it, already!

DSCF1185 -SR

My happy face is showing…

DSCF1187 -SR

DSCF1189 -SR

DSCF1190 -SR

Ummm, where are you going, Finn?


Can you tell who’s paw print is who’s?

collage paw prints

We found a few starfish that had been left behind by the tide. My humans put the ones that weren’t attached to anything back in the water. Hopefully the others survived.

collage starfish

Can you spot the starfish?

DSCF1194 -AR

This big crab was hiding by a bunch of rocks attempting to camouflage itself. Look at those pinchers! I bet those wouldn’t feel very nice on the nose. I made sure to keep mine far, far away. BOL!

collage crab

So… you gonna come and throw some more rocks for me?

DSCF1205 -SR

Check out this smelly stick I found! I made sure to give my neck a good scrub with it. It was stinkalicious!

DSCF1208 -SR

Can you spot me and Finn? We are looking for more stinky stuff. Lucky for my humans, we didn’t find anything. This time…

DSCF1210 -SR

Below is Mom’s favourite photo from this trip. What do you think? Could I be a model dog? I am practicing my agility and listening skills.

DSCF1214 -AR

Can you see me?


… How about now?


After over an hour of racing around on the beach, Finn and I were ready to go home.

DSCF1233 -SR

On our way back we sniffed out all the message rocks…

DSCF1239 -SR

… And I found a few that interested me enough to reply to.

DSCF1241 -SR

DSCF1242 -SR

Then we had one last good race…


… And one last splash.

DSCF1254 -SR

Just before we left, I gave one last look at my new favourite beach.

DSCF1256 -SR

I will be back…

DSCF1266 -AR

After saying our good-byes, we headed up the trail to the car. Finn and I were on high alert, but there was no deer this time.

DSCF1272 -AR

Once we arrived back home it was straight to the back yard for a rinse off, then Mom brought us breakfast outside since Finn and I weren’t allowed in until we were dry. It was nice and sunny outside, though, so after we ate our breakfast we passed out on the deck and had a nap until we were dry enough to be let inside. When the humans finally did let us in, we went straight to bed.

It was only 8:42 am and Finn and I were spent for the day. BOL!

Now THIS is how I like to enjoy my weekends. Start with a bang and end with a crash.

And going to the beach before breakfast is the best.


Today I Turned Three

As you may already know, today (August 26th) is my barkday and I am three years old.

Today began like almost every other day. My humans woke up to me sprawled over half of the bed. I don’t mean to push them out, I just really like sleeping in the middle of the bed and to get comfortable I have to stretch my legs. BOL! But they didn’t complain about it today. Must have been because it’s my barkday. 

When my humans got up for the day, I stayed in bed. I prefer to sleep in as long as possible, and so until something exciting happens or my humans demand my presence, I enjoy having the bed all to myself.

But the morning routine was different today. Something was off. Not only did we get up extra early, but we left the house before breakfast and that never happens. The kitties and I always get our breakfast shortly after our humans wake up.

Not today though. We were in the car and on our way to work. Or so I thought. But when Dad was dropped off at work and Mom took the wheel, I knew something was up.

And then I figured it out. Of course, it did take me until we were driving up the street, but we were going to my new favourite beach that is an off-leash dog park: Invermere Beach!

As soon as I realized what was going on I started whining with excitement. Once I calmed down, Mom and I made our way to the beach.

DSCF1419 -R

Since it was so early we were the only ones there, but that is okay by me! The more beach, the better! BOL! I raced back and forth in the waves and chased the rocks and sticks that Mom threw for me.

DSCF1420 -R

DSCF1422 -SA R

DSCF1424 -R

DSCF1437 -R

DSCF1439 -R

DSCF1444 -R

How about you throw that rock, Mom!

DSCF1445 -RS

DSCF1451 -SR

My smile is appearing…

DSCF1467 -SR

Yep, this is my happy face! BOL!

DSCF1474 -SR

After almost an hour of fun at the beach, Mom decided I was all done and we made our way home.

I ate my breakfast, then had my after breakfast treat.


After I got every last piece of my treats out of my toy, Mom gave me my barkday presents! Two new pawsome toys! Even Frenzy had to check them out. BOL!

DSCF1483 -AR

Mom got me Fox because I like to groom Coon a lot and so Coon is starting to get a bit gross and worn from all the chewing so this way I can share the groom sessions with Fox. BOL!

And the little red ball is pretty cool. It is great for helping clean my teeth and feels nice on the gums. It also lights up and squeaks so that is pawsome!

DSCF1485 -AR

Then the baking began.

Mom wanted to make me some yummy treats and I wanted to share them with all of my friends which meant she had to make lots, so Mom decided to experiment using what we had in the kitchen.

We came up with these potato pupcakes and they are delicious! I ate way too many of them today. BOL! We mashed the potatoes with banana and peanut butter, stirred in shredded carrot, apple, zucchini, and chunks of all beef wieners, rolled them in to balls and baked them in the oven for just under half an hour. Turns out that Mom’s experiment was a hit and I LOVE them! Frenzy even had some. BOL!

DSCF1491 -AR

***drool*** Are you sure I can’t have just a few more…? Like one, or three? I know I already had LOTS but they smell so pawmazing!

DSCF1494 -AR

Once we finished baking, Mom and I put together some goodie bags to take to my doggie daycare and share with my furry friends. We also made some bags to share with the pups in my class and a big bag full for my blood brother Logan.

DSCF1500 -R

On our way to pick up Dad from work, we stopped at my doggie daycare and said hello to everyone and dropped off all the goodie bags. I hope my daycare friends like them as much as I do!

After we picked up Dad, we went to see my blood brother Logan. I brought him his barkday bag of potato cake goodies and wished him a happy barkday. There was another dog at his house that I didn’t know was there so I hope I brought him enough to go around. (If not, I have more so just let me know, okay Logan?)

DSCF1503 -R

DSCF1504 -R

Check out our smiles! BOL! We are silly dogs!

DSCF1506 -R

DSCF1512 -R

DSCF1517 -R

DSCF1519 -R

Then we continued on to class. Unfortunately, due to a HUGE error on Mom’s part we ended up going to the wrong location, and so by the time we got to the real class spot it was half over.

See the look on my face? This was the first spot we went to and I was confused as to why nobody was there. BOL! Luckily my humans figured it out fairly quickly and we raced to class.

DSCF1520 -R

I still got to participate for the last bit, at least. BOL! Geeezzz, way to go, Mom!

We did pretty good practicing our “Wait” even with distractions.

DSCF1528 -CR

At the soccer fields we watched the humans play. I was a little jealous, as I am a big soccer fan and LOVE to play so I really wanted to get on that field and show them how it was done. But instead, I listened well and behaved myself, watching and waiting politely by the fence without even a quiet woof.

DSCF1532 -R

DSCF1535 -R

At the end of class I gave my classmates their goodie bags and we took a group photo practicing our “Wait” command.

We did good, don’t you think?

DSCF1537 -R

collage OA treat photo

When I finally arrived home for the evening, I had a nap while I waited for dinner, then I had my after dinner treat and I’m sure you can guess what my treat was tonight…

Potato pupcakes! YUM!!!

DSCF1545 -AR

DSCF1548 -AR

They are so good that I’ll lick every last morsel from the floor. Mmmmm floor tasties…

DSCF1551 -CR

Afterwards, I played with my toys for a while and pranced around with the kitties and now I’m down for the count – sound asleep beside the air conditioner. BOL! It’s the coolest place in the house.

DSCF1555 -R

And that was my pawsome 3rd Barkday!

What a day! I think this was my best barkday yet!

This Is My Happy Place

Do you love to play in water? Are you looking for the perfect place to take your human and have some splashtastic fun off the leash? Well, if you live on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada) and are in Nanaimo and area then I have just the place for you!

DSCF1048 -SR

Invermere Beach is pawmazing!

Why, you ask? Well, for starters it’s an off-leash dog park that is on the beach. See? I’ve barely said anything and you’re already intrigued. BOL! Let me list off just a few reasons why you should go check this place out…

1. Like I already mentioned, it’s an off-leash dog park on the beach so you can’t get in trouble for splashing around in the water naked with your human down at the other end of the beach (not that I recommend leaving your human as they should always have supervision, especially in places like this). It would be quite easy to lose your human, however, because this beach is HUGE so make sure to pay attention and keep an eye on them at all times.

DSCF1003 - SR

2. There is a TON of sand which is perfect for racing on with your friends or for playing ball. It is nice and soft on the paws and really fun to dig holes in and roll on. (If you like to bring toys to the dog park, please remember to be careful when playing around other dogs you don’t know. Not everybody knows how to share and some dogs can get possessive of toys, even if it is not their own.)

DSCF1032 -SR

3. Even when the tide is in it is still nice and shallow for a long ways out, so if you’re a beginner swimmer it’s a safe place to practice your doggie paddle. This, of course, doesn’t effect me at all since I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to swimming. BOL!

DSCF1025 -SR

DSCF1044 -SR

4. It’s a dog park so there are LOTS of messages to sniff and reply to from all the other pups that frequent the place. (Please note that if you are a peemail addict, you might be here awhile.)

DSCF1031 -SR

DSCF1068 -SR

5. Since it is a dog park, there are almost always a lot of other pups with their humans there having a great time enjoying the water and so finding a friend can be quite easy. Lots of the pups that visit this place are very friendly and love to play.

I go to doggie daycare to socialize and visit the beach for swimming and splashing, so Mom did not get any photos of me with other dogs because I didn’t go say hi to any, but a lot of pups were at the park having a blast too. There was even a dog paddling around on a board with it’s human. Can you see the small white speck at the top right corner of the above photo? That’s them. It looked like a lot of fun. Maybe I should try that one day… 

6. If you need a place to practice your off-leash skills then this is the place for you. There are a ton of distractions, which is good for practicing your listening skills, and afterwards there’s a big beach to tear up as a reward for your performance. For me, this is the perfect place to practice my skills as I can be a bit crazy and out-of-control around water, and to me playing in water is the best reward ever!

DSCF1076 -SR

7. Since it is a beach, sometimes there is something pawmazing to roll on that washed up on the shore. This will make your human’s day. ***wink wink*** If not, there’s always smelly sticks and seaweed stuff and seashells too.

I was too excited about the new beach to care about rolling on anything this time. Maybe next visit I’ll find something… 

8. If your human likes to take photos like mine does, then they will absolutely LOVE this place. No-matter what time of day, it is beautiful and picturesque. Sometimes there is wildlife too, like birds, seals, crabs and starfish, so it’s a great place to take the camera. You never know what you may see or find. Next time we go, Mom is going to take some panorama shots of me on the beach and is quite excited about it. Humans are silly. BOL!

DSCF1063 -SR

collage 1 seagulls jelly stuff

9. If you are a rock hunter like I am, then you will be in doggie heaven here. There are rocks everywhere and many of them are covered in barnacles (my favourite) so just get your human to throw them in to the waves and then let the search begin! But make sure to watch out for them when running on the sand. They can hurt your paws.

DSCF1034 -SR

DSCF1029 -SR

10. This is the best off-leash beach dog park EVER and if the last nine reasons didn’t get your tail wagging, then this is not the beach for you. But if they did, go check it out because it is seriously PAWSOME!!! I’d be there every single day if my humans would let me. Unfortunately, it is on the opposite end of town so it’s more of a weekend thing for me.

DSCF1051 -SR

So there you go. My top ten reasons for visiting Invermere Beach.

Yep, this is my happy place. See my smile?

DSCF1039  -SR

DSCF1039 -C