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Introducing My Baby Brother Brutus

Brutus arrived 11 days before Christmas, on December 14th, 2014, in the early afternoon. It was a HUGE surprise to me and I kinda freaked out with excitement. BOL. I have seen lots of bunnies before, but only wild ones around our neighbourhood. They always run away from me as I walk by, so to have one come in to my house was something I had never even dreamed of before!

Brutus collage 1

For the first few days Brutus stayed in his cage while we all got to know each other. The kitties were allowed to meet him almost right away and my humans made the room a cat and bunny only room so they could all hang out together, but I had to wait until I was ready.

Brutus and kitties collage

During the first week I was extremely excited around my new baby brother and would whine and wiggle and roll over in front of his cage every time I was allowed in his room. I also tried to share things with him and would bring him my toys, including my giant stuffie Frog.

Brutus Darko 1

My humans spent the first week teaching me appropriate manners around bunnies, such as no attempting to shove Frog in to his cage.

By week two, I had stopped my excited whines whenever I could hear Brutus hopping around having fun, and learned to lie by his cage quietly. Brutus would always hop over and sniff me through the fence. He is a very social and relaxed little guy.

Brutus collage 3

By week three, I was ready to meet Brutus face to face…

Brutus 2

…And I was so proud of myself afterwards that I pranced around the house continuously asking my humans for snuggles, since I did earn them after all. BOL.

Brutus and I hang out all the time now, and it’s pawsome! *nubby wags* (But only when our humans are home with us, of course!)

Brutus Darko collage

The kitties and Brutus eat their meals together and when I am finished mine I go hang out with them in their room and wait for them to finish. One of the first times I joined them, I decided to try and fit in Brutus’ cage. I was a little big… BOL. (above right)

Brutus veggies collage

So now that we have all got to know each other and whenever our humans are at home, Brutus is allowed out of his cage to roam the house as he pleases. He has yet to venture outside of his room, but the door is open for when he is ready.

Brutus 3

Welcome to the pack, Brutus!

Happy New Year, Furiends!


Good-bye 2014! Welcome 2015!

Ya, I know I’m a little late – but hey, it’s only by a few days. BOL. I’m going to blame the kitties wild holiday catnip party. As you can see, they are still recovering from a major hangover.


But seriously, it was pretty busy around my house this holiday season. I had two fur-guests during the holidays, my furiend Storm and then my furiend Diego, and my humans worked a lot.

We also got a Christmas tree for the first time ever and guess who played with all the ornaments? Nope, not Frenzy. Ravage. BOL! He’d swipe an ornament off the tree, bat it around the house until he lost it somewhere he couldn’t retrieve it from, and then go get another one and start the game all over again. Silly kitty.

Earlier in December, I somehow survived an encounter with a strange, jolly and red human called Santa. Then the following day I went to my doggie daycare’s annual Christmas party and had a blast with all my furiends.

And, AND.. I have a new little dog-cousin named Loki. He is a pretty cool dude.

But anyway, details and photos will come later. For now, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all!

2015 pawmazing collage

Oh ya… did I mention we have a new baby bunny brother? No? Well, stay tuned! I will be introducing him to you very soon.

Snuggles With Deunan


I love to snuggle with all my kitty siblings (even you, Frenzy), but I think my big sis Deunan might be my favourite. She’s not pushy or slobbery like Ravage is, and I don’t have to worry about getting smacked in the face for no reason like I do with Frenzy. Yep, my big sis is a purrfect snuggle buddy. Well, second to Mom, that is. BOL!


Deunan likes to sneak attack me with head bonks sometimes…


And check on me while I’m sleeping.


When Deunan is in a silly mood, she likes to roll around and purr and give me kisses.


Usually, she’ll lick my face and my paws, then curl up beside me for a short nap.



Sometimes we even share mom’s lap.


And when Frenzy is being nice, we let him snuggle with us. Too bad it’s not that often. BOL!


‘Til next time friends, I’m off to snuggle with… well, I’m sure you can imagine who. BOL!

Calendars For Cats

20141121_063929 -AR

Just over a week ago, I was sneaking around on the computer shopping for a present for my humans. I had overheard them comment several times to each other in the last few months how they would like to make a calendar of the kitties and I to have for next year, and while I was pawing through photos I got this big idea. What if I ordered a bunch of mini calendars and did a fundraiser for an animal shelter or rescue group? How pawsome would that be, right?

It was a little last minute, but I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. Why not now? So the next thing my humans knew they were receiving a big box of calendars, and they were all the same and all of me. I think Mom was a bit confused at first and thought they were all for her because she got really excited when they arrived. BOL! But don’t worry, I explained the fundraising thing to her and she’s cool with it. Besides, I don’t think there’s enough flat surfaces in the house anyways. *wink wink*

Frenzy seems a little miffed that he’s not in the calendar. Don’t worry Frenzy, you’ll get your turn. 

20141122_185245 -AR

The charity I picked for my very first fundraiser is CatNap Society, where Frenzy was adopted from. They are a small, non-profit group run by volunteers who help stray, abandoned, and feral cats and kittens here in my home town and surrounding area. If it wasn’t for them, my big brother Frenzy wouldn’t be with us today, and even though we’re not always the best of friends I can’t imagine life without him. And for them to take in, foster, and find a home for a kitten like Frenzy who was – to put nicely – a complete super jerk from all the stories I’ve heard (and sometimes still is), well, I think that’s really pawsome. Visit CatNap on Facebook, Twitter, and their webpage to learn more about them and what they do.

collage 1

20141121_185043 -AR

All profits will be donated to CatNap Society. Help me raise funds for the place that helped Frenzy find his forever home. 


How To Get A Calendar…

First of all, you will have to contact me and let me know you would like one. The best way would be to email me at or you can send me a private message on my Twitter or Facebook page. Also, if you would like me to pawtograph it please let me know right away as the paint will need extra time to dry.

CANADA: Single Calendar – $13 (shipping included anywhere in Canada)

USA: Single Calendar – $15 (shipping included anywhere in the United States)

International shipping available. Multiple calendar shipping available. Each calendar will be shipped in a bubble mailer.

***SPECIAL OFFER*** Pawtograph – $2 extra (paint will be black, just like my paw pads, and pawtograph will be located on the inside front cover unless otherwise specified)

Payment Method: PayPal, E-Transfer, or Money Order.

For your calendar to be received before the New Year, orders should be placed by December 1st. 

20141122_185538 -AR

Today I Turned Three

As you may already know, today (August 26th) is my barkday and I am three years old.

Today began like almost every other day. My humans woke up to me sprawled over half of the bed. I don’t mean to push them out, I just really like sleeping in the middle of the bed and to get comfortable I have to stretch my legs. BOL! But they didn’t complain about it today. Must have been because it’s my barkday. 

When my humans got up for the day, I stayed in bed. I prefer to sleep in as long as possible, and so until something exciting happens or my humans demand my presence, I enjoy having the bed all to myself.

But the morning routine was different today. Something was off. Not only did we get up extra early, but we left the house before breakfast and that never happens. The kitties and I always get our breakfast shortly after our humans wake up.

Not today though. We were in the car and on our way to work. Or so I thought. But when Dad was dropped off at work and Mom took the wheel, I knew something was up.

And then I figured it out. Of course, it did take me until we were driving up the street, but we were going to my new favourite beach that is an off-leash dog park: Invermere Beach!

As soon as I realized what was going on I started whining with excitement. Once I calmed down, Mom and I made our way to the beach.

DSCF1419 -R

Since it was so early we were the only ones there, but that is okay by me! The more beach, the better! BOL! I raced back and forth in the waves and chased the rocks and sticks that Mom threw for me.

DSCF1420 -R

DSCF1422 -SA R

DSCF1424 -R

DSCF1437 -R

DSCF1439 -R

DSCF1444 -R

How about you throw that rock, Mom!

DSCF1445 -RS

DSCF1451 -SR

My smile is appearing…

DSCF1467 -SR

Yep, this is my happy face! BOL!

DSCF1474 -SR

After almost an hour of fun at the beach, Mom decided I was all done and we made our way home.

I ate my breakfast, then had my after breakfast treat.


After I got every last piece of my treats out of my toy, Mom gave me my barkday presents! Two new pawsome toys! Even Frenzy had to check them out. BOL!

DSCF1483 -AR

Mom got me Fox because I like to groom Coon a lot and so Coon is starting to get a bit gross and worn from all the chewing so this way I can share the groom sessions with Fox. BOL!

And the little red ball is pretty cool. It is great for helping clean my teeth and feels nice on the gums. It also lights up and squeaks so that is pawsome!

DSCF1485 -AR

Then the baking began.

Mom wanted to make me some yummy treats and I wanted to share them with all of my friends which meant she had to make lots, so Mom decided to experiment using what we had in the kitchen.

We came up with these potato pupcakes and they are delicious! I ate way too many of them today. BOL! We mashed the potatoes with banana and peanut butter, stirred in shredded carrot, apple, zucchini, and chunks of all beef wieners, rolled them in to balls and baked them in the oven for just under half an hour. Turns out that Mom’s experiment was a hit and I LOVE them! Frenzy even had some. BOL!

DSCF1491 -AR

***drool*** Are you sure I can’t have just a few more…? Like one, or three? I know I already had LOTS but they smell so pawmazing!

DSCF1494 -AR

Once we finished baking, Mom and I put together some goodie bags to take to my doggie daycare and share with my furry friends. We also made some bags to share with the pups in my class and a big bag full for my blood brother Logan.

DSCF1500 -R

On our way to pick up Dad from work, we stopped at my doggie daycare and said hello to everyone and dropped off all the goodie bags. I hope my daycare friends like them as much as I do!

After we picked up Dad, we went to see my blood brother Logan. I brought him his barkday bag of potato cake goodies and wished him a happy barkday. There was another dog at his house that I didn’t know was there so I hope I brought him enough to go around. (If not, I have more so just let me know, okay Logan?)

DSCF1503 -R

DSCF1504 -R

Check out our smiles! BOL! We are silly dogs!

DSCF1506 -R

DSCF1512 -R

DSCF1517 -R

DSCF1519 -R

Then we continued on to class. Unfortunately, due to a HUGE error on Mom’s part we ended up going to the wrong location, and so by the time we got to the real class spot it was half over.

See the look on my face? This was the first spot we went to and I was confused as to why nobody was there. BOL! Luckily my humans figured it out fairly quickly and we raced to class.

DSCF1520 -R

I still got to participate for the last bit, at least. BOL! Geeezzz, way to go, Mom!

We did pretty good practicing our “Wait” even with distractions.

DSCF1528 -CR

At the soccer fields we watched the humans play. I was a little jealous, as I am a big soccer fan and LOVE to play so I really wanted to get on that field and show them how it was done. But instead, I listened well and behaved myself, watching and waiting politely by the fence without even a quiet woof.

DSCF1532 -R

DSCF1535 -R

At the end of class I gave my classmates their goodie bags and we took a group photo practicing our “Wait” command.

We did good, don’t you think?

DSCF1537 -R

collage OA treat photo

When I finally arrived home for the evening, I had a nap while I waited for dinner, then I had my after dinner treat and I’m sure you can guess what my treat was tonight…

Potato pupcakes! YUM!!!

DSCF1545 -AR

DSCF1548 -AR

They are so good that I’ll lick every last morsel from the floor. Mmmmm floor tasties…

DSCF1551 -CR

Afterwards, I played with my toys for a while and pranced around with the kitties and now I’m down for the count – sound asleep beside the air conditioner. BOL! It’s the coolest place in the house.

DSCF1555 -R

And that was my pawsome 3rd Barkday!

What a day! I think this was my best barkday yet!

My 7th Birthday

On July 13th, I turned 7 years old. This is very good news because for the last two months my little sister Deunan and I have been the same age and I was beginning to worry we were going to be the same age forever. Luckily, my birthday finally came and I am the big brother again. PHEW! *wipes forehead with paw*

But meowing on, my humans got me some very cool birthday presents: A new crate, a jacket, a hoodie and a hedgehog catnip toy. Of course, I was given lots of yummy treats too throughout the day. My favourite present? The crate. You may think this is strange, but I am not your normal kitty and I do strange things. MOL! I love my new crate so much that I slept in it all night and I even slept in the next day, somehow forgetting to awake my humans at the crack of dawn that they have an hour before their alarm will sound. Yep, I love my crate that much.

DSCF0469 -R

My humans also removed my ice-cream lid cone which was pawsome. I am finally free to lick myself as I please! MOL!

DSCF0477 -R

My new hedgehog is cool too. Frenzy’s a little jealous…

DSCF0484 -R

This is my new jacket…

DSCF0494 -R

DSCF0497 -R

… And my new hoodie. How do I look?

DSCF0506 -R

It was a pawsome birthday with pawsome presents and I got lots and LOTS of attention and lots of treats and two extra delicious meals.

Overall, another purrfect birthday.

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Brody

“These Paws Were Rescued” – July 2014

Brody the Border Collie

Brody and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. He is a very nice pup and extremely talented, knowing over 200 tricks! But not only is Brody a Champion Trick Dog, he is also a Service Dog and a K9 Artist, painting beautiful abstract masterpieces which he donates to various charities for auctions and raffles as his way of “Pawing It Forward.”

But before I get carried away barking, let me introduce you to my pawsome friend, Brody.


Trick dog Brody

Brody the Border Collie


Darko: Thank you so much for accepting this interview with me, Brody! It is an honour to have the chance to interview such a talented pup as yourself! I am super excited to hear all your answers to the many questions I have, so let’s get started…


You are one talented trick dog! What are your top ten favourite tricks to perform?

1.   First and foremost my favorite trick is Painting, it satisfies my need to have a job to do!

2.   Cartwheels

3.   Jumping rope with mom

4.   Basketball Dunking

5.   Scooting around mom backwards

6.   Shaking paws

7.   Waving (Hi or Bye)

8.   Whirley, Twist and Disco (Spin clockwise, counter clockwise and spin on my hind legs)

9.   Break Dancing (Spin and Rollover)

10. Loading the dishwasher


What are the top ten favourite tricks requested by fans?

1.    Painting BOL!

2.    Shake paws

3.    Hi Five

4.    Wave Hi or Bye

5.    Salute

6.    Stick ‘em Up & Play Dead

7.    Break Dance

8.    Dunking Basketballs

9.    Balance Beam

10.  Hoop jumps or jumping over moms outstretched arms

Video 22 0 00 42-24

circle jumps


What is your favourite…

… Activity?   Painting

… Toy?   Phil the Pheasant

… Treat?   Tricky Trainers Chewy Cheddar Treats

… Pastime?   Cuddling with mom and getting belly rubs

… Game?   Frisbee

… Walk Place?   The Fitness Trail at Veterans Memorial Park in my hometown


After performing a trick, what do you usually receive as a reward?

Tricky Trainer Treats chewy treats


Do you prefer a treat or toy as a reward?

I prefer the treats unless we are outside and we are working on my Frisbee Freestyle Routine… then I want my Frisbees.


What is your absolute favourite reward?

I am a foodie, so pretty much anything edible!



You are quite the Frisbee dog. Do you have a favourite Frisbee disc?

I like the Eurablend, I have a hard mouth and they last just as long as the Jawz from Hyperflite they cost less so I can have more of them.


How did you learn to play Frisbee?

I have mad jumping skills and like to bounce so mom had to find a find an outlet for this skill and started out by learning to catch and release the Frisbee.

DiscDog Brody


You like to use the treadmill as one of your many exercises. Did you find it scary or difficult at first? How long did it take you to learn?

No I wasn’t scared of it cuz mom used it too. I took to the treadmill right away.



What is your favourite exercise routine?

I hit the Treadmill in the morning for 45 minutes, 30 minutes at lunch time and then 15 minute Frisbee session before my 3 mile evening walk with mom then later in the evening I work on a new trick and then 5-10 minutes of painting before bed.


Where were you adopted from?

Skyway Border Collie Rescue


How old were you when adopted?

18 months


When is your “Got ‘Ya” Date? (adoption date)

October 2nd, 2009


Why were you at the shelter? What was it like?

First I was at animal control, I was found as a stray in an unfinished subdivision that went bankrupt during the housing crisis.  I was terrified in the shelter and I was heartworm positive. Amber from Skyway BC Rescue got me out of there and I was treated for Heartworm, I had to be crated with very little activity while I underwent treatment.

Manatee Animal Control


How did you find your forever family? 

Mom wanted a BC or Aussie or combo of both and she was looking on and I was listed for adoption.



What was it like meeting you forever family for the first time?

It was wonderful meeting mom cuz I instantly rolled over and she knew I wanted belly rubs.


What was it like when you first arrived at your new forever home? How long did you need to adjust?

It was scary, I was afraid of the wood floors and the cats. It took me about 3 weeks to adjust to the new environment and mom’s routine.


You were quite timid when first adopted. Are you still shy now?

I can be.  Men of a certain stature make me uneasy.


Did you have any big fears? If so, did you over come them?

Oh I was afraid of everything, I would get scared over the ice maker inside of the freezer cuz it made noise. Mom taught me if something scares me to nose target it and she would reward me for touching it then it wasn’t so scary anymore.


Your new forever human taught you tricks to help build your confidence. What were the first tricks you learned and how did they help you?

My first trick targeting with my nose onto a post it and mom would stick it to various things for me to target, when I got the hang of it mom eliminated the post it, when she would see I was unsure of something she would stand by my side and have me nose target that item or person and she would make a big deal over me touching the thing I was scared of with praise and treats and then the scary thing wasn’t so scary anymore. The other first tricks I learned were shake paw with mom and pick which hand the treat was in, these were helpful to me and mom as we began to form our bond.


What would you say is the biggest difference in yourself from when you were first adopted compared to now?

I am no longer a cowering dog with no confidence, now I am quite confident and in fact mom says I turned out to be quite a ham.  Oh yeah and my coat is super soft, I no longer suffer with food allergies and my teeth are always clean.



Your forever human is a Certified Obedience Instructor, Certified Trick Dog Instructor and Certified Dognition Evaluator and you are her assistant. What kind of things do you get to help her with?

I demonstrate how to do a trick mom is trying to convey to her students.


What is your favourite thing to help with? 

Breaking down the trick to its simplest form cuz I get treats for each little increment during her class when any other time, I don’t get the treat until the entire trick is performed.


What was the hardest trick for you to learn?

I would have to say it’s the one I am currently learning,  Walking on top of a barrel cuz I have to hold my balance on top and walk backwards to propel the barrel forward, as of now I am only able to go about 2 feet.


Is there a trick that you find more difficult to perform?

Yes, performing a handstand without support of a wall.


You have achieved many things since you’ve been with your forever human, receiving countless awards and titled a Champion Trick Dog. What would you say is your greatest  achievement so far?

My greatest achievement has been the opportunity to paw it forward by painting and raising money for homeless animals.


You’ve been featured in American Dog Magazine, in a commercial for the Neater Feeder and on several television shows/news channels. What would you say is your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience was the Neater Feeder commercial, it was the first time I was exposed to such huge cameras, lighting equipment and an actress.


Luckily, I remembered my nose targeting skills and I conquered my fears by targeting the equipment and even the actress.  Mom and the other trainer on the set were giggling when I was acting like the guilty dog cuz right before the said action I walked up to the actress and nose targeted her before going to my mark none of the crew filming the commercial were the wiser… Hee hee!

Video 21 0 00 23-11


You have three kitty siblings, just like me. Tell us a bit about Angel, Toby and Fenway. Were they a part of your pack before or after you came along?

Angel is a 16 year old Persian, she has issues associated with her old age, Toby is 12 years old and is incredibly spoiled and Fenway the Photo Bomber is 11 and she likes to watch out for me since I became part of their pack.


Brody and Fenny



IMG_1382 R


***Angel passed away just over a week ago at the end of June. She was a 16 year old purebred Persian who could play dead on command. May you Rest In Peace, pretty kitty. ***

Video 50 0 01 12-27


Are any of your kitty siblings adopted?

Yes, Toby and Fenway are.


What was it like meeting them for the first time?

I wouldn’t even look at them, I was afraid of them.


Did you all get along right away, or did you need some time to get to know each other?

We avoided each other. I got along with Fenway within weeks, it took about 6 weeks for Toby to come around and Angel will turn on anyone of us at any time so we all keep our distance.


You are turning in to quite the canine artist! How and when did you discover your inner talent?

When I was training for my Trick Dog Champion Application, I needed to have a couple of chained tricks to video and submit to Kyra Sundance to view and grade, mom had already taught me to dust and painting was on the application so we swapped out my duster for a paint brush, and the nightstand for an easel and added some paint.



What was it like learning how to paint?

It was a little intense cuz mom was trying to video for my title and I was feeling the pressure, but once pressure was off I really took to it.


What is the biggest painting you have completed so far?

I just started working on a canvas that is about 2’x3’ it will be my biggest masterpiece yet.


You sell paintings to raise money for charities. What inspired you to start doing that?

I want to paw it forward to help animals who find themselves in the situation I was once in.  How many paintings have you sold for charity? I have honestly lost count, I not only sell them but I donate them to Shelters and Rescue to auction or raffle off, I also paint live at their fundraisers and that painting is usually auctioned off.



I personally LOVE positive reinforcement training and enjoy every session with my humans learning new things, but am not near as talented as you (not even close! BOL! ..I’m working on it, though!). Do you have any tips/advice for others wanting to learn more about positive reinforcement training and how to go about getting started?

1.  Have training sessions often but keep them short and fun, leave us trick dogs wanting to comeback for more.

2.  Always end your training session on a positive note… remember humans don’t get greedy and push it you could end up poisoning the trick.

3.  Use a clicker to mark the proper behavior, there are no emotions tied to a clicker sound like there is to a humans tone of voice

4.  Jack pot often for a job well done!


Is there any reading materials you would recommend?

For tricks I recommend 101 Dog Tricks, 10 Minute Dog Training Games and Do More With Your Dog all from Kyra Sundance.

For canine freestyle I recommend Dancing With Dogs by Mary Ann Nester and Dancing with Dogs by Mary Ray.

For disc dog training, I recommend Disc Dogs! - The Complete Guide by World Champions Peter Bloeme & Jeff Perry.



You can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and your very own Website. Are there any other social media tools you use that we can share with our readers to help them keep up with your adventures?

I would have to say to get the most up to date info on my adventures you can find it first on Facebook, my website and youtube for my latest videos, currently I only update the other sites weekly and sometime bi-weekly cuz of my busy schedule.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Please let your readers know I am always looking for ways I can paw it forward, if they are a shelter or rescue they can contact me and I will be happy to donate a framed painting with a Certificate of Pawthenticity with my pawtograph on it and DVD to watch me paint the painting so that they can auction or raffle at their fundraiser and if they are just someone who wants a painting they can pre-order them online at Just type in Brody in the search field, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to charity.  Also, you and your readers can always email me with training questions at


These Paws Were Rescued

Painted Paws


A few more photos of Brody…

Brody Mows


tropical brody


What a wonderful story! Thank You so much Brody and Mom for sharing it with us! You are one amazing pup, Brody. Keep it up! Our deepest condolences on the loss of Angel. May she rest easy across the Rainbow Bridge.

You can track Brody’s adventures with the help of several social media devices. Sniff him out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and his own Website! You can also email him at


This has been our July edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining me so stay tuned!

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at and your story could be featured in an upcoming “These Paws Were Rescued” issue.

Pawsomely Purrfect Painted Portrait

You may need to sit down to hear what I am about to say…

Mom forgot about my painting.

I know. I was at a loss of meows too when she confessed to me earlier today. I understand that she has been busy working all the time again, but seriously? How could she forget about my special present that came all the way from Spain! So I said “Fine, Mom! I’ll do it myself!” and here I am. MOL!

It was a little more difficult than I had anticipated taking the selfies, but after some help from Darko and his big paws I figured out how the timer works and managed to get a few decent shots of me with my painted portrait.

DSCF9618 -R A

You may already know, but earlier this year Darko was painted by a very talented artist, Nelly. Naturally, I was a bit jealous. I am the oldest, after all, so shouldn’t I be the one my humans get an original painted portrait of? Well, it turns out they did. MOL!

I am one proud kitty!

DSCF9644 -RA

And guess what? My humans got Darko and I matching frames for our portraits! Don’t worry, once they are on the wall we will take some more photos.

DSCF9632 -RA

“Ravage” – Watercolour Original by Nelly of Art In My Attic

DSCF9651 -RA

This is the photo Mom submitted. I’m about two years old here.

Ravage (upsidedown superman)

It is a pawsomely purrfect painted portrait! Don’t you think so?

Thank You, Nelly! My family and I love it!

Ravage painting and original collage

See Darko’s post A Painting To Call My Very Own for his painted portrait by artist Nelly of Art In My Attic

DSCF9680 -RA

Time Flies

First, let me start off by saying I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. It has been very busy around my house and I have had a hard time getting Mom to sit still long enough to help me out with all the hard stuff that requires articulate fingers instead of big paws. She’s even been slacking at taking photos of us fur-kids, which rarely ever happens. I will have to work on my sad puppy eyes super power so it’s impossible for her to “ignore” me. You’re probably thinking, “how could anyone ignore such a sweet face?” Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m still searching for the answer myself.

But anyway, back to the matters at paw. My kitties and I have been doing well and keeping with our regular routine. When home together, we play and race around the house at maximum warp speeds, nap and snuggle, go on adventures and play some more. We’re always having fun. Or we’re sleeping. We cats and cat-dogs love our catnaps. BOL!

Ravage and I on our morning watch at the front window.

20140515_180626 R

Of course, I always make time to snuggle with Frog…

20140513_071359 R

… And bath Coon.

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My new job as Big Dog Ambassador is going well and I find it quite fun. I have many little dog friends, new and old, including Lacey, Charlie, Kristie, Flynn, Summer, Bunker, Lily and my new BFF (Best Fur Friend) Nicki. As some of you may already know, Nicki is my shadow and follows me wherever I go when she attends daycare. I can’t even have a nap without her insisting on joining me. She likes me a lot and I usually don’t mind all the attention. It is tiring, however, and so I make sure to have lots of naps throughout the day.

collage SD BDA

Lately, the weather has been attempting to please me with sunshine, and whenever I can, I take advantage and drag my humans to the beach for a swim. Last week I wore the fancy new camera Mom got for her birthday last month and captured some fun footage of me playing at the beach that we are going to put together in a video.

DSCF8849 R

I have also been having fun in the class I am taking with Best Paw Forward Dog Training called Beyond The Leash Level Two. My friend Madison is in the class too. How pawsome is that!

Darko on peanut BTL Lvl2 2014

But all this fun stuff makes a dog tired…

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… And I eventually pass right out.

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What To Wear To The League Of Super Pets

Have YOU submitted your photo yet? If not, you should! This contest is just for fun but with a bonus of some super pawsome prizes for the best photo(s), PLUS you get to be in a super pawsome League Of Super Pets with me and my fur-siblings! So send in your favourite photo(s) to or to

For contest details click HERE or see my page League Of Super Pets.


Unsure of what to wear to the League of Super PetsHere’s some examples of my kitties and I for you. 

You can wear a full costume…

Me as Darth Darko 

DSCF0817 RCW sm

Or just sit beside a super villain (or hero) you know…

Ravage with his Decepticon “Lord and Master” Megatron


The photos don’t have to be perfect. Maybe they have attitude…  (in this case, tortitude)

“You want some of this?” 


Or just be plain silly… (to dogs like me, frightening)

Frenzy scheming with Joker


Of course, bandannas, leashes, collars and other accessories are just as pawsome…

I am an Avenger Dog


And group shots are THE BEST! So even if you and your fur-friends are just hanging out on a cool blanket with a cool super hero, send the photo in. You will put smiles on the humans faces and be featured on this blog with myself and my kitties in the League of Super Pets. Maybe you’ll even win a prize…

Hanging out with Spider-Man



Send all photo submissions to

Darko LoSP 1 R PC_sm