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Meet My Pack

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A little bit about me and my three kitties



Ravage is the oldest of us fur-kids and is a long haired black kitty. Mom and Dad found him at the local SPCA while looking for a small dog to adopt. They got a dog all right, but in a feline body! Ravage grew up at my Mom’s work (a dog daycare and spa) and thinks he’s a dog! BOL!! He’s a really cool dude and we play all the time! Ravage’s birthday is July 13th, 2007.



Deunan was the second of us fur-kids and is a short haired “camo kitty” as we like to call her. She was a pet store kitty. Yes, that is correct. Mom saw her while in the mall one day and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her cutie little two-face to an unpredictable fate so she took her home and am I ever glad she did. She is a sweetie and we are besties! Deunan’s birthday is May 3rd, 2008.



Frenzy is the youngest kitty and was the baby until I came along. That’s probably why he didn’t like me for the longest time. He’s a Mommy’s Boy and so am I so it took us a while to work out our differences. Frenzy is a short haired black kitty and was adopted from CatNap, a local kitty rescue organization. Mom fell in love with him at first sight and managed to convince Dad to let her take him home. I’m glad she did, even though we don’t always agree sometimes. He’s still my kitty brother and I love him! Frenzy is an April Fools baby and was born in 2009.

~Me: Darko~


I’m not a rescue pup or anything like that. I was an accident, along with my eight litter mates. When our dog mom Marley went to get spayed the vet told her humans she was pregnant. They were quite surprised but couldn’t get rid of the puppies (thank dog!) so not too long after along came a litter of nine. Three of us were born with nubs for tails (in case any of you were worried that someone hurt us.. it’s natural and my Mom loves my nub!) and one of us was born with an extra long tail (so that must be where the missing tail pieces went.. BOL!). Marley’s humans are family friends of my humans and that’s how I found my forever home. My barkday is August 26th, 2011.

So there you have it. A little bit of our fur-family history. We all love each other very much and have fun every day together!   ~ Darko

You can CONTACT ME at darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com. I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Meet My Pack”

  1. Geez Darko wondered where you and your pack went as I hadn’t seen any posts in a couple of days. I will have to check here to see what you are up to.

    1. Hi Linda! So glad you found us! Ya, Mom was kicked off Facebutt for sharing too many photos of cats and dogs looking for new homes on the community page we had/have and so that means I’m locked out too. We are all crossing our paws that the problem is fixed soon but we will be here to stay regardless. We would love it if you checked in on us! *wiggles*

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