Introducing My Baby Brother Brutus

Brutus arrived 11 days before Christmas, on December 14th, 2014, in the early afternoon. It was a HUGE surprise to me and I kinda freaked out with excitement. BOL. I have seen lots of bunnies before, but only wild ones around our neighbourhood. They always run away from me as I walk by, so to have one come in to my house was something I had never even dreamed of before!

Brutus collage 1

For the first few days Brutus stayed in his cage while we all got to know each other. The kitties were allowed to meet him almost right away and my humans made the room a cat and bunny only room so they could all hang out together, but I had to wait until I was ready.

Brutus and kitties collage

During the first week I was extremely excited around my new baby brother and would whine and wiggle and roll over in front of his cage every time I was allowed in his room. I also tried to share things with him and would bring him my toys, including my giant stuffie Frog.

Brutus Darko 1

My humans spent the first week teaching me appropriate manners around bunnies, such as no attempting to shove Frog in to his cage.

By week two, I had stopped my excited whines whenever I could hear Brutus hopping around having fun, and learned to lie by his cage quietly. Brutus would always hop over and sniff me through the fence. He is a very social and relaxed little guy.

Brutus collage 3

By week three, I was ready to meet Brutus face to face…

Brutus 2

…And I was so proud of myself afterwards that I pranced around the house continuously asking my humans for snuggles, since I did earn them after all. BOL.

Brutus and I hang out all the time now, and it’s pawsome! *nubby wags* (But only when our humans are home with us, of course!)

Brutus Darko collage

The kitties and Brutus eat their meals together and when I am finished mine I go hang out with them in their room and wait for them to finish. One of the first times I joined them, I decided to try and fit in Brutus’ cage. I was a little big… BOL. (above right)

Brutus veggies collage

So now that we have all got to know each other and whenever our humans are at home, Brutus is allowed out of his cage to roam the house as he pleases. He has yet to venture outside of his room, but the door is open for when he is ready.

Brutus 3

Welcome to the pack, Brutus!

Happy New Year, Furiends!


Good-bye 2014! Welcome 2015!

Ya, I know I’m a little late – but hey, it’s only by a few days. BOL. I’m going to blame the kitties wild holiday catnip party. As you can see, they are still recovering from a major hangover.


But seriously, it was pretty busy around my house this holiday season. I had two fur-guests during the holidays, my furiend Storm and then my furiend Diego, and my humans worked a lot.

We also got a Christmas tree for the first time ever and guess who played with all the ornaments? Nope, not Frenzy. Ravage. BOL! He’d swipe an ornament off the tree, bat it around the house until he lost it somewhere he couldn’t retrieve it from, and then go get another one and start the game all over again. Silly kitty.

Earlier in December, I somehow survived an encounter with a strange, jolly and red human called Santa. Then the following day I went to my doggie daycare’s annual Christmas party and had a blast with all my furiends.

And, AND.. I have a new little dog-cousin named Loki. He is a pretty cool dude.

But anyway, details and photos will come later. For now, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all!

2015 pawmazing collage

Oh ya… did I mention we have a new baby bunny brother? No? Well, stay tuned! I will be introducing him to you very soon.

Snuggles With Deunan


I love to snuggle with all my kitty siblings (even you, Frenzy), but I think my big sis Deunan might be my favourite. She’s not pushy or slobbery like Ravage is, and I don’t have to worry about getting smacked in the face for no reason like I do with Frenzy. Yep, my big sis is a purrfect snuggle buddy. Well, second to Mom, that is. BOL!


Deunan likes to sneak attack me with head bonks sometimes…


And check on me while I’m sleeping.


When Deunan is in a silly mood, she likes to roll around and purr and give me kisses.


Usually, she’ll lick my face and my paws, then curl up beside me for a short nap.



Sometimes we even share mom’s lap.


And when Frenzy is being nice, we let him snuggle with us. Too bad it’s not that often. BOL!


‘Til next time friends, I’m off to snuggle with… well, I’m sure you can imagine who. BOL!