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A Pawtastic Walk For A Cause

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On September 7th, my friend Tierce and I went for a walk together. But this wasn’t just any walk, it was Paws For A Cause, a charity fundraiser for the BC SPCA.

I’ve attended this walk every year since I was a pup and Tierce has come with me every time. Cool, huh? Don’t tell him I said that though. He may think I’m getting clingy or something. He is a Shiba, after all, and they’re touchy like that. BOL.

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Lots of nice pups from all over town were at the walk too. Some even dressed up for the occasion.

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Most of the walk was along the waterside. What a tease. Especially since it was such a nice day out.

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In fact, it was so hot out that we ended up cutting the walk a bit short. A few of the dogs in our pack were exhausted, and since I have dark fur I was pretty warm too and didn’t complain one bit. Besides, all I wanted to do was go swimming, anyway. *sigh*

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Once we returned from the walk, we all drank a lot of water. If I remember correctly, our pack cleaned out three of the water bowls that were waiting at the finish, and I drank a bottle of water. (Yes, I like to drink bottled water. I also like to drink from squirt bottles.)

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When the event was over, my humans and I had to make our way back to the car. We stopped a few times along the way to enjoy some shade here and there. It was HOT out!

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And if we thought it was hot outside, it was an oven inside the car. The humans cranked the cold air and then we waited in the shade until it was a much more acceptable temperature.

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But even though it was super hot out, it was still a pawtastic walk and our team raised just over $300 for the BC SPCA. *high paw*

Until next year….

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