Beach Before Breakfast


So, remember that fancy off-leash dog park beach I was telling you about recently? Well, about a week after my first visit there, my friend Finn was over for a sleepover and I was barking away telling him all about it and how much fun I had there.

Finn, like most Labradors, is a crazy water dog – just like me – so naturally, he was a little jealous and requested I take him there so he could see it for himself, first paw.

It just so happened that my humans were wanting to take me there anyway, but this time at low tide. When I was there the first time, the tide was coming in fast and I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the big sandy beach that I had heard so many barks about.

My humans investigated and found out that super low tide was at an un-dogly hour of 5:57 am on this particular Sunday morning, but we decided to go anyway. Besides, a sunrise at the beach is always nice to see, right? So off we went.

We were all a little sleepy to start, but when we got there everyone woke up real fast because there was a deer in the parking lot and Finn freaked out barking. We were wide-awake in no time! BOL!

When we got down to the beach we were the only dogs there. And WOW between all the sand and the sun waking up, it was PAWSOME!!! Low tide is definitely the best time to come here, and for my humans a sunrise like this is makes it worth getting up at the crack of dawn.


Finn and I tore around on the beach and splashed through the puddles and the waves, racing back and forth at our top warp speeds seeing who was fastest.


DSCF1084 -AR

The sand felt amazing to run on! So soft on the paws.

DSCF1087 -AR

Finn is stalking me. Can you see where I am?

DSCF1090 -AR

I waded through the puddles, checking for treasures such as rocks and sticks. You never know what you may find.

DSCF1093 -AR

Look at all this sand! I think I’ll stand here for a while and enjoy the feeling of it squishing between my toes.


So soft… Why can’t all beaches be like this?


The sun is beginning to stir… What a gorgeous sky!


While my humans were busy admiring the sights and taking photos, Finn and I were off exploring along the shore.


It was really shallow for a long ways out which was fine with us. Easier to scavenge that way. BOL!



We found all sorts of goodies including sticks and seaweed, but nothing really amazing to eat or roll on. Better luck next time.

DSCF1110 -AR



After awhile, I decided it was time for my humans to throw rocks for me and stared them down until they caved and threw a few.



Once I finished chasing an entire herd of rocks down, Finn and I continued on our scavenger hunt along the shore.


DSCF1120 -AR

DSCF1126 -AR

Then we had a good chase and wrestle. We can be crazy pups sometimes! BOL!

DSCF1127 -AR

Finally! The sun is awake! It made the sky so pretty.

DSCF1132 - SAR

The sun also made me glow gold. How do I look?

DSCF1146 -AR

DSCF1167 -R

Maybe I should chase a few more rocks…

DSCF1168 -R

DSCF1174 -SR

DSCF1181 -AR

DSCF1182 -SR

Come on! Throw it, already!

DSCF1185 -SR

My happy face is showing…

DSCF1187 -SR

DSCF1189 -SR

DSCF1190 -SR

Ummm, where are you going, Finn?


Can you tell who’s paw print is who’s?

collage paw prints

We found a few starfish that had been left behind by the tide. My humans put the ones that weren’t attached to anything back in the water. Hopefully the others survived.

collage starfish

Can you spot the starfish?

DSCF1194 -AR

This big crab was hiding by a bunch of rocks attempting to camouflage itself. Look at those pinchers! I bet those wouldn’t feel very nice on the nose. I made sure to keep mine far, far away. BOL!

collage crab

So… you gonna come and throw some more rocks for me?

DSCF1205 -SR

Check out this smelly stick I found! I made sure to give my neck a good scrub with it. It was stinkalicious!

DSCF1208 -SR

Can you spot me and Finn? We are looking for more stinky stuff. Lucky for my humans, we didn’t find anything. This time…

DSCF1210 -SR

Below is Mom’s favourite photo from this trip. What do you think? Could I be a model dog? I am practicing my agility and listening skills.

DSCF1214 -AR

Can you see me?


… How about now?


After over an hour of racing around on the beach, Finn and I were ready to go home.

DSCF1233 -SR

On our way back we sniffed out all the message rocks…

DSCF1239 -SR

… And I found a few that interested me enough to reply to.

DSCF1241 -SR

DSCF1242 -SR

Then we had one last good race…


… And one last splash.

DSCF1254 -SR

Just before we left, I gave one last look at my new favourite beach.

DSCF1256 -SR

I will be back…

DSCF1266 -AR

After saying our good-byes, we headed up the trail to the car. Finn and I were on high alert, but there was no deer this time.

DSCF1272 -AR

Once we arrived back home it was straight to the back yard for a rinse off, then Mom brought us breakfast outside since Finn and I weren’t allowed in until we were dry. It was nice and sunny outside, though, so after we ate our breakfast we passed out on the deck and had a nap until we were dry enough to be let inside. When the humans finally did let us in, we went straight to bed.

It was only 8:42 am and Finn and I were spent for the day. BOL!

Now THIS is how I like to enjoy my weekends. Start with a bang and end with a crash.

And going to the beach before breakfast is the best.


2 thoughts on “Beach Before Breakfast”

  1. What an absolutely wonderful morning you & Finn had! Such beautiful photos your mom took! Made me want to go to this beach, bolbol! Enjoy your week Darko! ♡

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