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This Is My Happy Place

Do you love to play in water? Are you looking for the perfect place to take your human and have some splashtastic fun off the leash? Well, if you live on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada) and are in Nanaimo and area then I have just the place for you!

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Invermere Beach is pawmazing!

Why, you ask? Well, for starters it’s an off-leash dog park that is on the beach. See? I’ve barely said anything and you’re already intrigued. BOL! Let me list off just a few reasons why you should go check this place out…

1. Like I already mentioned, it’s an off-leash dog park on the beach so you can’t get in trouble for splashing around in the water naked with your human down at the other end of the beach (not that I recommend leaving your human as they should always have supervision, especially in places like this). It would be quite easy to lose your human, however, because this beach is HUGE so make sure to pay attention and keep an eye on them at all times.

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2. There is a TON of sand which is perfect for racing on with your friends or for playing ball. It is nice and soft on the paws and really fun to dig holes in and roll on. (If you like to bring toys to the dog park, please remember to be careful when playing around other dogs you don’t know. Not everybody knows how to share and some dogs can get possessive of toys, even if it is not their own.)

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3. Even when the tide is in it is still nice and shallow for a long ways out, so if you’re a beginner swimmer it’s a safe place to practice your doggie paddle. This, of course, doesn’t effect me at all since I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to swimming. BOL!

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4. It’s a dog park so there are LOTS of messages to sniff and reply to from all the other pups that frequent the place. (Please note that if you are a peemail addict, you might be here awhile.)

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5. Since it is a dog park, there are almost always a lot of other pups with their humans there having a great time enjoying the water and so finding a friend can be quite easy. Lots of the pups that visit this place are very friendly and love to play.

I go to doggie daycare to socialize and visit the beach for swimming and splashing, so Mom did not get any photos of me with other dogs because I didn’t go say hi to any, but a lot of pups were at the park having a blast too. There was even a dog paddling around on a board with it’s human. Can you see the small white speck at the top right corner of the above photo? That’s them. It looked like a lot of fun. Maybe I should try that one day… 

6. If you need a place to practice your off-leash skills then this is the place for you. There are a ton of distractions, which is good for practicing your listening skills, and afterwards there’s a big beach to tear up as a reward for your performance. For me, this is the perfect place to practice my skills as I can be a bit crazy and out-of-control around water, and to me playing in water is the best reward ever!

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7. Since it is a beach, sometimes there is something pawmazing to roll on that washed up on the shore. This will make your human’s day. ***wink wink*** If not, there’s always smelly sticks and seaweed stuff and seashells too.

I was too excited about the new beach to care about rolling on anything this time. Maybe next visit I’ll find something… 

8. If your human likes to take photos like mine does, then they will absolutely LOVE this place. No-matter what time of day, it is beautiful and picturesque. Sometimes there is wildlife too, like birds, seals, crabs and starfish, so it’s a great place to take the camera. You never know what you may see or find. Next time we go, Mom is going to take some panorama shots of me on the beach and is quite excited about it. Humans are silly. BOL!

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collage 1 seagulls jelly stuff

9. If you are a rock hunter like I am, then you will be in doggie heaven here. There are rocks everywhere and many of them are covered in barnacles (my favourite) so just get your human to throw them in to the waves and then let the search begin! But make sure to watch out for them when running on the sand. They can hurt your paws.

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10. This is the best off-leash beach dog park EVER and if the last nine reasons didn’t get your tail wagging, then this is not the beach for you. But if they did, go check it out because it is seriously PAWSOME!!! I’d be there every single day if my humans would let me. Unfortunately, it is on the opposite end of town so it’s more of a weekend thing for me.

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So there you go. My top ten reasons for visiting Invermere Beach.

Yep, this is my happy place. See my smile?

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