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My 7th Birthday

On July 13th, I turned 7 years old. This is very good news because for the last two months my little sister Deunan and I have been the same age and I was beginning to worry we were going to be the same age forever. Luckily, my birthday finally came and I am the big brother again. PHEW! *wipes forehead with paw*

But meowing on, my humans got me some very cool birthday presents: A new crate, a jacket, a hoodie and a hedgehog catnip toy. Of course, I was given lots of yummy treats too throughout the day. My favourite present? The crate. You may think this is strange, but I am not your normal kitty and I do strange things. MOL! I love my new crate so much that I slept in it all night and I even slept in the next day, somehow forgetting to awake my humans at the crack of dawn that they have an hour before their alarm will sound. Yep, I love my crate that much.

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My humans also removed my ice-cream lid cone which was pawsome. I am finally free to lick myself as I please! MOL!

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My new hedgehog is cool too. Frenzy’s a little jealous…

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This is my new jacket…

DSCF0494 -R

DSCF0497 -R

… And my new hoodie. How do I look?

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It was a pawsome birthday with pawsome presents and I got lots and LOTS of attention and lots of treats and two extra delicious meals.

Overall, another purrfect birthday.

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