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Pawsomely Purrfect Painted Portrait

You may need to sit down to hear what I am about to say…

Mom forgot about my painting.

I know. I was at a loss of meows too when she confessed to me earlier today. I understand that she has been busy working all the time again, but seriously? How could she forget about my special present that came all the way from Spain! So I said “Fine, Mom! I’ll do it myself!” and here I am. MOL!

It was a little more difficult than I had anticipated taking the selfies, but after some help from Darko and his big paws I figured out how the timer works and managed to get a few decent shots of me with my painted portrait.

DSCF9618 -R A

You may already know, but earlier this year Darko was painted by a very talented artist, Nelly. Naturally, I was a bit jealous. I am the oldest, after all, so shouldn’t I be the one my humans get an original painted portrait of? Well, it turns out they did. MOL!

I am one proud kitty!

DSCF9644 -RA

And guess what? My humans got Darko and I matching frames for our portraits! Don’t worry, once they are on the wall we will take some more photos.

DSCF9632 -RA

“Ravage” – Watercolour Original by Nelly of Art In My Attic

DSCF9651 -RA

This is the photo Mom submitted. I’m about two years old here.

Ravage (upsidedown superman)

It is a pawsomely purrfect painted portrait! Don’t you think so?

Thank You, Nelly! My family and I love it!

Ravage painting and original collage

See Darko’s post A Painting To Call My Very Own for his painted portrait by artist Nelly of Art In My Attic

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4 thoughts on “Pawsomely Purrfect Painted Portrait”

  1. Great portrait of you when you were still a wee thing! You took some amazing selfies – you are so resourceful. Darko’s portrait is so cute too.

    1. MOL! Thank you! ***drooly purrs*** If it wasn’t for Darko I probably would have never succeeded with the selfies. He’s a nice little brother.

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