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Beyond The Leash Level Two

If you follow my Facebook page you probably already know that for the last two and a half months I have been taking a class with Best Paw Forward called Beyond The Leash Level Two on Monday nights. I took Level One with my humans early spring of last year and had a great time but for some reason it took my humans an entire year to enroll me in Level Two. You can read all about Level One in my post From Clicks To Tricks. I don’t understand what took them so long but I’m glad they finally did because guess who ended up being in the same class as me? My friend Madison from my doggie daycare! How pawsome is that! I am one lucky pup.

At first, I was a bit nervous and barked at the strange people but it didn’t take me too long to remember what class was all about: Having fun and eating treats. Lots and lots of treats. However, I am not the biggest food hound out there. I have been known to be quite picky with what I eat and almost always take my time to eat it, making sure to chew each morsel of food. It’s the cat in me. So with that said, my humans have a bit of a challenge at class and require some pretty good treats to get the attention of a not so food motivated dog like me. If only tennis balls weren’t so dangerous indoors… They’d have my full attention! BOL!

It was a different trainer than Level One. Her name is Cheri and she was really nice to me even though I barked at her a few times. I just can’t seem to hold my bark sometimes but it is something my humans are helping me with.

At class I got to do all sorts of fun things like practice my balance on the peanut balls. I was able to get on and stand up on all four sizes and it was a lot of fun! I was pretty sore the following day after that class though. BOL!

I practiced a lot of things I already knew like Touch, Spin, Left Paw, Right Paw, Here, Down, Stay, Wait, Back and Roll Over and would be asked to do them in different combinations or in-between other activities. I also learned a few new things like Fall In, Follow and Slow and am working on Weave, Rewind, Bring and a few more.

For our last class all us pups had to learn a new trick so my humans and I picked “Wave” because when I took Level One last year I was going to learn that but it turned in to “Paw” so what better time to learn it then Level Two, right?

It was a super pawsome class and I hope that my humans enroll me in another fun class soon. And a LOT sooner than last time. BOL!

Here’s some photos from graduation class yesterday. I waited somewhat patiently in the car for it to be my turn.

20140616_190831 R

Only a few photos of graduation class because my humans are (obviously) supposed to be giving me all their attention, but I’m sure you understand.

BTL lvl2 June 16 2014 collage

We did our best to get a group graduation photo…

BTL lvl 2 grad collage

After the group photo was taken we all got our certificates…

20140616_201730 A blur R

And some of us took selfies to show our friends. ***wink wink***

20140616_201837 R


A big bark Thank You to Cheri and Best Paw Forward for another pawsome class! 


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To learn more about Best Paw Forward visit their Website and Facebook pages by clicking on the links.

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