The Cutest Paddling Parade

If you have been following my adventures, you know that my favourite place to walk is the little park down by the docks at the water front. I take my humans there all the time.

It is my favourite place for a few reasons, the first being the obvious one: Water. I love going any where there is water and if I can swim in it, even better! The second reason is because there is a LOT of nice green grass. I race around wildly doing the “crazy zoomies” and then roll down the hill on my chest a few times. It’s fun! BOL! The third reason is because it is a popular place that many other pups take their humans, so there are always a lot of messages for me to sniff and reply to. And the fourth reason is that almost every single time we walk to the park and back I get to see lots and LOTS of furry and feathery friends. I’ve seen bunnies, squirrels, raccoon, deer, seals, otters, heron, ducks and geese.

The geese, however, I am a bit unsure of. For starters, they poop all over the walkway making it almost impossible to navigate through without stepping on a landmine. The other thing that worries me is that my humans always tell me to give them their space. If my humans won’t go near them, what does that mean? And of course what bugs me the most is that they swim in MY water. A few days ago I was down by the water dipping my toes in and the geese were keeping a very close eye on me and honking loudly as they paddled back and forth. I stayed by the shore. No swimming for me that walk.

My humans told me that the geese are just extra protective right now because of all their babies. I guess that is understandable so I’ll share my waters… For now…


Watching the long parade as they paddle by honking.


We counted eight geese and twenty-three goslings. I don’t think you can see them all in the photos but there was a lot of them.


Whenever I’d get too close to the water the adult geese would swim between me and the babies. They didn’t like me at all so I decided to stay up on the walkway.


Do I look a little jealous? Well, I am. I don’t see why they need to hog the entire place. There’s enough water to go around, isn’t there?


Oh well. Hopefully they will let me have my water back soon.

I do have to admit though, they are pretty cute…


2 thoughts on “The Cutest Paddling Parade”

  1. Oh my what beautiful baby geese! I know they’ll grow up fast then you’ll be able to swim again. I’m glad all they’ve done is honk at you! They can be pretty mean. What a beautiful park to enjoy!

    1. They are pretty cute, aren’t they? I don’t usually mind sharing but hopefully I can have my water back soon. I’d really like a swim. ***wiggles***

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