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Time Flies

First, let me start off by saying I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. It has been very busy around my house and I have had a hard time getting Mom to sit still long enough to help me out with all the hard stuff that requires articulate fingers instead of big paws. She’s even been slacking at taking photos of us fur-kids, which rarely ever happens. I will have to work on my sad puppy eyes super power so it’s impossible for her to “ignore” me. You’re probably thinking, “how could anyone ignore such a sweet face?” Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m still searching for the answer myself.

But anyway, back to the matters at paw. My kitties and I have been doing well and keeping with our regular routine. When home together, we play and race around the house at maximum warp speeds, nap and snuggle, go on adventures and play some more. We’re always having fun. Or we’re sleeping. We cats and cat-dogs love our catnaps. BOL!

Ravage and I on our morning watch at the front window.

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Of course, I always make time to snuggle with Frog…

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… And bath Coon.

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My new job as Big Dog Ambassador is going well and I find it quite fun. I have many little dog friends, new and old, including Lacey, Charlie, Kristie, Flynn, Summer, Bunker, Lily and my new BFF (Best Fur Friend) Nicki. As some of you may already know, Nicki is my shadow and follows me wherever I go when she attends daycare. I can’t even have a nap without her insisting on joining me. She likes me a lot and I usually don’t mind all the attention. It is tiring, however, and so I make sure to have lots of naps throughout the day.

collage SD BDA

Lately, the weather has been attempting to please me with sunshine, and whenever I can, I take advantage and drag my humans to the beach for a swim. Last week I wore the fancy new camera Mom got for her birthday last month and captured some fun footage of me playing at the beach that we are going to put together in a video.

DSCF8849 R

I have also been having fun in the class I am taking with Best Paw Forward Dog Training called Beyond The Leash Level Two. My friend Madison is in the class too. How pawsome is that!

Darko on peanut BTL Lvl2 2014

But all this fun stuff makes a dog tired…

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… And I eventually pass right out.

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4 thoughts on “Time Flies”

  1. Hi Darko! Totally understand, my niece is graduating high school this week and this whole month is booked! Just glad you & the kitties are well. Nicki still loves you I see! Bol! TTFN!

    1. It is a busy time of year, isn’t it! Yes, Nicki is entranced by me for some reason. I’m not really sure what I did to get her attention but I now have a permanent mini-me shadow when she comes to daycare. BOL! Ravage, Deunan and Frenzy send purrs and head-bonks your way! ***wiggles***

    1. BOL! Yep, it has been a little crazy around here lately. It’s okay though because I like going to daycare every day as long as Mom and my friends are there with me. ***wiggles*** The video will be a while yet but it sure is fun to make! We are going to try and get some more footage this coming weekend!

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