Pawsomely Purrfect Painted Portrait

You may need to sit down to hear what I am about to say…

Mom forgot about my painting.

I know. I was at a loss of meows too when she confessed to me earlier today. I understand that she has been busy working all the time again, but seriously? How could she forget about my special present that came all the way from Spain! So I said “Fine, Mom! I’ll do it myself!” and here I am. MOL!

It was a little more difficult than I had anticipated taking the selfies, but after some help from Darko and his big paws I figured out how the timer works and managed to get a few decent shots of me with my painted portrait.

DSCF9618 -R A

You may already know, but earlier this year Darko was painted by a very talented artist, Nelly. Naturally, I was a bit jealous. I am the oldest, after all, so shouldn’t I be the one my humans get an original painted portrait of? Well, it turns out they did. MOL!

I am one proud kitty!

DSCF9644 -RA

And guess what? My humans got Darko and I matching frames for our portraits! Don’t worry, once they are on the wall we will take some more photos.

DSCF9632 -RA

“Ravage” – Watercolour Original by Nelly of Art In My Attic

DSCF9651 -RA

This is the photo Mom submitted. I’m about two years old here.

Ravage (upsidedown superman)

It is a pawsomely purrfect painted portrait! Don’t you think so?

Thank You, Nelly! My family and I love it!

Ravage painting and original collage

See Darko’s post A Painting To Call My Very Own for his painted portrait by artist Nelly of Art In My Attic

DSCF9680 -RA

Beyond The Leash Level Two

If you follow my Facebook page you probably already know that for the last two and a half months I have been taking a class with Best Paw Forward called Beyond The Leash Level Two on Monday nights. I took Level One with my humans early spring of last year and had a great time but for some reason it took my humans an entire year to enroll me in Level Two. You can read all about Level One in my post From Clicks To Tricks. I don’t understand what took them so long but I’m glad they finally did because guess who ended up being in the same class as me? My friend Madison from my doggie daycare! How pawsome is that! I am one lucky pup.

At first, I was a bit nervous and barked at the strange people but it didn’t take me too long to remember what class was all about: Having fun and eating treats. Lots and lots of treats. However, I am not the biggest food hound out there. I have been known to be quite picky with what I eat and almost always take my time to eat it, making sure to chew each morsel of food. It’s the cat in me. So with that said, my humans have a bit of a challenge at class and require some pretty good treats to get the attention of a not so food motivated dog like me. If only tennis balls weren’t so dangerous indoors… They’d have my full attention! BOL!

It was a different trainer than Level One. Her name is Cheri and she was really nice to me even though I barked at her a few times. I just can’t seem to hold my bark sometimes but it is something my humans are helping me with.

At class I got to do all sorts of fun things like practice my balance on the peanut balls. I was able to get on and stand up on all four sizes and it was a lot of fun! I was pretty sore the following day after that class though. BOL!

I practiced a lot of things I already knew like Touch, Spin, Left Paw, Right Paw, Here, Down, Stay, Wait, Back and Roll Over and would be asked to do them in different combinations or in-between other activities. I also learned a few new things like Fall In, Follow and Slow and am working on Weave, Rewind, Bring and a few more.

For our last class all us pups had to learn a new trick so my humans and I picked “Wave” because when I took Level One last year I was going to learn that but it turned in to “Paw” so what better time to learn it then Level Two, right?

It was a super pawsome class and I hope that my humans enroll me in another fun class soon. And a LOT sooner than last time. BOL!

Here’s some photos from graduation class yesterday. I waited somewhat patiently in the car for it to be my turn.

20140616_190831 R

Only a few photos of graduation class because my humans are (obviously) supposed to be giving me all their attention, but I’m sure you understand.

BTL lvl2 June 16 2014 collage

We did our best to get a group graduation photo…

BTL lvl 2 grad collage

After the group photo was taken we all got our certificates…

20140616_201730 A blur R

And some of us took selfies to show our friends. ***wink wink***

20140616_201837 R


A big bark Thank You to Cheri and Best Paw Forward for another pawsome class! 


Also read my post From Clicks To Tricks


To learn more about Best Paw Forward visit their Website and Facebook pages by clicking on the links.

The Cutest Paddling Parade

If you have been following my adventures, you know that my favourite place to walk is the little park down by the docks at the water front. I take my humans there all the time.

It is my favourite place for a few reasons, the first being the obvious one: Water. I love going any where there is water and if I can swim in it, even better! The second reason is because there is a LOT of nice green grass. I race around wildly doing the “crazy zoomies” and then roll down the hill on my chest a few times. It’s fun! BOL! The third reason is because it is a popular place that many other pups take their humans, so there are always a lot of messages for me to sniff and reply to. And the fourth reason is that almost every single time we walk to the park and back I get to see lots and LOTS of furry and feathery friends. I’ve seen bunnies, squirrels, raccoon, deer, seals, otters, heron, ducks and geese.

The geese, however, I am a bit unsure of. For starters, they poop all over the walkway making it almost impossible to navigate through without stepping on a landmine. The other thing that worries me is that my humans always tell me to give them their space. If my humans won’t go near them, what does that mean? And of course what bugs me the most is that they swim in MY water. A few days ago I was down by the water dipping my toes in and the geese were keeping a very close eye on me and honking loudly as they paddled back and forth. I stayed by the shore. No swimming for me that walk.

My humans told me that the geese are just extra protective right now because of all their babies. I guess that is understandable so I’ll share my waters… For now…


Watching the long parade as they paddle by honking.


We counted eight geese and twenty-three goslings. I don’t think you can see them all in the photos but there was a lot of them.


Whenever I’d get too close to the water the adult geese would swim between me and the babies. They didn’t like me at all so I decided to stay up on the walkway.


Do I look a little jealous? Well, I am. I don’t see why they need to hog the entire place. There’s enough water to go around, isn’t there?


Oh well. Hopefully they will let me have my water back soon.

I do have to admit though, they are pretty cute…


Time Flies

First, let me start off by saying I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. It has been very busy around my house and I have had a hard time getting Mom to sit still long enough to help me out with all the hard stuff that requires articulate fingers instead of big paws. She’s even been slacking at taking photos of us fur-kids, which rarely ever happens. I will have to work on my sad puppy eyes super power so it’s impossible for her to “ignore” me. You’re probably thinking, “how could anyone ignore such a sweet face?” Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m still searching for the answer myself.

But anyway, back to the matters at paw. My kitties and I have been doing well and keeping with our regular routine. When home together, we play and race around the house at maximum warp speeds, nap and snuggle, go on adventures and play some more. We’re always having fun. Or we’re sleeping. We cats and cat-dogs love our catnaps. BOL!

Ravage and I on our morning watch at the front window.

20140515_180626 R

Of course, I always make time to snuggle with Frog…

20140513_071359 R

… And bath Coon.

20140519_090710 R

My new job as Big Dog Ambassador is going well and I find it quite fun. I have many little dog friends, new and old, including Lacey, Charlie, Kristie, Flynn, Summer, Bunker, Lily and my new BFF (Best Fur Friend) Nicki. As some of you may already know, Nicki is my shadow and follows me wherever I go when she attends daycare. I can’t even have a nap without her insisting on joining me. She likes me a lot and I usually don’t mind all the attention. It is tiring, however, and so I make sure to have lots of naps throughout the day.

collage SD BDA

Lately, the weather has been attempting to please me with sunshine, and whenever I can, I take advantage and drag my humans to the beach for a swim. Last week I wore the fancy new camera Mom got for her birthday last month and captured some fun footage of me playing at the beach that we are going to put together in a video.

DSCF8849 R

I have also been having fun in the class I am taking with Best Paw Forward Dog Training called Beyond The Leash Level Two. My friend Madison is in the class too. How pawsome is that!

Darko on peanut BTL Lvl2 2014

But all this fun stuff makes a dog tired…

20140512_073227 R

… And I eventually pass right out.

20140509_215622 R


“These Paws Were Rescued” – Roro

Published: June 1st, 2014 by Darko 

“These Paws Were Rescued” – June 2014


Roro and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my FB page. He’s a super pawsome dude, always up for fun and eager to help other pups in need. Being a rescue himself, he knows what it is like for other shelter animals out there and likes to share photos of animals in need on his page.

And guess what? He has a giant frog stuffie too, just like me! BOL! But we’ll get to all that frog stuff a little later on in the interview. First, please say hello to my pawsome friend, Roro.

Roro snow


Darko: Thank you for doing this interview with us, Roro. It is pawsome to have you!

Roro: Thank you so much for asking me to be here! I am super excited and so honored to be featured on your site Darko!

Darko: ***excited nubby wags*** I am so happy you and your Mom could be here with us! Let’s get these questions started…


If “Roro” is your nickname, what is your full name? 

My full name is Roscoe Williams. When I tell people my name they always say “Oh like Roscoe P. Coltrane?” I have no idea who that is so I just say “Yep!” BOL!

Roro froggy pose


When is your Barkday?

My birthday is March 19, 2012. I just turned two!


What is your favourite… Food/Treat?

My favorite treat is for sure bacon! We even found “bacon jerky” and it was AMAZING!

… Activity?

My favorite activity is playing chase with my Mom. It’s my own version of ball except I never give it back once she throws it, I just make her chase me!

… Game?

My favorite game is tug. I am the master at playing tug! hehe

Roro Frog 1

… Walk Place?

My favorite walk place is our local park Westminster City Park in Westminster, CO.

… Pastime?

My favorite pastime is probably watching for squirrels and kitties from my big front window. I have a prime spot on the couch that’s perfect for checking out everything going on in the front yard every day.

… Toy?

My favorite toy is definitely my giant frog from Morgan!


You have a giant frog stuffie, like me. What is your favourite game to play with your Frog? Does your Frog have a name? Do you bath your Frog? (Mine is high-maintenance so I have to bath/nibble on it every single day)

My frogs name is HANK! He is the best snuggle partner ever! I like to wrestle with him but I almost never ever win! He’s just too big and when I try to throw him in the air he ends up landing on top of me! I totally think that qualifies as cheating! I don’t really clean Hank as much as I like to nibble on him! hehe

Roro Frog sleeping


Do you prefer… Ball or Tug?

Definitely Tug! Mom has never once won a game and the current score is Roro -1423 vs. Mom – 0!

Roro tug

… Stuffies or Squeakies?

Oh my goodness that’s a tough one…stuffies or squeakies…I love both! I guess if I have to pick I’ll say stuffies because Mom lets me just go crazy and destroy them and with squeakers she’s always watching and waiting for me to get the squeaker so she can snatch it away from me before I try to eat it. So I will take unsupervised destruction any day! hehe

… Dog Bed or Human Bed?

This is actually a funny story about my bed. I have my choice now between the fancy bed my Mom made for my birthday, her bed, my big boy bed I got for Christmas OR the little round puppy bed upstairs that I’ve had since I was a baby. EVERY single night I end up in my puppy bed! Mom laughs and says I don’t fit and she’s bought me at least a half dozen new bigger beds but nope, that puppy bed is MY bed!

… Blanket or Pillow?

Luckily I don’t have to choose between a blanket or a pillow because Morgan sent me the coolest birthday present and it’s a froggy blanket with a pillow on the end of it, built right in! It’s the perfect snuggle spot!

Roro Frogs toys


Where were you adopted from?

I was adopted from the Boulder Humane Society in Boulder, CO.


How old were you when adopted?

I was 3 ½ months old when I was adopted.


Why were you at the shelter? What was it like?

The shelter was a super scary place and I so hate that any animal ever has to be in a shelter! They found me as a stray in Denver, CO and transferred me to Boulder, CO because they labeled me as a pit bull mix and there is a pit bull ban in Denver so at least in Boulder I would have a chance at being adopted.

baby Roro at shelter 2

baby Roro at shelter


Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it before and why was your name changed?

My name at the shelter was Rookie. They asked Mom if she would keep that name and she said she wasn’t sure, so they left my name as Rookie on the paperwork. Then my name was Hercules for about half of a day! hehe Then she decided on Roscoe – Roro for short. She calls me Ro a lot too. Sometimes when she’s really silly and she’s calling me to come in she says “Yo-Yo-Ro let’s Go”…I usually just ignore that and pretend I don’t know her! BOL!


How did you find your forever family?

On July 10th 2012 my Mom (who had been looking for a while for a female dog over 1 year old, complete opposite of me!) saw my face online and that was IT! She called the shelter, put a hold on me and left work the second she could to come get me. I was in the very first kennel in the very first row and as soon as my Mom walked in the door, there I was, tail wagging looking right at her! “HI MOM!!” She told the lady at the desk “I’m here to get Rookie, I have a hold on him”. Not oh I’m here to see if I like him or I’m here to see if we bond..nope..I’m here to GET him! Mom had come to break me out of that place and she wasn’t leaving without me!


What was it like meeting your forever family for the first time?

It was PAWSOME! The lady at the shelter picked me up out of my kennel, Mom walked in the meet and greet area and when the lady put me down I ran right over to my Mom and started jumping up on her and running around all happy with my tail wagging! I gave my Mom a kiss and before the lady could even make it back to her desk, my Mom scooped me up in her arms and said “We are going home.”


What was it like when you first arrived at your forever home?

It was a little scary at first. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Then we went outside and I have this big yard but I wasn’t sure where I could go so I stuck pretty close to Mom at first.

baby Roro 4


Did you need time to adjust to your new forever home?

I was a little nervous but within a day or so I was much more comfortable with my surroundings and as soon as I realized I had squirrels in that big tree out back, I started defending that yard as my own!

baby Roro 3


From one dog to another, what is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Oh no…well…let me start this story off by saying my Mom hates moths…hates them!! Sooo I was taking a nap downstairs and a moth was flying around down there for like 2 days and Mom would come running through covering her hair and stuff all dramatic every time. Well…it just so happened that it landed on the wall REALLY close to my bed. Mom saw it and before she could tell me not to do it, I swatted it off the wall, stomped it on the floor and ate it. Then I started licking the wall where it had landed. Mom said “ewww” and then told me to stop and walked away. What she came back to was a pretty good size hole in the wall and a pile of paint and plaster on the floor. To this day she’s not sure if I scratched at it with my paws or chewed on it with my teeth but she ended up having to plaster and paint the wall after that! Bahahahaha!

Roro shame photo


You “specialize” in the Froggy Doggy pose. Can you explain it to us?

I LOVE the froggy doggy pose! It was never even deliberate I just started doing it one day and it became my “thing”! Mom says most of the time I look more like a turtle instead of a frog because I don’t stick my legs all the way out but it still qualifies as “froggy doggy”! There is no special way to do it, you just have to get as flat as you can on the ground and stretch your legs out. Someone told us that not every dog can do it but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe they just haven’t realized their full froggy potential yet!

Roro froggy pose 2


What is your opinion on squirrels? Can they be trusted or are they always up to no good?

If you had asked me 6 months ago I would have said they are ALWAYS up to no good. Then I met my friend Peanut on Facebook and she is PAWSOME! I will say that the squirrels in my yard though, they are like ninjas! They sit up in the tree and yell at me and throw things at me, including peanut shells since my Mom just insists on feeding them! It’s just rude! Maybe Peanut is the only exception.


You were featured in the Winter 2013 edition of American Dog Magazine. Tell us what that was about.

OMD that was soooo cool! American Dog Magazine had a contest for “Dogs with Friends on Facebook” and my page was one of the judges picks! It was such an honor! I love ADM and was so excited to be featured in the same issue as so many of my friends!

Roro mail 1


What is your breed? (Or what do you think your breed is?)

We had a DNA test done in October 2012 I am a mix of quite a few things! My main two breeds are Bull Terrier and Catahoula Leopard. After that it’s a mix of Chow, Chinese Shar-Pei, Newfoundland, Puli, Parson Russell Terrier and a Border Terrier. Quite the combo if you ask me! It’s all pretty funny when you think about the fact that on my adoption profile I was listed as a Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog mix!


You are not a Pitbull but a lot of people think you are, right? So what is it like living under strict BSL? Are there things you aren’t permitted to do?

A lot of people do think I’m a Pit Bull which is pretty crazy since really my shape and features don’t match a Pit Bull at all. Mom’s theory is that it’s the eye patch that throws people off and that makes people think of the Pit Bull on the show the Little Rascals There is a strict Pit Bull Ban in Denver, CO where I was found as a puppy so it’s definitely a scary situation. Last summer there were a few rallies and demonstrations that Mom wanted to bring me to but they were all in Denver and we were too afraid that I would be mistaken for a Pit Bull so I had to stay home. BSL is a serious issue that effects so many people and the animals they love. It is based solely on ignorance and until we all start standing up against this type of discrimination, nothing will change. We have to stand together and fight this for not only the animals this is currently effecting but for those poor animals who paid with their lives because of the ignorance of others. It’s unacceptable and a disgrace to humanity.

Roro 1


You have a Facebook page and are always sharing animals in need, but especially those looking for forever homes. Do you have any advice for others wanting to do the same?

My advice would be to try not to get overwhelmed because it is heartbreaking. People will complain, people will ask you to not post such sad pictures and people will absolutely un-like your page…don’t let that discourage you at all! If you believe in what you are doing and this is your way to help, then do it! At the end of the day you will have done the right thing and you can be proud of yourself for doing your best to help others in need.


You are on Facebook and Packdog. Is there any other social media you use that we can share with our readers?

I don’t have any other social media and I really don’t fully understand Packdog. I’m on there and there are people “tracking” me but I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do! BOL! So I just post pictures now and then but most of my attention is focused on my Facebook page.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Just that I am so thankful that you chose to include me on your PAWSOME website! It’s been a super cool experience and I really appreciate it!


These Paws Were Rescued

Roro Paws 1


A few more photos of Roro… 

baby Roro 2

baby Roro 1

baby Roro 5

Roro snow ball

Roro stick

Roro toys


What a pawsome story! Thank you so much Roro and Mom for sharing it with us! 

Sniff out Roro’s FB page and paw the Like button to get all the latest updates at Roro’s World.


This has been our June edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining me so stay tuned! 

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! My kitties and I would love to hear it! Send me an email and your story could be featured in upcoming “These Paws Were Rescued” features.