What To Wear To The League Of Super Pets

Have YOU submitted your photo yet? If not, you should! This contest is just for fun but with a bonus of some super pawsome prizes for the best photo(s), PLUS you get to be in a super pawsome League Of Super Pets with me and my fur-siblings! So send in your favourite photo(s) to darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com or to darkothecanaanmutt@gmail.com.

For contest details click HERE or see my page League Of Super Pets.


Unsure of what to wear to the League of Super PetsHere’s some examples of my kitties and I for you. 

You can wear a full costume…

Me as Darth Darko 

DSCF0817 RCW sm

Or just sit beside a super villain (or hero) you know…

Ravage with his Decepticon “Lord and Master” Megatron


The photos don’t have to be perfect. Maybe they have attitude…  (in this case, tortitude)

“You want some of this?” 


Or just be plain silly… (to dogs like me, frightening)

Frenzy scheming with Joker


Of course, bandannas, leashes, collars and other accessories are just as pawsome…

I am an Avenger Dog


And group shots are THE BEST! So even if you and your fur-friends are just hanging out on a cool blanket with a cool super hero, send the photo in. You will put smiles on the humans faces and be featured on this blog with myself and my kitties in the League of Super Pets. Maybe you’ll even win a prize…

Hanging out with Spider-Man



Send all photo submissions to darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com.

Darko LoSP 1 R PC_sm

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