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League Of Super Pets PHOTO CONTEST


Darko’s League of Super Pets


  • Theme: Super Hero (or Villain) Character

Categories Are…

  • Full Costume: Must be dressed as original character of the Super Hero genre
  • Accessory: Leash, collar, bandanna, pose with toy of specified genre
  • Best Group Entry: Anything goes, must follow theme (be creative!)

Contest Rules…

  • All pets and multiple pets from one household are eligible to enter
  • Only one entry per pet will be eligible to win for all categories but multiple entries are permitted and encouraged and every entry will be considered and featured on It’s a Darko’s Life “League of Super Pets”
  • Any and all personal information will be kept confidential – only your pet’s name and mini-bio (opt) will be published with their photo (please supply your pet’s full name with correct spelling)

Contest Entries will be judged by…

  • Best Super Hero Costume
  • Best Super Hero Accessories
  • Best Super Hero Pose (for bonus points)
  • Best Super Hero Reference/Captions (for bonus points)

Judges will be…

  • Darko’s humans, Darko and Darko’s kitties
  • Darko’s personally paw-picked (human) judges
  • Darko’s social media friends

LoSP Membership…

  • All entrants will be initiated as LoSP Heroes, receive a LoSP bandanna (badge of membership) and be featured on this blog with Darko and his three kitties

Submission Rules…

  • This contest is for animals only
  • All entries must be super hero (or super villain) themed
  • All entry photos must be submitted by the pet’s owner and have permission to use photo (ex. if photo was done by a professional photographer)
  • Multiple pets from one household are all permitted to enter (together and/or individually)
  • Multiple photos are permitted (and encouraged)
  • All entrants must submit to a mini interview and agree to be featured on the LoSP page on Darko’s blog
  • All entrants give Darko permission to post photos via his social media pages

Submission Deadline…

  • TBA¬†*deadline has been postponed from previous date due to unforeseen circumstances

Contest Winners… (yes, that means there are multiple prizes!)

  • Will receive a super pawsome super hero/villain themed prize of pet accessories (TBA) and a personalized pawtographed photo of Darth Darko
  • Contest Winners will be announced three weeks after deadline


Please email all submissions to…

  • darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com


Looking for some ideas? Read my post What To Wear To The League Of Super Pets for a few examples.

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