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Dinner Time

It is getting late and the kitties are pacing impatiently around the house. The humans seemed to have forgot it is past dinner time.

I, of course, don’t care at all. I get fed when I get fed, I’m not like Frenzy that way. When it comes to food I can be a bit picky some times and still skip the occasional meal (gotta keep my fit manly figure up, right?) where as the kitties, well.. they can be piggies. Ravage and Deunan included. BOL!

So while the kitties are complaining and giving our humans the stink eye I nap quietly in the next room. But the second I hear the first dish get picked up by the humans I am wide awake and trot off to the kitchen to wait for dinner to be served.

I always sit patiently in the middle of the kitchen while the kitties pace back and forth and protest the lateness of their meal. However, it means nothing as they will do so even when fed early. Silly kitties. They are always hungry.

While we wait, I receive countless head-bonks from Deunan and Frenzy. I just lie on the floor and they continuously walk past me and head-bonk me. We all make sure to stay away from  Ravage, though, as he is super cranky before meal time and throws paws for no apparent reason. He’s a brawler when he’s hungry.

Once dinner is finally ready (we all get different food so the prepping process takes a few minutes) our humans decide in what order to feed us in. Usually we are fed by who’s been the quietest/most patient, but if we’ve all been good we are fed oldest to youngest, with the exception that Frenzy is fed last (even though I’m the youngest) because he is the most impatient. Especially around food.

We all have to sit and wait for our meals and yes, that means the kitties too. Ravage is the worst at it and almost always tries to bypass the sit and wait part by “forgetting.” ***rolls eyes*** We all know you know, Ravage. Anyway, Deunan is very good at waiting and almost always will wait for a human to give her a pet before she will eat, even after given the Okay. When it’s my turn my humans make me do silly tricks. I have to shake a left paw and right paw, touch their hand with my nose, spin and sometimes do other tricks too. They mix it up a lot to try and trick me. ***shakes head*** Humans.

Then there’s Frenzy. He used to be awful (and that’s putting it very, VERY nicely) but now he’s actually really good. He will twitch the entire time he sits and waits while staring at his dish but he does listen and since he used to be so bad Mom always says a bunch of random words in-between the Sit, Wait, and the Okay just to keep Frenzy on his paws. Frenzy also gets locked in his own room during meal time, otherwise he will sneak around and eat everyone’s food including mine before finishing his own.

I almost always finish my meal first and when I finish I go wait by the treat cupboard. My favourite treats (the yam chews my humans make me) are in there and if I lick my bowl clean I get one. When Mom or Dad notice me by the cupboard they tell me to show them my dish to make sure I actually did finish, so I walk them to my dish and point to my clean bowl with my nose.

Once I receive my yam chew I start whining and prance around the house, looking for a kitty to show it to. They are usually still eating so after a few minutes I give up and go sit on one of my beds, chewing it to pieces. They are so delicious! (see my page Drooltastic Homemade Treats for the recipe)

Once I’ve had my after dinner treat, it’s off to find Coon and sing my after-dinner song which consists of whining really loud and making weird noises while carrying Coon around the house, stopping periodically to nibble on Coon’s fur or poke a kitty with Coon (by now, the kitties are usually finished their meals). I do this for up to half an hour.

Then, once I’m finished with Coon it’s Frog’s turn. Frog is my most favourite stuffie and needs to be groomed on a regular basis, which is all the time but especially after meal time.

DSCF4042 R

I carry Frog from room to room whining loudly, sometimes putting Frog down to play with a kitty for a moment or shoving Frog in their face hoping they will play tug with us. So far, they have refused and are even sometimes offended by my gesture but I will keep offering and hope that one day they will accept.

After Frog and I prance around the house for a while it’s either off to bed for a nap, or it’s time to race with Ravage and Frenzy around the house. Some nights they are really silly and will race in to the room I’m in, screech to a halt, look at me then turn and race away with me close behind. It is one of our favourite games!

So there you have it, my dinner time ritual. This happens at every meal, morning and night. Sometimes the kitties and I are sillier than usual and minor details may vary from day to day, but we do this every single day. Does your fur-family have a meal time ritual too?

2 thoughts on “Dinner Time”

  1. Such a good doggie Darko! My Maggie gets her little red ball (it’s all chewed up and gross looking but she LOVES it.) And starts walking around with it to let us know it’s almost dinner time. Sometimes she’s over an hour early! Bol! Then she tries to bounce the ball into her dish. She gets it in quite often! Sometimes when she’s really hungry she’ll try just once and then be like “Good enough!” And eat. Once in a while she’ll grab a stuffy friend for a dinner companion instead. She will not eat if both mom and I are not sitting down in the living room, her dish is right outside the carpet on the dining room tile floor. Then we play, then she naps! ♡

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