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A Game For A Water Dog

This is one of my most favourite games. It is at the top of my list with the laser pointer, and is one of those games that I could play until I dropped from exhaustion.

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When the water-stick comes out I get really excited. Sometimes I get too excited and paw at the water bucket impatiently wanting the water-stick holder to hurry up and shoot the water at me, but when I do that my humans put the water-stick away and won’t take it out again until I calm down so I do my best to control my excitement.

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The point of this game? Catching the water, of course! I like to chew at it and usually end up catching most of the water with my face. BOL!

Earlier this week, we had a really warm day with lots of sun so Mom filled up the water bucket with liquid ammunition and unloaded a few rounds on me. Dad was sitting close by and had his phone device in hand so he took a few pictures.

A 03

Check out all the silly faces I make… BOL!

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If I open my mouth wide enough, I can usually catch most of the water…

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But half the time I still end up catching the water with my face…

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Yep, it’s a pawsome game for a water dog!

4 thoughts on “A Game For A Water Dog”

  1. Bolbol! My Maggie loves the hose! She loves to chase the water. She too catches with her face a lot too, bol.

    1. BOL! That is pawsome! HI MAGGIE!!! ***high paw*** Yep! This game seems to be quite popular with us water lovin’ dogs and even a few who don’t like water at all, they just like the game. Several pups that go to my doggie daycare like the game too, so on hot days our human pack leader(s) will get out the pools and even the magic water stick!

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