Frenzy JC 16

A Day In My Jungle

I am a black panther and this is my jungle.

Frenzy JC 01

But even though I’m a black panther and demand to spend my days out doors, my humans have this silly notion that I have to be a good kitty before I can be released in to my jungle.

This means NO beating up on my big sister Deunan, NO picking fights with my big bro Ravage, NO bullying my little brother Darko, NO busting in to the food cupboards and eating whatever I can before I’m caught, NO chewing on any spatulas left in the sink rendering them useless, NO jumping on the counters in the kitchen, NO playing with Dad’s collectible action figures and possibly eating their swords/accessories, NO kicking the litter out of the box intentionally just because I’m bored, NO destroying the garbage and dragging it all over the house – basically; NO being a bad kitty whatsoever.

And to me, that’s like saying I can’t do anything AT ALL. But a black panther needs to stalk his jungle on a regular basis so I try my hardest to behave.. at least when my humans are watching. MOL!

My first priority when I get out in to my jungle is to patrol the perimeter. A black panther should always know if there is anything new going on in his territory.

Frenzy JC 06

I always make sure to sniff everything… You never know what you may find.

Frenzy JC 04

And look under everything… Intruders could be hidden in even the strangest of places.

Frenzy JC 05-1

Once the perimeter patrol is complete, it is time to watch the birds and bugs zoom around in the skies…

Frenzy JC 02

… While trying to come up with a plan on how to get wings of my own.

Frenzy JC 03

After swatting a few bugs and chirping at the birds it is time to go back on patrol. Black panthers should never stay in the same place for too long.

Frenzy JC 07

While on patrol I always make sure to be real loud. Intruders will think twice before entering my territory if they hear the scary roar of a mighty black panther.


Frenzy JC 08

I also make sure to check on the water source. If I want fresh water I just make a stinky face at it and my humans change it right away. They know who’s boss around here.

Frenzy JC 09

Once I’ve had a quick drink, it’s off to the trees so I can be closer to the birds.

Frenzy JC 10

One day, I will figure out how they do that flying thing… But until then, climbing will have to do.

Frenzy JC 11

After a good tree climbing session (usually followed by an elaborate untangling session) it’s back to the ground to scope out the purrfect place to begin my hunt.

Frenzy JC 12

Sometimes it takes me a while, as I can get distracted quite easily.

Frenzy JC 13

But eventually I find the purrfect spot…

Stealth mode: Activate!

Frenzy JC 14

From here, I can scope out my prey in secret.

Frenzy JC 15

That way, they never know what’s coming.

Frenzy JC 16

Once I’ve found my prey, I’m off!

It’s so close I can taste it…

Frenzy JC 17


Frenzy JC 18

Mmmm…! This grass is delicious!

Frenzy JC 18-1

After eating my fill it’s time for a nap.

Frenzy nap 1

A black panther should always rest after a big meal…

Frenzy nap 2

… And have a bath too, of course.

Frenzy nap bath

But no panther should rest for too long. You don’t want to ever let your guard down. Besides, there are many things we need to practice on a daily basis.

For example: A black panther should be able to move at lightning speeds, faster than the human eye can comprehend…

This is a great skill to master and is especially useful when you need to get out the “trouble zone” FAST before the humans realize you were even there.

Frenzy super fast

Also, a black panther should have the stealth skills of a ninja…

This skill is purrfect for sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim, and essential for when you are stalking your fur-sibling while they are sleeping.

Frenzy ninja stealth skills

But, regardless of how much you may work on mastering your big cat skills, no amount of training and practicing can prepare a black panther for every situation he will face.

Sometimes, the humans just pick you up and put you in a pool.

Lucky for them, I actually didn’t mind at all. MOL!

Frenzy in the pool

Every day in my jungle is different, but no-matter if it’s raining, snowing or sunny, if I get tangled in a tree or stuck in the pool, no-matter if I am out there all day or only for ten short minutes:

For me, a day in my jungle is a day in paradise. 

Outside March 3 2014 Frenzy 2

My name is Frenzy and I am a black panther who sometimes wears a sweater.

Welcome to my jungle.

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