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My Job As The Big Dog Ambassador

I have a job. I get up early every morning and go to work with Mom. What do I do, you ask? Well, Mom and I work at a Small Dog and Puppy Day Camp. It’s a place where the small, shy and young learn how to play and build their confidence around other dogs. This is only our second week but it has been a huge hit with all the pups who attend and we have seen dramatic changes in the extremely shy dogs.

But what exactly is my role at a Small Dog and Puppy Day Camp? I am the Big Dog Ambassador. I help the little dogs learn that not all big dogs are scary as well as assist the human day camp supervisors with getting the pups up and playing.

I have many tasks as the Big Dog Ambassador and aid in supervising day camp, making sure everyone is playing nicely with each other.

Darko sup DSCF7979

Sometimes I’m a puppy escort helping puppies like Nova around the daycare (below, top left) or a back-catcher in-case of a bad bounce for Bronwen (below, top right). I make sure to keep tabs on who’s coming and going with my side-kick Jackson (below, bottom left) as well as check the blankets regularly to make sure they are suitable for pups like Annie (below, bottom right).

collage SD fun Darko

I instruct the pups how to play various games such as my favourite one, Kitty Tunnel Madness. This game requires a very precise technique. You gotta drop the toy in the tunnel just right and then pounce and shake it until it flies out. Barley, Jedi and Joey did their best to figure it out but Penny is the only one so far who’s almost mastered the sport.

collage Darko kitty tunnel game instructor

Of course, when there’s a ball game going on I have to take a break from working and participate in the game. Can never resist a good race for that perfect bounce and neither can Faith and Katie!

Darko ball Faith Katie DSCF8313

After chasing the ball for a while I’ll wrestle and race with some of my friends, like Jackson. He looks so silly with his ear flopped over. BOL!

Darko Jackson DSCF7897

The tunnels are really fun to play with and Jackson and I love to race through them. In the photo below we did it at the same time. Can you see his white toes? We almost collided!

Darko Jackson tunnel DSCF7832

My most favourite part of my job, however, is playing with my small dog friends like Barley. Barley is a super fun dude and we love to wrestle and share toys.

collage Barley 1collage Barley 2

My best little friend is Charlie. We always hang out together at day camp. He follows me around and we wrestle and race and have a great time. Charlie is a very shy guy and if I’m not at day camp he doesn’t play much, but if I’m there he is one crazy little dude and will tear up the room and be super silly. BOL!

Charlie Darko DSCF8264collage Charlie Darko 1Charlie Darko DSCF8347

If I’m not busy doing any of the above, I am most likely enjoying some quiet time to myself…

collage Darko 1

Or being super silly and showing off to the other dogs.

Darko silly DSCF8265

Eventually, I start getting really tired. It is a long day, after all.

Darko DSCF8437

After a while I give up fighting it and just fall asleep. Sometimes in the middle of the floor.

collage Darko sleeping

And that’s my job as the Big Dog Ambassador. It’s a pawsome job and I love it! Every morning, I am super excited to leave for work with Mom and we have fun every day.

And do you know what the bonus is?  I get to work on my people skills! Due to the way the day camp is set up I get to see strange humans every day when they pick-up and drop-off their fur-kids. I am already getting much better at controlling my nervous/excited barking but I’ve still got quite a ways to go yet before I have it completely under my paw. It was really hard at first but I think I am slowly starting to get the hang of it. Maybe in another week or two I’ll be a super quiet pup… Maybe… 


Check out where I work with Mom at these following links…




8 thoughts on “My Job As The Big Dog Ambassador”

  1. Darko is a great ambassador but he has a great mom that helps him take care of all his fur-friends.

    1. That is very true! I probably couldn’t do it without her. ***nubby wags*** Mom says Thank You for the very nice compliment.

  2. Wow Darko!!! What a PAWSOME job youz haz <3 It lookiez like so much funz!! Youz iz the PURRFECT Big Dog Ambassador!! Those doggiez are so lucky to have youz as a furriend, playmate and Big Dog Ambassador :) Love youz <3 oxoxo <3

    1. ***blushes*** Oh thank you, Sydney! It is a super fun and pawsome job for a dog like me. And I’m pretty lucky to have lots of little dog friends too! ***big wiggles***

  3. Darko, I love your posts and think you are doing a great job with the little furkids. I don’t always comment but do read every one of your posts.

    Keep up the good work.

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