What To Wear To The League Of Super Pets

Have YOU submitted your photo yet? If not, you should! This contest is just for fun but with a bonus of some super pawsome prizes for the best photo(s), PLUS you get to be in a super pawsome League Of Super Pets with me and my fur-siblings! So send in your favourite photo(s) to darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com or to darkothecanaanmutt@gmail.com.

For contest details click HERE or see my page League Of Super Pets.


Unsure of what to wear to the League of Super PetsHere’s some examples of my kitties and I for you. 

You can wear a full costume…

Me as Darth Darko 

DSCF0817 RCW sm

Or just sit beside a super villain (or hero) you know…

Ravage with his Decepticon “Lord and Master” Megatron


The photos don’t have to be perfect. Maybe they have attitude…  (in this case, tortitude)

“You want some of this?” 


Or just be plain silly… (to dogs like me, frightening)

Frenzy scheming with Joker


Of course, bandannas, leashes, collars and other accessories are just as pawsome…

I am an Avenger Dog


And group shots are THE BEST! So even if you and your fur-friends are just hanging out on a cool blanket with a cool super hero, send the photo in. You will put smiles on the humans faces and be featured on this blog with myself and my kitties in the League of Super Pets. Maybe you’ll even win a prize…

Hanging out with Spider-Man



Send all photo submissions to darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com.

Darko LoSP 1 R PC_sm

League Of Super Pets PHOTO CONTEST


Darko’s League of Super Pets


  • Theme: Super Hero (or Villain) Character

Categories Are…

  • Full Costume: Must be dressed as original character of the Super Hero genre
  • Accessory: Leash, collar, bandanna, pose with toy of specified genre
  • Best Group Entry: Anything goes, must follow theme (be creative!)

Contest Rules…

  • All pets and multiple pets from one household are eligible to enter
  • Only one entry per pet will be eligible to win for all categories but multiple entries are permitted and encouraged and every entry will be considered and featured on It’s a Darko’s Life “League of Super Pets”
  • Any and all personal information will be kept confidential – only your pet’s name and mini-bio (opt) will be published with their photo (please supply your pet’s full name with correct spelling)

Contest Entries will be judged by…

  • Best Super Hero Costume
  • Best Super Hero Accessories
  • Best Super Hero Pose (for bonus points)
  • Best Super Hero Reference/Captions (for bonus points)

Judges will be…

  • Darko’s humans, Darko and Darko’s kitties
  • Darko’s personally paw-picked (human) judges
  • Darko’s social media friends

LoSP Membership…

  • All entrants will be initiated as LoSP Heroes, receive a LoSP bandanna (badge of membership) and be featured on this blog with Darko and his three kitties

Submission Rules…

  • This contest is for animals only
  • All entries must be super hero (or super villain) themed
  • All entry photos must be submitted by the pet’s owner and have permission to use photo (ex. if photo was done by a professional photographer)
  • Multiple pets from one household are all permitted to enter (together and/or individually)
  • Multiple photos are permitted (and encouraged)
  • All entrants must submit to a mini interview and agree to be featured on the LoSP page on Darko’s blog
  • All entrants give Darko permission to post photos via his social media pages

Submission Deadline…

  • TBA *deadline has been postponed from previous date due to unforeseen circumstances

Contest Winners… (yes, that means there are multiple prizes!)

  • Will receive a super pawsome super hero/villain themed prize of pet accessories (TBA) and a personalized pawtographed photo of Darth Darko
  • Contest Winners will be announced three weeks after deadline


Please email all submissions to…

  • darko@darkothecanaanmutt.com


Looking for some ideas? Read my post What To Wear To The League Of Super Pets for a few examples.

Dinner Time

It is getting late and the kitties are pacing impatiently around the house. The humans seemed to have forgot it is past dinner time.

I, of course, don’t care at all. I get fed when I get fed, I’m not like Frenzy that way. When it comes to food I can be a bit picky some times and still skip the occasional meal (gotta keep my fit manly figure up, right?) where as the kitties, well.. they can be piggies. Ravage and Deunan included. BOL!

So while the kitties are complaining and giving our humans the stink eye I nap quietly in the next room. But the second I hear the first dish get picked up by the humans I am wide awake and trot off to the kitchen to wait for dinner to be served.

I always sit patiently in the middle of the kitchen while the kitties pace back and forth and protest the lateness of their meal. However, it means nothing as they will do so even when fed early. Silly kitties. They are always hungry.

While we wait, I receive countless head-bonks from Deunan and Frenzy. I just lie on the floor and they continuously walk past me and head-bonk me. We all make sure to stay away from  Ravage, though, as he is super cranky before meal time and throws paws for no apparent reason. He’s a brawler when he’s hungry.

Once dinner is finally ready (we all get different food so the prepping process takes a few minutes) our humans decide in what order to feed us in. Usually we are fed by who’s been the quietest/most patient, but if we’ve all been good we are fed oldest to youngest, with the exception that Frenzy is fed last (even though I’m the youngest) because he is the most impatient. Especially around food.

We all have to sit and wait for our meals and yes, that means the kitties too. Ravage is the worst at it and almost always tries to bypass the sit and wait part by “forgetting.” ***rolls eyes*** We all know you know, Ravage. Anyway, Deunan is very good at waiting and almost always will wait for a human to give her a pet before she will eat, even after given the Okay. When it’s my turn my humans make me do silly tricks. I have to shake a left paw and right paw, touch their hand with my nose, spin and sometimes do other tricks too. They mix it up a lot to try and trick me. ***shakes head*** Humans.

Then there’s Frenzy. He used to be awful (and that’s putting it very, VERY nicely) but now he’s actually really good. He will twitch the entire time he sits and waits while staring at his dish but he does listen and since he used to be so bad Mom always says a bunch of random words in-between the Sit, Wait, and the Okay just to keep Frenzy on his paws. Frenzy also gets locked in his own room during meal time, otherwise he will sneak around and eat everyone’s food including mine before finishing his own.

I almost always finish my meal first and when I finish I go wait by the treat cupboard. My favourite treats (the yam chews my humans make me) are in there and if I lick my bowl clean I get one. When Mom or Dad notice me by the cupboard they tell me to show them my dish to make sure I actually did finish, so I walk them to my dish and point to my clean bowl with my nose.

Once I receive my yam chew I start whining and prance around the house, looking for a kitty to show it to. They are usually still eating so after a few minutes I give up and go sit on one of my beds, chewing it to pieces. They are so delicious! (see my page Drooltastic Homemade Treats for the recipe)

Once I’ve had my after dinner treat, it’s off to find Coon and sing my after-dinner song which consists of whining really loud and making weird noises while carrying Coon around the house, stopping periodically to nibble on Coon’s fur or poke a kitty with Coon (by now, the kitties are usually finished their meals). I do this for up to half an hour.

Then, once I’m finished with Coon it’s Frog’s turn. Frog is my most favourite stuffie and needs to be groomed on a regular basis, which is all the time but especially after meal time.

DSCF4042 R

I carry Frog from room to room whining loudly, sometimes putting Frog down to play with a kitty for a moment or shoving Frog in their face hoping they will play tug with us. So far, they have refused and are even sometimes offended by my gesture but I will keep offering and hope that one day they will accept.

After Frog and I prance around the house for a while it’s either off to bed for a nap, or it’s time to race with Ravage and Frenzy around the house. Some nights they are really silly and will race in to the room I’m in, screech to a halt, look at me then turn and race away with me close behind. It is one of our favourite games!

So there you have it, my dinner time ritual. This happens at every meal, morning and night. Sometimes the kitties and I are sillier than usual and minor details may vary from day to day, but we do this every single day. Does your fur-family have a meal time ritual too?

A Game For A Water Dog

This is one of my most favourite games. It is at the top of my list with the laser pointer, and is one of those games that I could play until I dropped from exhaustion.

A 01

When the water-stick comes out I get really excited. Sometimes I get too excited and paw at the water bucket impatiently wanting the water-stick holder to hurry up and shoot the water at me, but when I do that my humans put the water-stick away and won’t take it out again until I calm down so I do my best to control my excitement.

A 02

The point of this game? Catching the water, of course! I like to chew at it and usually end up catching most of the water with my face. BOL!

Earlier this week, we had a really warm day with lots of sun so Mom filled up the water bucket with liquid ammunition and unloaded a few rounds on me. Dad was sitting close by and had his phone device in hand so he took a few pictures.

A 03

Check out all the silly faces I make… BOL!

A 04 A 05 A 06 A 07 A 08

If I open my mouth wide enough, I can usually catch most of the water…

A 09 A 10

But half the time I still end up catching the water with my face…

A 11 A 12

Yep, it’s a pawsome game for a water dog!

A Day In My Jungle

I am a black panther and this is my jungle.

Frenzy JC 01

But even though I’m a black panther and demand to spend my days out doors, my humans have this silly notion that I have to be a good kitty before I can be released in to my jungle.

This means NO beating up on my big sister Deunan, NO picking fights with my big bro Ravage, NO bullying my little brother Darko, NO busting in to the food cupboards and eating whatever I can before I’m caught, NO chewing on any spatulas left in the sink rendering them useless, NO jumping on the counters in the kitchen, NO playing with Dad’s collectible action figures and possibly eating their swords/accessories, NO kicking the litter out of the box intentionally just because I’m bored, NO destroying the garbage and dragging it all over the house – basically; NO being a bad kitty whatsoever.

And to me, that’s like saying I can’t do anything AT ALL. But a black panther needs to stalk his jungle on a regular basis so I try my hardest to behave.. at least when my humans are watching. MOL!

My first priority when I get out in to my jungle is to patrol the perimeter. A black panther should always know if there is anything new going on in his territory.

Frenzy JC 06

I always make sure to sniff everything… You never know what you may find.

Frenzy JC 04

And look under everything… Intruders could be hidden in even the strangest of places.

Frenzy JC 05-1

Once the perimeter patrol is complete, it is time to watch the birds and bugs zoom around in the skies…

Frenzy JC 02

… While trying to come up with a plan on how to get wings of my own.

Frenzy JC 03

After swatting a few bugs and chirping at the birds it is time to go back on patrol. Black panthers should never stay in the same place for too long.

Frenzy JC 07

While on patrol I always make sure to be real loud. Intruders will think twice before entering my territory if they hear the scary roar of a mighty black panther.


Frenzy JC 08

I also make sure to check on the water source. If I want fresh water I just make a stinky face at it and my humans change it right away. They know who’s boss around here.

Frenzy JC 09

Once I’ve had a quick drink, it’s off to the trees so I can be closer to the birds.

Frenzy JC 10

One day, I will figure out how they do that flying thing… But until then, climbing will have to do.

Frenzy JC 11

After a good tree climbing session (usually followed by an elaborate untangling session) it’s back to the ground to scope out the purrfect place to begin my hunt.

Frenzy JC 12

Sometimes it takes me a while, as I can get distracted quite easily.

Frenzy JC 13

But eventually I find the purrfect spot…

Stealth mode: Activate!

Frenzy JC 14

From here, I can scope out my prey in secret.

Frenzy JC 15

That way, they never know what’s coming.

Frenzy JC 16

Once I’ve found my prey, I’m off!

It’s so close I can taste it…

Frenzy JC 17


Frenzy JC 18

Mmmm…! This grass is delicious!

Frenzy JC 18-1

After eating my fill it’s time for a nap.

Frenzy nap 1

A black panther should always rest after a big meal…

Frenzy nap 2

… And have a bath too, of course.

Frenzy nap bath

But no panther should rest for too long. You don’t want to ever let your guard down. Besides, there are many things we need to practice on a daily basis.

For example: A black panther should be able to move at lightning speeds, faster than the human eye can comprehend…

This is a great skill to master and is especially useful when you need to get out the “trouble zone” FAST before the humans realize you were even there.

Frenzy super fast

Also, a black panther should have the stealth skills of a ninja…

This skill is purrfect for sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim, and essential for when you are stalking your fur-sibling while they are sleeping.

Frenzy ninja stealth skills

But, regardless of how much you may work on mastering your big cat skills, no amount of training and practicing can prepare a black panther for every situation he will face.

Sometimes, the humans just pick you up and put you in a pool.

Lucky for them, I actually didn’t mind at all. MOL!

Frenzy in the pool

Every day in my jungle is different, but no-matter if it’s raining, snowing or sunny, if I get tangled in a tree or stuck in the pool, no-matter if I am out there all day or only for ten short minutes:

For me, a day in my jungle is a day in paradise. 

Outside March 3 2014 Frenzy 2

My name is Frenzy and I am a black panther who sometimes wears a sweater.

Welcome to my jungle.

My Job As The Big Dog Ambassador

I have a job. I get up early every morning and go to work with Mom. What do I do, you ask? Well, Mom and I work at a Small Dog and Puppy Day Camp. It’s a place where the small, shy and young learn how to play and build their confidence around other dogs. This is only our second week but it has been a huge hit with all the pups who attend and we have seen dramatic changes in the extremely shy dogs.

But what exactly is my role at a Small Dog and Puppy Day Camp? I am the Big Dog Ambassador. I help the little dogs learn that not all big dogs are scary as well as assist the human day camp supervisors with getting the pups up and playing.

I have many tasks as the Big Dog Ambassador and aid in supervising day camp, making sure everyone is playing nicely with each other.

Darko sup DSCF7979

Sometimes I’m a puppy escort helping puppies like Nova around the daycare (below, top left) or a back-catcher in-case of a bad bounce for Bronwen (below, top right). I make sure to keep tabs on who’s coming and going with my side-kick Jackson (below, bottom left) as well as check the blankets regularly to make sure they are suitable for pups like Annie (below, bottom right).

collage SD fun Darko

I instruct the pups how to play various games such as my favourite one, Kitty Tunnel Madness. This game requires a very precise technique. You gotta drop the toy in the tunnel just right and then pounce and shake it until it flies out. Barley, Jedi and Joey did their best to figure it out but Penny is the only one so far who’s almost mastered the sport.

collage Darko kitty tunnel game instructor

Of course, when there’s a ball game going on I have to take a break from working and participate in the game. Can never resist a good race for that perfect bounce and neither can Faith and Katie!

Darko ball Faith Katie DSCF8313

After chasing the ball for a while I’ll wrestle and race with some of my friends, like Jackson. He looks so silly with his ear flopped over. BOL!

Darko Jackson DSCF7897

The tunnels are really fun to play with and Jackson and I love to race through them. In the photo below we did it at the same time. Can you see his white toes? We almost collided!

Darko Jackson tunnel DSCF7832

My most favourite part of my job, however, is playing with my small dog friends like Barley. Barley is a super fun dude and we love to wrestle and share toys.

collage Barley 1collage Barley 2

My best little friend is Charlie. We always hang out together at day camp. He follows me around and we wrestle and race and have a great time. Charlie is a very shy guy and if I’m not at day camp he doesn’t play much, but if I’m there he is one crazy little dude and will tear up the room and be super silly. BOL!

Charlie Darko DSCF8264collage Charlie Darko 1Charlie Darko DSCF8347

If I’m not busy doing any of the above, I am most likely enjoying some quiet time to myself…

collage Darko 1

Or being super silly and showing off to the other dogs.

Darko silly DSCF8265

Eventually, I start getting really tired. It is a long day, after all.

Darko DSCF8437

After a while I give up fighting it and just fall asleep. Sometimes in the middle of the floor.

collage Darko sleeping

And that’s my job as the Big Dog Ambassador. It’s a pawsome job and I love it! Every morning, I am super excited to leave for work with Mom and we have fun every day.

And do you know what the bonus is?  I get to work on my people skills! Due to the way the day camp is set up I get to see strange humans every day when they pick-up and drop-off their fur-kids. I am already getting much better at controlling my nervous/excited barking but I’ve still got quite a ways to go yet before I have it completely under my paw. It was really hard at first but I think I am slowly starting to get the hang of it. Maybe in another week or two I’ll be a super quiet pup… Maybe… 


Check out where I work with Mom at these following links…

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DogNSudsPetServicesLtd

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DnSPetServices

Webpage: www.dognsudspetservices.com

Deunan’s 6th Birthday

Today was my big sister Deunan’s 6th birthday! We all made sure to give her lots of snuggles and attention and she had an extra yummy breakfast and dinner too. We also got Deunan two of her favourite toys which Frenzy kept trying to steal.. He’s such a nice brother sometimes. BOL!

Happy Birthday, Deunan! You are the bestest kitty sister ever! ***wiggles***


Here’s some photos from today when Deunan got her birthday presents… Her favourite toys! I think they’re pretty fun too but since it was her birthday and all I let her play with them.. for now! Frenzy, however, did not.

collage Deunan 1

He really REALLY likes these toys too…


And Deunan kept trying to tell him off.



And then really tell  him off! BOL!


Frenzy of course didn’t give in. Where’d the fun be in that, right?


Birthday girl isn’t too keen on the sharing thing…








Meanwhile, I got stuck in the kitty tunnel trying to get one of my toys out. ***sigh***


Mom had to help me escape it’s grasp…


Frenzy just loves to ruin a good party.


But Deunan still managed to play with her new toy a bit.


And tried to catch it with her face once… BOL! Silly kitty.



Frenzy still managed to paw it a few times and the humans would have to take it back. I think he needs his own…


And while Frenzy kept trying to steal Deunan’s birthday presents Ravage and I napped by the fireplace.


“These Paws Were Rescued” – Chance & Shy

Published: May 3rd, 2014 by Darko

“These Paws Were Rescued” – May 2014

Chance and Shy

I met these “brothers” on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. They are both pawsome dudes always up for some fun and eager to help out a friend in need. Both being rescue pups, they know what it is like for other shelter animals out there and share photos on Facebook of furry friends looking for a forever home to call their own.

These two handsome pups may have had a bit of a “ruff” start but they now live in a pawsome home and have fun every single day which we will get to later. First, let me introduce you to two of my Facebook friends Chance and Shy.




Shy (2) resized


Darko: Thank you so much for doing this, guys, it is pawsome to have you here! You are my first fellow canine interview! ***excited barks***

Chance: Thank you for having us here, Darko! We feel very honored that you chose to interview us! ***Chance play bows while Shy wiggles***

Darko: ***nubby wags*** I have a lot to ask you both so let the questions begin!


What is your favourite… Toy?

Chance: I LOVE my yellow rubber squeaky toy! I carry it everywhere and I sleep with it beside me, too! When I want someone to throw it for me, I make sure to bump it into their legs until they do! BOL!

Chance-Favorite Toy

Shy: I love all of my toys equally, however, my favorite toys are any kind of stuffy that I can destroy the same day I get it! BOL!


… Food/Treat?

Chance: My favorite treat is liver training treats! I love them so much even though my human “mom” says they are stinky! Maybe that’s why I love them, BOL!

Shy: I am very big on food! If it is edible, I will try to eat it, BOL! My favorite food is cheese, though!


… Nap Spot?

Chance: OMD, my favorite place to nap is in a BIG pile of stuffies or pillows! I lay on top of them with my rubber squeaky beside of me!

Shy: To me, there is nothing better than napping on the porch on a sunny day!

Shy Yawn


… Activity?

Chance: I LOVE training, playing, doing my jumps, and WALKS!


Shy: Hmm.. I think my favorite activity is going for walks! I wasn’t quite sure about them when I was first adopted, but now I absolutely LOVE them!



… Walk Spot?

Chance: My favorite walk spot is on a dirt road in our woods. I love all the different smells and sounds!

ChanceMountain resized

Shy: What he said!

Shy Mountain resized


Do you prefer… Squeakers or Stuffies?

Chance: I love almost any toy! My favorite toy is my yellow rubber squeaky toy, but I love stuffies, too! I have a strange habit where I will lay down with my stuffy and hold it in my mouth until I fall asleep. Sometimes we have strange occurrences where the stuffies EXPLODE for no reason! (It’s not my fault, honest! ;) )

Shy: I like stuffies the best! I love to catch them in my mouth and then shake them around!


… Blanket or Bed?

Chance: I like beds the best! Nothing better than curling up in a nice warm bed!

Shy: Oh, blankets, for sure! I burrow in my blanket like I’m making a nest with it, BOL!


… Walk, Run or Swim?

Chance: I am a very high energy dog, so I loooooove to run! I like to swim, too, but not half as much!

Shy: Sometimes I like to run and sometimes I like to walk. I definitely like to take time to sniff the flowers and check my Pee-Mail, BOL!

… Wrestling or Racing?


Wrestling resized


… Tug or Ball?

Chance: I love to play ball! I could play ball for hours!

Shy: I am a Tug-Dog, for sure!


What are your thoughts on B-A-T-H’s? Are they really necessary?

Chance: I think B-A-T-H’s are the worst thing ever! Usually when I start to smell REALLY good, my human “mom” will put me in the bath tub and wash all my stank back off! It’s totally unnecessary!

Shy: I hate B-A-T-H’s, BOL! I always wait until the shampoo is lathered up in my fur really good before I jump out! ;)


What is your favourite thing to roll in/on? What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever had the luxury of beautifying yourself with?

Chance: The best thing to roll in is fresh dirt! I like to dig holes and then give myself a dirt bath! ;) The nastiest thing I ever beautified myself with was a dead mole I found, BOL! You should have seen the look on my human’s face! That stunt definitely got me a B.A.T.H.!

Shy: I also enjoy the art of dirt-bathing! I like dusty dirt, though! You always know I’m rolling in dirt because there is a huge dust cloud around me, BOL! My favorite time to roll in dirt is after I’ve been bathed, BOL! I haven’t really rolled in anything especially nasty that I can remember…


Do you have any fears?

Chance: Unfortunately, I do. I am afraid of strange people and barking dogs; especially our neighbor’s rambunctious Chihuahua!

Shy: I’m a lot less fearful now than I was when I first came home, but I am afraid of loud noises (gun shots, fireworks, bangs, etc.) and I am afraid of things like brooms, rakes, and other handled tools.


What do you think of squirrels? Can they be trusted or are they trouble?

Chance: Squirrels are definitely trouble! I can’t stand the way they mock me from way up high in the trees where I can’t reach them! I’m sure you understand..

Shy: I agree. There is definitely something shady about those squirrels! If only we could figure out what they were up to…


From one dog to another, what is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Chance: Oh, I could go on and on, BOL! My nickname around here is “Black Dynamite” because of my antics! I think the naughtiest thing I’ve done was tear up a bag of sugar. I didn’t eat any of it (I’m not prone to sweets), but I tore up the bag all over the kitchen floor, BOL!!

Shy: Hmm… I think the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done happened on my second day at home. My person left me alone in her room for just a few minutes and I chewed up the door frame and paint (the room had been painted about 4 months before.) I completely tore the trim off of it and to this day, the paint still has my claw marks in it, BOL!


When is your Barkday?

Chance: I don’t know the EXACT date of my birthday, but I was born in 2012. It was sometime in early June. I was adopted July 30, 2012.

Shy: I don’t remember when my birthday is, but I was adopted February 18, 2013.


What is your breed? (Or what do you think your breed is?)

Chance: I’m a “variety breed,” Darko! BOL! I’m not 100% sure, but I think I am some sort of terrier mix. I was labeled a Dachshund/Min Pin/Boston Terrier, but I don’t see the resemblance, BOL!

Shy: I’m not really sure what breed I am, either, but a lot of people say they see a little bit of Shepherd or Labrador. I was labeled a “Friendly, Young Male Dog” at the pound.


You two are quite the energetic pair. What consists of the “average daily events” at your house?

Chance: Well, to start off, we will usually destroy a toy or two (or maybe even 3! BOL) After we eat, we go for a walk, and then we come back and train for a little while. Sometimes, we will go hiking. We take periodic naps throughout the day; gotta stay energized, you know! We always make sure to fit a good wrestling match into our day somewhere, too!

Chance Smile

Shy Easter resized

Statue Chance resized

DSCN2484_edited resized


Are there any fun stories you would like to share?

Chance: Usually, when our human “mom” tries to take our pictures for Facebook, we will either get into a wrestling match or pull our favorite trick! When one of us is looking at the camera, the other will be distracted and vice versa! Don’t tell our human, but we do this on purpose, BOL!


Chance, you were adopted from a high-kill shelter. Why were you there?

I was an owner surrender. I was taken there with my 3 brothers and sister. The best I can figure is that we were an accidental litter and the owner didn’t want us or even try to find homes for us.

Chance Shelter Photo


What was it like at the shelter?

It was very scary. It was cold and it smelled bad. The other dogs barked all the time; they were all scared too. None of us understood what we were doing there. I was kept in a cage with my siblings until they were all adopted and then I was alone.


How old were you?

I was 5 weeks old when I entered the pound.


How long were you there?

I was there for 2 long weeks. I was adopted the day before I was scheduled to be euthanized.


How did you find your forever home?

Facebook helped me find my home! A very kind volunteer group posted my picture on Facebook and that’s how my family saw me for the first time. It was almost a week after my human “mom’s” 18th birthday and she wanted to adopt a dog from the pound. I was her first pound rescue! An interesting story, actually. Originally, my human “mom” had picked out a different pup from the pictures on Facebook. However, that litter already had rescue and weren’t available for adoption. The volunteers told her about me and she saw my picture. Something about my picture told her to pick me and she said “I want him.” Two days later(the pound is closed on weekends), the two-leggeds were there before the pound even opened to adopt me!



Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it and why was your name changed?

Yes, I did have a different name. My name there was Jack. Once I was in her arms and we were outside of the pound, my person said, “I think I’m going to name him Chance, for his second chance at life.” It was truly a new beginning for me, Darko.


What was it like meeting your forever family for the first time?

It was very strange and nerve-wracking. I was afraid they wouldn’t want me, since someone had already given up on me. As my human held me for the first time, I was shaking like a leaf, but I still managed to give her kisses and lick her fingers. I just wanted to be loved so badly.

collage Chance first day


Did you settle in to your new home quickly, or did it take a while for you to adjust?

I settled in very quickly! Once I got home and had a nice bath, got some food in my belly, and was given new toys, I did zoomies back and forth through the house for two hours! I suddenly had all this energy. I knew I was finally safe!

First Day


Are there any big differences in you from then to now?

The biggest difference I think is my energy. That first day, when I was so energetic, I’ve been energetic ever since! However, now I have a good bond with my human “mom,” too! And despite all of my energy, I do obey commands (most of the time, BOL!)


Shy, you were adopted from the same high-kill shelter, correct? Why were you there?

Yes, that is correct, Darko. I was picked up as a stray.


What was it like at the shelter?

It was closed in. I was used to seeing wide open skies and having my freedom. It was a big change for me to suddenly be put in a cage in a windowless building. We don’t see outside again at that place unless we get adopted, pulled into foster, or rescued. 

Shy Shelter Photo


How old were you?

I’m not sure. I was listed as a “Friendly, Young Male Dog.” We think I was around one and a half or two years old at the time.


How long were you there?

I was there for a week on Stray Hold. My adoption fee had been paid by a sponsor because there was no interest in me and they wanted to help my chances. When my stray hold was up, I was pulled into foster. I only stayed in foster for 2 days, though, before I was adopted. My human actually didn’t know I was in foster and went to the pound to get me on Sunday. The pound was closed, but the worker was there feeding the animals and cleaning the cages. He then told her that I had been pulled into foster, so she went home, messaged the volunteers, and got in contact with my foster. I was adopted the next day.


How did you find your forever home?

The two-leggeds actually weren’t looking for another pet when they stumbled across my picture. My human “mom” and her parents were looking on the volunteer Facebook page through the animals who had been rescued and saw that there was a “RED ALERT” for the pound as it was full. (Euth day is usually every other Tuesday.) Somehow, they were going through the available albums and stumbled upon my pictures. I had 2, maybe 3, shares and no rescue/adoption commitments. They weren’t sure about getting another dog and continued looking through the album. However, my human’s mind kept going back to me. She said there was something about me that she could feel even from looking at my picture. They met with my foster and adopted me a few days later.



Did you have a different name at the shelter? If so, what was it and why was your name changed?

My human “mom” thinks the volunteers gave me a name, but she doesn’t know what it was. I was known as “#681.” From my picture, she was going to name me Riley or Cash. However, when she met me, she didn’t think either of those names suited me. Later that night, she decided on Shy for my timid, sweet behavior.


What was it like meeting Chance and your forever family for the first time?

It was very strange, Darko. I didn’t meet Chance until they got me home (due to Chance being afraid of new/strange people, he couldn’t come meet me when they met the foster.) However, meeting my family was so fun! On the ride home, I sat in the back seat with my human “mom” and cuddled the hall way! I LOVE hugs and she found that out very quickly, BOL! When I wasn’t trying to cuddle with her, I would put my chin on her shoulder and just look at her face. I couldn’t believe I finally had a family. I was afraid if I looked away, I’d be wake up back at the pound or on the streets again.


Did you settle in to your new home quickly, or did it take a while for you to adjust?

It actually took a while for me to adjust. I didn’t bark at all for the first 3 months. I didn’t know how to play, either. I was shy and timid (and yet very sweet) for such a long time at first.


Did you and Chance get along at first? Or did you need some time to get to know each other?

Well, I’ll be honest with you, Darko. For the first few months, Chance and I had to be separated from each other. When I first met him, we got into a fight. However, our human worked with both of us on that (using positive reinforcement methods!) She took us out for walks together, using the help of her brother. Finally, neither of us would “posture” at the other one any more and we started to play and be true “brothers!”

DSCN2454_edited resized


Are there any big differences in you from then to now?

Oh yeah, definitely. I used to be so afraid of everything. If someone moved too quickly, I would crouch down to the ground with my tail between my legs. I bark now. A lot. BOL! Oh, and now I know how to play! I play and zoom around. I don’t react to dogs any more. Before, I would react so quickly, there were almost no body languages/signs. Now, I ignore them until I’m allowed to greet them and I greet them the right way. I’ve made a lot of doggy friends!



You have been trying to help fellow furry friends since you first started your Facebook page. What is it you do?

We try to do a little bit of everything on our Facebook page, Darko! We crosspost and share animals in need. We post happy tails, freedom rides, and try and shed light on all the beautiful animals waiting for their homes in shelters. When we share our stories, we hope we inspire others to adopt a pet.


Do you have any tips or advice for others wanting to do the same?

Chance: Any help you can offer is so much more than doing nothing. Please remember that. Without those tirelessly sharing and networking, thousands of animals wouldn’t have been noticed by their forever homes.

Chance Leaves

Shy: Never get discouraged and keep your head up. We understand the heartache and frustration when you feel like you can’t help them all. But like Chance already said, any help you can offer is so much more than sitting idly by. Share, network, crosspost, adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, educate, etc.!



Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Chance: Despite some of the myths, shelter animals are not broken. We all need love and just because someone has given up on us before does not mean there is necessarily something “wrong” with us.

Shy: There are pets of all shapes, sizes, ages, and breed in the shelter! You never know when you’ll hit the jackpot!!


Do you use any other social media besides Facebook that we can share with our readers?

We have a Youtube Channel that we put most of our videos on. The URL is:


The Boys

Thank you for having us on your blog, Darko! We have had a pawsome time speaking with you and feel so honored that you wanted to interview us! Woof!


A few more photos…

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What a wooftastic story! Don’t you think? Thank you so much Chance and Shy for doing this interview with me. It was pawsome to have you here!

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