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More Yam Chews? My Favourite!


As many of you already know, my favourite treat of all time is yam chews! They’re chewy and tasty, a little sweet and a whole lot of delicious! Whenever I get an especially chewy one, I get really excited and have to show it to my kitties. So I pace around the house until I find a kitty to throw my treat at, leaving behind lots of drool.

Since I love these yam chews so much, I thought it might be useful to share with my furiends some helpful tips for their humans when making these yummy threats!

1. Make sure the humans have selected only the highest quality yam. This is usually done with a quick sniff and a light nibble.


2. Keep a close eye on the humans at all times. As you may know, they can be easily distracted and might need your help staying focused. See, here I am pointing out that the oven temperature is set slightly high, which can lead to drier chews. Silly humans!


Everything appears to be in order here. You may proceed, humans!


3. Pull the smaller and thinner pieces out so they don’t overcook… plus they make great taste testers!



4. Be patient. Making yummy chews takes a long part of the day… but the wait will be worth it!


It’s even harder waiting for them to cool off!


And most of all, enjoy them tremendously! Get silly! Whine and prance around the house, holding your treat and drooling while you show it off to your kitties or fur-siblings or whoever you like to show your prized goodies too. It is, after all, your new favourite treat!



Click HERE to see the full recipe!

4 thoughts on “More Yam Chews? My Favourite!”

  1. Oh Darko! What a great lesson! You need your own show on Food Network! I have never tried these before, but going to make them for my Daisy and Doolittle, this weekend! I presume these are fat free? pssst Daisy has a weight problem and on a diet, she is very sensitive so we don’t talk about it lol :) <3

    1. Pawsome!! I heard my humans talking about making more this weekend too. Hope your pups enjoy them! And don’t worry, they are fat free and drooltasticly delicious!

  2. I just love your facial expressions and how patient you are while your human makes those yam chewz for you :) Oh yeah….thanks for the recipe :) Gotta make those for Sydney’s doggie siblingz :)

    1. I do my best to be patient… Usually, I’ll play with the kitties to keep my mind off how long they take to bake. BOL! Hope your pup trio likes them. I give these treats two paws up. They are my absolute favourite and I recommend them to any and every dog out there!

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