Just Another Day At Darko’s House

My day usually starts bright and early when my humans get up for work. The alarm goes off but I ignore it. I like to sleep in so I just grunt, roll over and wait until my humans insist that I get up.

Once I’m up I’ll go outside for a few minutes and do my morning duties. Then it’s off to the living room for a early morning nap in front of the fireplace. Sometimes the kitties will join me too.


If Frenzy’s not chasing Mom around the house demanding breakfast, he’s most likely bird watching and dreaming of breakfast. Yep, he’s a Lab kitty. Always has food on the brain. BOL!


Sometimes Ravage will join Frenzy on his bird watch. Especially if there are lots of birds (or bunnies) in the yard.


Deunan is like me and isn’t the best morning kitty. She’d rather sleep in and it usually takes her a while to wake up so she just hangs out and stares blankly at nothing. But once she’s awake she can be quite the silly girl.


The fireplace is my best friend first thing in the morning… Eventually it gets too warm and I have to move off my bed to the couch. But only for a few minutes. Then I move back to my bed again. BOL!


Once everybody is up it’s time for my morning walk.


We go down to the docks a lot for my morning walks. It’s such a nice place and there’s always lots to sniff. I like to practice my agility skills too when I’m there.


Can you see me? I like to go check out the water when I’m there. I am a water dog, after all.


Doesn’t the water look perfect for swimming? I always make sure to go down and at least stick my paws in.


After my morning walk it is time for breakfast.


Deunan and I are the patient ones so we sit back and wait. The Cons, on the other paw, are always under our humans feet getting in the way. You’d almost think they never get fed. BOL! Silly kitties.


After breakfast it is back to the fireplace for a relaxing nap while I wait for my humans to get ready for their day.


Ravage usually goes to the kitty tower after breakfast for his morning bath while he stares out the window.


Once I’ve had a nice short nap my the fireplace I like to get out all of my toys and play with them while whining and prancing around the house. My favourite toy after mealtime is Coon, but I will play with any of my toys because I love them all.


My other favourite toy is Frog. We like to wrestle! Especially if there is a human involved. Then it’s extra fun!


If Frenzy is in a good mood he’ll snuggle up with Deunan or Ravage (or even me sometimes). Aren’t they cute? It doesn’t usually last though. When Frenzy decides he doesn’t want to snuggle anymore then he makes sure to let everyone else know.


Once my humans and I have gone to and come back from work, it’s time for more fun.

After being at doggie daycare all day I almost always want to play with my tennis ball and the kitty tunnel. It’s one of my favourite games. (See my Facebook page for a few videos)


Then after some fun with my toys and my kitties it’s dinner time and then back to the fireplace for a nap.


Usually Ravage is quite silly after dinner. Must be that full belly of his. He likes to sprawl out and take up my entire dog bed. BOL! But I love my big bro so I don’t mind sharing.

Besides, how could any pup kick that guy off? Doesn’t he look comfy?


After the kitties and I have a good nap and some fun play time it’s off to bed. Frenzy will usually stay up with our humans but the rest of us almost always go curl up somewhere warm and cozy. And me? Well, I’ve got to claim my place on the bed so I can almost always be found on my humans pillows snoozing away. It’s the best spot in the house. But what dog wouldn’t think so, right?

So there you have it. Just another day at my house. Nothing too exciting. We’re just your regular cat-dogs and dog-cats. BOL!

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