Adventure Time With My Kitties

The sun was shining bright and it was making us restless. We wanted outside so the kitties and I paced around the house until our humans got the hint, and with the kitties meowing and chirping and following our humans around attempting to trip them – it didn’t take long. BOL!

After we got suited up we had to sit and wait at the back door – just like every other time we go out – until our humans said the magic work (“okay”) and then we charged out. Let the fun begin!

First, I found my old ripped up tennis ball. It’s really fun to play with if you grab it by a strand and shake it so whips around and smacks you in the face. Then you can toss it in the air and catch it now and again to add a bit of showmanship. ***wink wink*** Yep, old broken toys are pawsome!

Then, once I had my fun with my old tennis ball I found a few sticks of bamboo and chewed and ripped them in to small pieces. After that, I basked in the sun because DOG was it warm out!

DSCF7008 resized

Ravage went straight to his favourite chewable greens and started munching away. My kitties love to eat grass. I’ll have the odd nibble on a green blade but mostly leave that to my fur-siblings.


“Mmmmm… These blades of grass hiding in this plant are delicious!”


After Ravage had his fill of green goodness, he checked on me…

collage 1

…¬†and then Frenzy, said hello to Deunan (who was hiding under the bamboo) and then strolled over to the water bucket.

He still has a little piece of grass on his chin. Can you see it? BOL!


Deunan hiding by the bamboo.


Then she found a sunbeam, got comfortable and eventually had a long bath.


I was enjoying a sunbeam too. A really REALLY big one! BOL! I LOVE sun basking. My humans will only let me do it for so long, but if I could I would stay in the sun for hours. It just feels so nice on my fur.


After Ravage sat by the water bucket for a while, he made his way to a nice sunny spot and had a short catnap.


Frenzy, of course, was at the far side of the yard prowling around in his jungle. He ate some grass, stalked some bugs and birds that flew by, climbed the two big golden plum trees several times, paced the perimeter of the yard searching for a way to escape when the humans weren’t looking then gave up and ate more grass, stalked more bugs and birds, played with a few sticks and.. well, I think you get the idea.

Frenzy is the only one out of the four of us who doesn’t really ever enjoy a sunbeam or follow our humans around the yard. He is constantly prowling his jungle and stalking his prey. In his head, I’m pretty sure he believes he is a giant black panther.


Ravage kept following Mom around and being silly for the camera. He likes the attention.


After Deunan had a long bath in a sunbeam she climbed up in to the bamboo and found another sunbeam, then rolled around and had yet another bath.


Once Ravage had his fill of sunbeams he found a shady spot in the bamboo with just a little bit of sun for his face. I went and checked on him several times and gave him kisses. He’s my favourite fur-sibling.


Can you see Ravage? He’s practicing his camouflage techniques. BOL!


Frenzy checking out the lemon grass plant looking for new grass blades to munch on.


After we had our fill of sun in the great outdoors that is our back yard, we all went back inside the house. Except for Deunan. She was still curled up in the bamboo enjoying the fresh air. Doesn’t she look comfy? Mom felt bad moving her so she let her have a few more minutes and took some photos (of course!).


It was another grand adventure with my kitties. We just LOVE adventure time in the jungle that is our back yard! What is your favourite thing to do with your fur-siblings?

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