Darko 2

My Sunday At The Beach

Sunday was a really nice day so my humans took me to the beach. I was so excited! When we arrived I started whining and trembling because I was really REALLY excited. My humans had to calm me down before we continued to the water. I LOVE the water and especially love splashing in the ocean, chasing sticks and rocks, rock hunting and beach combing.

Darko collage 1

Shake it off! I made sure to get close to my humans before doing so. They just love that. BOL!

Darko 1

Dad was throwing sticks and rocks for me to chase…

Darko 3

I could play this game all day long!

Darko 4

Can you see the two ducks in the photo below? I tried to sniff them a few times but they kept paddling just out of reach.

Darko 2

I am soaked but do you know what that means? I’m a happy dog!

Darko 5

I tried to say hello to a heron…

Darko heron 1

But every time I got close it flew further away.

heron and crow

After I raced around for a while I decided to go stand out in the water and have a break while I watched the birds and boats and everything else. I was quite a ways away but Mom used her fancy zoom thing to get a close up of me. Do I look tired to you? Well, I am!

Darko 6

After my short break it was crazy zoomies time!!!

Check out my silly faces. BOL! Zoomies are so much fun! Do you like to do crazy zoomies?

collage 2

My favourite pastime at the beach? Rock hunting! I only found a few though so I didn’t hunt for long this time.

Darko 7

As we were leaving the beach I found this rock and it smelled funny, so I had to roll on it! BOL!

Darko 8

My paw print in the muddy sand.

Darko paw print

Posing under the maple tree.

Darko 9

Ready to head back. “Please put that leash device on me, my human.”

Darko 10

Heading back to the car.

Darko 11

I was so tired when we got home that I had a long nap! But it was a pawsome beach adventure.

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