Darko walk 3

Find The Starfish

While the kitties were enjoying their Lazy Caturday I was having a busy Saturday. I played with all my toys, wrestled with my humans and Frog, watched for bunnies and went on a nice long walk too.

For our walk we went down to the docks – which is one of my favourite places to go – and since it was low tide we explored the rocks in search of sea creatures and found a lot of starfish, some baby crabs and a tiny eel.

Can you find all the starfish in this post?

Darko walk 1

Looking for the rocks I like to hunt. I’m quite picky when rock hunting. Not just any rock will do.

Darko walk 2

“Sooo… I’m not finding any rocks. Maybe you could throw something for me to fetch instead?”

Darko walk 3

Continuing my rock hunt. There’s gotta be one around here somewhere…

Darko walk 5

My silly face photo of the day. BOL!

Darko walk 6

A few of the purple starfish we saw… (Yes, these are included in the total starfish count for this post)

starfish collage

Some of the baby crabs and the tiny eel we found. Can you see them?

crabs and eel collage

Did you see them all? There are four baby crabs and one tiny eel. They blend in to the rocks and sand real well so are quite difficult to see. My humans put the baby eel in the water after Mom took a photo. It was beached with the crabs under one of the many rocks.

Darko walk 4

So how many starfish have you found so far? There are nine altogether. Above is the last one. Can you see it?

Darko walk 8

My rock hunt turned up rockless so I decided to stand in the water and hope my humans would throw a stick for me to fetch or a rock to hunt down.

They did toss a few pebbles for me, and Dad threw a crab leg he found too but they didn’t throw anything far enough for me to have to swim to it. I didn’t even need to go up to my belly.

Oh well. Maybe next time the weather will be nicer so I can go for a big swim, fetch sticks and dive for rocks.

Darko walk 7

After my water fun I made sure to check all my messages before we returned home.

Darko walk 9

While I did my business, Mom took some photos of a tree. Look at all those potential sticks! That would be a lot of fetching. Or maybe chewing…

Hmmm… I will have to speak with my humans about this stick source. It is quite possible they have no idea that there are sticks growing in the tree so I must bring it to their attention the next opportunity I get.


After I checked all of my messages and left a few replies it was time to return home to my lazy kitties.

Darko walk 10

When I arrived home, my kitties still refused to get up and play with me so I went and watched the hockey game with my humans. They were cheering for these “Canucks” but I don’t know who that is. I find hockey boring and can’t figure out why my humans watch it.

The commercials, on the other paw, are much more interesting. Especially that commercial with the noisy chicken. I watched that one very closely.

Darko watchingn TV

Do you think there is a noisy chicken channel? I’d watch that show for sure! I guess I will have to look in to that.

Hmmm… Yet another thing to discuss with my humans. Maybe I should start taking notes.

Nah, this dog never forgets!

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