Deunan 2

Lazy Caturday

Saturday was a lazy day for my kitties. All three of them slept almost the entire day, only bothering to get up for the necessities of life.

The reason why they were so lazy? It was cloudy and raining outside. On sunny days my kitties will pace around the house and demand to be let out, but on rainy days they are very lazy and sleep and sleep and sleep. We usually won’t see them until dinner time. BOL!

Here’s some Lazy Caturday photos…

Frenzy 2

Frenzy sleeping on MY blanket. But I’m a nice little brother and share my things. Besides, if I didn’t, Frenzy would beat me up.

Frenzy 3

Frenzy when he realized photos were being taken of him…

Frenzy 1

Ravage napping on the kitty tower.

Ravage 1

Ravage 2

Deunan getting her beauty sleep in her favourite basket.

Deunan 3

Deunan 2

Deunan being cute for the camera while purring loudly. She even drools sometimes. BOL! Nothing like Ravage though. He’s worse than most dogs I know.

Deunan 1

What lazy kitties, don’t you think? I wasn’t so lazy. In fact, I had quite the opposite day. I played with all my toys and went on a nice walk too. On the walk my humans and I saw a bunch of starfish, some baby crabs and a tiny eel. It was pawsome! But I’m saving those pictures for my next post so make sure to check back soon.

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