Darko bunnies


OMD bunnies!

***Darko races to the front window, whining and wiggling***

I have to keep watch over my bunnies because there is this big mean kitty that comes around and chases them. I don’t like that kitty and when I see him I growl and bark loudly at him so he runs away.

Gotta protect my baby bunnies, right?

bunny 1

This time Mom managed to sneak a few pictures of the bunnies from inside the house. Usually they run away when my humans walk to the window but Mom moved very slowly this time and they stayed.

How many bunnies can you see in the photo below? 

Darko bunnies

Can you see the piece of grass the little black bunny is munching on? You should have seen how fast it ate it! That blade of grass disappeared in seconds!

bunny 4

Ravage likes to watch the bunnies too. Growing up he had two chinchilla friends and so he gets really excited when he sees them. Probably thinks they are his old buddies.

Frenzy, on the other paw, just gets hungry. I don’t think he would be very nice to them.

Ravage and Frenzy

Deunan could care less about the bunnies. She’s more of a bird watching kind of girl.


Isn’t the bunny cute? All the bunnies visiting our yard are babies and are super tiny! Probably half of Deunan’s size and that is small!

bunny 3

Frenzy keeping watch from the kitty tower while day dreaming about dinner. He’s the wild one of the family.


But don’t worry, I promise to never EVER let Frenzy outside with the baby bunnies unsupervised.

Oh! Gotta run, friends. That mean kitty is back so I, as the bunnies guardian and watch dog, have some duties to perform.

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