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Low Tide And A Giant Starfish

Dad picked me up from doggie daycare just after lunch and while we waited for Mom to finish work we came home and I had my customary afternoon nap. Then when it stopped raining Dad took me on a walk to the waterfront.

It was extra fun because I got to do lots of beach combing! There are a lot of things to smell and dig for under the pier when the water disappears.


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A few crazy seagulls were really noisy and circled above us. They didn’t like us there so we had to be careful not to get pooped on!

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Can you see the seagulls? They are difficult to spot in the photo above and below but they are there. BOL!

Darko 4

Look at all those barnacles!

Darko 5

Doing my beach combing round. There is almost always pawsome stuff to find and sometimes something to roll on too!

Darko 6

Dipping my paws in the ocean. I had to walk quite a ways out to do so. The tide was extra low today.

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Further on I spotted something funny-looking in the water and I had to show Dad… and it was a giant starfish! Dad said it was probably as big as Deunan!

huge starfish 1

Isn’t it huge? You have to keep in mind that we are standing about eight or more feet away in the photo above. Dad used his zoom to get the photo below.

What a giant!

huge starfish 2

After lots of running and digging and sniffing, I was ready to go home… but not before playing hide-and-seek with Dad!

Can you find me? Dad did. He said my nose gave me away!

Darko 8

2 thoughts on “Low Tide And A Giant Starfish”

    1. And it was HUGE! Wish you could have seen it, Jman! There’s always lots of small purple ones where I live but I’ve never seen one this size before.

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