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“These Paws Were Rescued” – Stylish Sydney

“These Paws Were Rescued” – April 2014

Stylish Sydney

Sydney and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. She is a gorgeous tabby cat and a super pawsome friend, always willing and eager to help out a fellow furry in need. Being a rescue kitty, she knows what it is like for other shelter animals out there and shares photos of furry friends looking for their own forever homes on her Facebook page.

Sydney lives with a wonderful family and now has SIX fur-siblings! We’ll talk about them a little later on, but first let me introduce you to my beautiful feline friend, Stylish Sydney.


fav pic 2

Stylish Sydney

Darko: Thank you so much for joining us today, Sydney! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Sydney: Oh thank youz so very much Darko :) The pleasure iz all mine <3 I iz honored that youz chose to interview me :)

Darko: Well, I’ve got a lot of questions for you, my friend, so let’s get started…


What is your favourite… Food/Treat? 

Favorite food iz Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets or anything other flavorz mom feeds me MOL :)

… Toy?

And my favorite toy iz the laser that my beautiful furriend Mizz Furry bottom sent me from Canada!! Oh and I plan on catching that red dot one day :)

… Catnap spot?

My favorite Catnap spot iz the upstairs bedroom where the pawsome SUNBEAMZ come in during the morning. I just love those :)

… Pastime?

My favorite pastime iz watching the birdiez from my cat tower and chattering my teeferz at them :) Watching birdiez iz serious business youz know!

… Sibling?

My favorite sibling iz Cassie my 10 year old Shih-Tzu sisfur. She iz the same age as me and the same size..MOL :) Actually she iz very laid back compared to Zoey the 1 1/2 year old pittie and Capt’n Jack the pit mix that iz 1 1/2 Those two are always wrestling! Cassie getz in the middle of them and barkz at them to stop :) And they do :) Oh I just lovez Cassie for that :)




Do you prefer… Dog bed or cat bed? 

*Gigglez* I prefer momz head…MOL! She had to put another pillow above her head so I would stop sleeping on her head and grooming her hair….hmpft…thought I waz doing herz a favor! Apparently NOT!!! Guess not getting enough sleep before youz haz to go to work in the morning iz not a good thing :) That Mom iz so silly :)

… Sunbeam or blanket?

Oh I most definitely prefer the SUNBEAMZ! They feel so wonderful on my face :) And I stretch out to really enjoy them :)

… Catnip or peppermint?

I haz lotz of Catnip toyz that I roll all over on :) I even droolz a lil bit! Oh I never haz tried the peppermint!! MOM….what iz this I hear about peppermint?!?! How come we haz never had it?!?! Darko…. I haz to further investigate this for surez!!!!


Where were you adopted from, Sydney?

I waz adopted from the Shelter in Noblesville, Indiana. It iz a wonderful Shelter where the people that work/volunteer there network their animals by making them Facebook pages and ask people/pet pagez to share them. That iz how mom saw me. I had been at the Shelter for a year and I waz over-looked because I waz a senior girl :( Mom kept going back and checking in on me and it waz breaking her heart. So she decided I waz for her and she didn’t want me to spend Christmas there. So her and dad drove 5 hours to go get me and 5 hours back.


You were at the shelter for almost a year. What was it like?

Oh it waz really sad for me :( I kept getting over-looked. Not many people wanted a senior kitty. I kept going to adoption functions at pet stores and still no one wanted me :( The people that had surrendered me did it on New Years Eve and had said I didn’t get along with other petz! It’z not that I don’t get along with other petz, it’z just I am a laid back senior lady :) And I enjoy my time alone.


Did you have a different name at the shelter?

I think that my name waz Sydney but the Shelter in order to share me on Facebook came up with the catchy name Stylish Sydney :) Funny cause lotz of friends/furriendz think I iz a boy kitty cause of the name Sydney :) But I never correct them…I just smile and thank them for calling me a handsome boy :)


Your “Mom” found you through Facebook because someone shared a photo of you, correct? So do you think that even a single Like or Share has the chance to make a difference for an animal in need?

Oh yez I believe that with all my kitty heart!!! A single like or share can make a difference for an furriend in need. I am living proof of that and so iz my sisfurz Sally Girl, Tabby and Capt’n Jack the pitty mix that waz on death row, minutez away from being euthanized :( And my new brofur kitty Picasso…himz waz going to get euthanized az well but because caring, loving people shared, liked, networked they iz both alive and in their furever loving homez.

Freedom Photo 

shelter pic


Your humans traveled a very long way to adopt you. How did you handle the five hour car ride to your new home?

Oh I waz such a good girl the whole ride home. Mom had a big carrier and a cushiony bed and I just looked around and napped and ate treatz :) MOL…but I haz to tell youz that a couple monthz ago…mom took me for my yearly check-up and I meowed the whole time going there :) Oh good timez :)

Freedom Ride Home

freedom ride


You have five fur-siblings now. How many were at your new home when you arrived?

As of today (March 30th) I now haz 6 fur-siblingz! Yep mom haz lost herz marblez :) But anyhow…the boss of the house waz here when I arrived…that would be Cassie the senior Shih-tzu, Zoey the pitty and Sally Girl and Tabby the adopted kittiez.

At New Forever Home

at new home


What was it like meeting your fur-siblings for the first time?

Well the doggiez didn’t really care….they sniffed me and went on their merry way wondering what treatz they might be getting…MOL :) Tabby the shy kitty avoided me and hid. And Sally Girl kept hissing at me from a distance.

Did you need time to get to know each other?

It took a while for uz to just tolerate each other. I like to hang out upstairs most of the time and I come down to see what’s going on. Usually the big doggiez are wrestling and Cassie iz barking at them. Too much commotion, so I head back upstairs and lounge on the bed. Usually Sally Girl iz either hanging out on the cat tower or sleeping with the doggiez. Deep down I think Sally Girl thinkz she iz a doggie…MOL :) Tabby iz always napping on mom and dadz bed.

What is it like now? Do you all get along?

We just all do our own thing. I iz a mommas girl, so I like to follow mom around :) Sally Girl preferz the doggiez company and iz always massaging/kneading them :) Tabby iz a daddy’s girl and likez to hang out with him. The doggiez love everybody and always want to play with everyone including the kittiez :)


Two of your kitty-siblings, Sally Girl and Tabby, are adopted. What are their stories?

Dad waz looking on Pet Finder and saw a real chubby kitty named Scamper that had been at our local shelter for 5 years. So mom and dad went to meet Scamper and Scamper hid and was no where to be found. (The shelter iz an open shelter, no cages…the kittiez walk around and nap, eat and play) Just the kittens are kept separate and the new arrivals are quarantined. Anyhow mom spotted a real chubby cat in a cage that haz just came in a week ago. Holy Moly that girl waz Sally Girl and she waz morbidly obese at 25 lbs. Well it touched momz heart that when she approached the cage, the morbidly obese kitty could barely move but somehow managed to get up and come over to the end of the cage to be petted and give headbonkz :) Mom fell in-love with this sweet girl and decided she waz coming home with her! Before she left the place they told her that Sally Girl had come in with another kitty named Tabby, who waz petrified and so scared of all the other catz that she had to be kept with kittenz. OMC…long story short…mom adopted both of them :)

Sally Girl and Tabby

Sally Girl and Tabby


What about Zoey and Cassie? How did they come to join your family’s pack?

Cassie waz our first doggie. A lady mom knew said her daughters doggie had puppiez and they wanted to give them away or take them to a shelter. So dad said…lets take one of them. And Cassie chose dad when he picked her up and she hugged him and wouldn’t let go :) So they bought her home! Zoey came to be with uz after my Angel brofur Gizmo kitty passed from a stroke, he waz 11 1/2 yearz old and left Cassie alone without the companion she had know all her life. So dad waz looking in the newspaper for a fur-sibling for Cassie and saw Zoey and fell in love! When mom and dad went to meet her…she kept un-doing momz shoe stringz. So they decided this funny sweet girl waz for them :)

Zoey and Cassie waiting for Dad

Cassie and Zoey waiting for dad


Your fur-sibling Capt’n Jack has quite the story. Tell us about him.

OMC…Capt’n Jack!!! He iz the funniest, sweetest goofball ever :) A friend of moms on FaceBook from S.C. and her pet page The Fleabitten Four share petz in need. They asked her if we could share a dog named Macho Man that waz on the Euth List in S.C. Well Macho Man had the most gorgeous smile. We shared him and kept checking up on him. Hiz smile waz haunting momz dreamz and she couldn’t stop thinking about this boy. You see he waz in a High Kill Shelter and waz picked up az a stray and no one came for himz :( Himz hold waz up and he waz going to be euthanized. Mom heart started beating really fast and she messaged her friend in S.C and said please get him out now, I’ll adopt him!!!! OMC Darko…those ladies worked so hard and so fast cause he waz hourz, then minutes away from being euthanized. They all bombarded the place with phone callz at 6 am in the morning, they start euthanizing by 7 am and they worked on a rescue pulling himz, a foster to take him (at this Shelter Pit Bulls/Pit bull Mixes can only be pulled by a Rescue, they cannot be adopted out) They were all holding their breath and waiting…finally they were told that Macho Man waz safe and waz being pulled by Where Hope Lives. That iz Capt’n Jackz story formerly known az Macho Man!!! Our GOOFBALL with the most gorgeous smile :)

Capt’n Jack

Capt'n Jack


You’ve been trying to help other animals in need since you first started your Facebook page. What is it you do? 

Mom inherited my Facebook page when she adopted me :) My Foster mom started the page for me. That iz how I waz shared :) So then mom thought…what am I going to do with this page now? She then said to me, Sydney we should help furriendz in need!! We should Paw it Forward!! So I try and share a lil bit of everything….. furriendz looking for their furever homez, The Seniors, Shelters, Rescues, Fosters, Donations, Auctions, Fundraisers and any kind of help. I like to share fun thingz and thingz that my friends/furriendz post to my page as well.

Do you have any advice for others who want to help animals in need too?

My advice for those that would like to help furriendz in need iz to purrease like and share. Just a simple click could save a life!


Is there anything else you do that you would like to share with us?

We haz a new family member! He iz a 6 year old boy kitty that waz going to be euthanized in a High Kill Shelter in Tampa Bay, Florida Himz name iz Picasso…formerly known az Jimmy. Owner surrender, they were moving and didn’t want to take himz :( Me and mom shared himz and it waz breaking our heartz. Mom decided to adopt himz :) We so wish we could save them all!!! It iz so heart breaking to see all these innocent babies being put to sleep everyday :( We hope to see the day when there are NO Kill Shelters…NO Puppy Mills and people ADOPT Don’t SHOP!!!




These Paws Were Rescued 

paws 3


Sydney: My handsome furriend Darko, thank youz for this wonderful opportunity to tell youz my story and the story of my fur-siblingz and how we came to have our forever homez. It waz so funz and a pleasure!!!


A few more photos of Stylish Sydney and her fur-siblings…


fav pic 3

paws 2

fav pic 1

fav pic 4

Sally Girl

Sally Girl



Zoey and Capt’n Jack

Zoey and Capt'n Jack


Isn’t that a beautiful story? Thank you so much Sydney and family for sharing it with us! And a big warm welcome to your new family member, Picasso! We look forward to seeing him from time to time on your Facebook page. 

Sniff out Sydney’s page and paw the Like button to get all the latest updates from her pack at Stylish Sydney.


This has been our very first edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining us so stay tuned! 

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! We’d love to hear it!

2 thoughts on ““These Paws Were Rescued” – Stylish Sydney”

  1. OMC….Darko!!! Yous did such a FANTABULOUS job on thiz interview!!! Hmmm…..maybe thiz iz your calling my furriend. An INTERVIWER :) Youz asked wonderful questions and made it fun!!! I loved how youz put it together <3 It came out beautifully! Thank youz for giving me the opportunity to tell my rescue story and how me and my siblingz came to find our loving furever home <3 Love youz Darko <3 And thank youz to youz and youz mom for choosing to interview me :)

    1. Oh I am so delighted you enjoyed doing it! We sure enjoyed having you! Maybe you are right and this is my calling… You just never know. I guess we’ll find out! ***wiggles*** Thanks again for participating, Sydney! Love your story! We keep coming back to read it and look at the photos even though we already have a dozen times. BOL! Thanks again for sharing it with us. ***nubby wags***

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