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“These Paws Were Rescued” – Ravage And Frenzy, The Decepticon Brothers

I am very excited to announce that we are finally ready to reveal our monthly feature!

My humans and I want to help raise awareness for all shelter animals and show people that they are just as pawsome as every other animal out there. So every month we will be featuring a fellow furry friend who was adopted from a shelter or rescued from an ugly situation and share their story of how they came to be where they are now.

Some of the interviews may make you laugh or even cry, but they all have a happy ending in common: a loving forever home to call their very own.

I was a little nervous about interviewing my fur-friends so I decided to start with my two older brothers Ravage and Frenzy or the “Cons” as we like to call them (being both named after Decepticon Transformers). We’ll call it the warm-up round. BOL!

So without further barking, here we go. I give you the introductory issue to my new monthly feature: “These Paws Were Rescued.”



Ravage and Frenzy, the Decepticon Brothers

“Thanks so much for being here with us today, Cons. It’s great to have you both.

Frenzy rolls his eyes. “Well first of all we live here and second, you didn’t really give us much of a choice.”

“Yes, I did. You are free to walk away at any time, but unless you complete this interview I will not share my dog treats with you.”

“That’s not a choice! Of course I want your dog treats! How long is this going to take, anyway? How many dog treats will I get?” 

Ravage smacks Frenzy on the top of his head. “Would you forget about food for a few minutes so we can get started, please?”

Frenzy scowls at Ravage, lowers his ears, then smacks Ravage back and the two engage in a paw-smacking kitty brawl.

Darko starts whining and looks to Mom for help.

Mom sighs. “Decepticons, enough!”

Ravage and Frenzy immediately stop their brawl but continue to glare at each other for several long minutes afterwards.

Darko shakes his head. “Brothers” he mutters quietly.

“What was that?” Frenzy asked.

“Nothing” Darko replied quickly. “Lets begin with the questions…”


Where were you adopted from?

Ravage: I was adopted from the Nanaimo SPCA branch here on Vancouver Island in 2007.


Frenzy: I was adopted from the Nanaimo CatNap Society in 2009.



How old were you when adopted?

Ravage: The SPCA thought me to be about eight weeks old.

Frenzy: I was almost ten weeks old.


What was it like at the shelter?

Ravage: I wasn’t at the shelter very long but the humans there seemed nice enough and took care of me and my litter mates, so it was alright I guess. But I sure was glad when I found my forever humans!

Frenzy: I didn’t stay at a shelter because I was a foster kitty. I was a bit out of control as a kitten and gave my foster families a hard time. When Mom and Dad found me I was currently staying with my third foster family because I was such a “handful” so I was really happy to finally have a family for my very own.


Ravage, you were the first of your litter mates to be adopted. Why was that?

Ravage: It was meant to be. Mom and Dad were visiting the SPCA looking for a dog to adopt and on their way out they stopped in to see the cats and give them some pets. As soon as they opened the door to enter the cat room I knew they were my humans. I had just returned from the animal hospital with my litter mates from our “special visit” (but my humans didn’t know that yet) and so we were in a big cage on the far wall of the room. When my humans entered the cat room I got up from the pile of sleepy groggy kitties, walked to the front of the cage and started meowing at them to get their attention. It worked! As soon as they saw me they came straight over and started petting me through the cage as I purred and meowed at them, sticking my paws through trying to pull them closer. After my humans petted me for a few minutes they went to go find a human that could let me out because I was just too cute and they had to snuggle me. When they started walking away from the cage I began to cry loudy and when they returned and the cage door opened I leaped out and latched on to Dad, purring a big kitty purr in Dad’s arms. And that’s where I stayed until it was time to be put back in to the cage with my litter mates, and I didn’t go back willingly. I clung on to Dad and cried but they eventually managed to get me back in the cage. As my humans walked away I threw a big tantrum letting them know I was not happy they were leaving me behind. They were my humans and I was not going to let them get away, but all I could do was scream at them to come back and to my dismay they kept walking. Then a short while later they came back and took me away with them! It was one of the happiest days of my life!


Frenzy, you were the last of your siblings to be adopted. Why was that?

Frenzy: Like I was saying earlier, I was a bit out of control as a kitten and was the “difficult” one, referred to by my foster families as “spirited.” My two litter mates were much better behaved than I and had both been adopted the week before Mom found me. So I guess you could say it was a little rough – but not for me, for my foster families. MOL! It was lonely though. I was only with my foster families at night. During the day I would hang out in a large glass pen all by myself at one of the pet supply stores here in town, which is where Mom saw me. I’m glad I was adopted last though, because otherwise I would never have found my forever family and I don’t know what I’d do without my Mom. I’d be one lost kitty, that’s for sure! MOL!


Did you have a different name at the shelter?

Ravage: The name the shelter gave me was Teddy.

Frenzy: I actually had two names. The first name I was given was Alpha and later I was renamed Zoom-Zoom (which was my name when Mom found me).


Why was your name changed when you were adopted?

Ravage: My Dad is a big fan of Transformers and Ravage was the first cat name that came to mind. It stuck and it suites me well. (Read post My Namesake – Ravage)

Frenzy: Dad wanted my name to be a Transformer like Ravage, but I actually ended up earning my name. They were going to call me Rumble until they witnessed how crazy I was and so they named me Frenzy. (Read post My Namesake – Frenzy)


What was it like when you first arrived at your new forever home?

Ravage: I purred non-stop for the first three days, sneezing every few minutes while exploring my new home. I was really REALLY happy! Still am!

Frenzy: When I arrived at my new house there was two other kitties already here, my older fur-siblings Ravage and Deunan. Ravage hissed at me and then ignored me for exactly seven days but Deunan took me under her paw immediately and showed me the ropes. She acted all mom-like for several months until I started telling her I didn’t want to be smothered anymore.


Are there any big differences from when you were first adopted and now?

Ravage: Well… I drool more. MOL! But other than that I wouldn’t say I’ve changed very much. I still love snuggles, playing with toys, being silly, racing around the house all crazy-like and so on. I will always be me, Ravage the Decepticon.

Frenzy: Hmmm… I would say the biggest change in me is that I now have self-control around food (unless unsupervised, of course) and am able to sit and wait for my meals and any treats or scraps given to me. Other than that, I’m still pretty crazy and I have always been a Mamma’s Boy. (Read post My Name Is Frenzy And I’m A Foodoholic)


When is your birthday?

Ravage: July 13th, 2007

Frenzy: April 1st, 2009


Is there anything you would like to say about adoption?

Ravage: Please don’t over look us black kitties. We aren’t supersticious or anything like that. We are just as loving, playful and smart as all the other kitties out there and we all want forever homes to call our own.

Frenzy: What Ravage said. And BLACK CATS RULE!!! So, about those dog treats…..


These Paws Were Rescued

collage paws


Photos of Ravage and Frenzy

Frenzy and Ravage snuggling.

collage 3

The Decepticons attempting to bust in to their catnip and snacks.

collage 2DSCF3274

Ravage and Frenzy napping on the kitty tower. Check out the look Frenzy is giving. BOL!

collage 1

The Cons posing with their favourite catnip toys.



About the shelter/rescue

Last year, more that 14,000 pets have found new homes through the various adoption programs run by the BC SPCA. In addition to the 36 BC SPCA branches there are 13 satellite adoption centres, and their Drive for Lives program transfers animals to less crowded shelters for a better chance of adoption.

CatNap is a local, not-profit rescue orginazation, run entirely by volunteers. Founded in 1998, CatNap runs a variety of programs including rescuing, fostering, spay/neutering, and of course, adoption. Every year, they help hundreds of cats from Nanaimo and area find new homes.


This has been our introductory issue to “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! For our first feature a very special friend will be joining us so stay tuned. 

Do you have a rescue/adoption story that you would like to share? Email me at! We’d love to hear it!

4 thoughts on ““These Paws Were Rescued” – Ravage And Frenzy, The Decepticon Brothers”

  1. OMC….what a PAWSOME interview!!! I lovez it <3 How wonderful to be rescued and what a beautiful story. Well done my handsome Darko, Ravage and Frenzy!!! Kitty kisses and hugz oxoxo <3

  2. What a pawsome interview! Believe me, after seeing and sharing so many dogs and cats in urgent situations on my news feed just this morning, I really needed this happy and hilarious pawsitive post! Great new project, Darko!!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it! It can be very hard and depressing sharing all those poor souls in desperate need (but HIGH PAW for doing so and thank you!) so I’m glad we could help brighten your day. ***wiggles***

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