Frenzy 1

Frenzy – The April Fools’ Baby

Today was my big brother Frenzy’s 5th birthday. You may be thinking “A black cat born on April Fools’ Day? Sounds like trouble!” Well, you know what? I am not a superstitious pup or anything like that but he IS trouble, from nose to tail! BOL! But not today, though. He was a very well behaved kitty.

Frenzy got to start his day off with a lot of snuggles and a really yummy breakfast. After breakfast Mom gave him a bunch of treats and more snuggles. I was a little jealous today with all the attention Frenzy got but I guess it’s okay since it was his birthday and all.

Then Frenzy got even more treats and still more snuggles and another super yummy meal for his birthday dinner, followed by more treats. What a spoiled kitty! BOL!

After dinner our humans gave Frenzy his birthday present, a catnip worm. The catnip worm is one of his favourite toys since he was first adopted by my humans long before I was born. He chews it, tears it, rips it, gnaws on it, claws it, carries it around and then eventually walks away leaving it for the other cats to enjoy. But he sure does like it and was a very happy kitty when playing with it. Well actually, he was just a happy kitty today!

Happy Birthday, big bro! 

Here’s some photos of Frenzy and his catnip worm.

Frenzy 1

The gnawing has begun…

Frenzy 2

Frenzy with a catnip worm when he was a kitten.

Frenzy 1

Frenzy receiving his birthday present. He was pretty excited! After he got it he carried it to the front door for a good chew.

collage Frenzy with toy

Ravage waiting patiently for his turn.

Ravage waiting for toy

Ravage finally getting a turn with Frenzy’s catnip worm.

Ravage with toy

Want to learn a bit of the history behind today’s widely recognized traditions?¬†Read about April Fools’ Day and some of the many famous hoaxes from the past by clicking on the links.

2 thoughts on “Frenzy – The April Fools’ Baby”

  1. Awwww so sorry we missed Frenzy’s 5th birthday :( Happy Birthday handsome boy!! Hope youz had a PAWSOME day and enjoyed youz worm :) Kitty kisses, hugz and gentle headbonkz oxoxo <3

    1. That’s okay, Sydney! Don’t feel bad. My birthday can last all year so you’re not late at all. MOL! Thanks for the nice wishes! I had a meowtastic birthday! ***mischievous purrs & head-bonks***

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