More Yam Chews? My Favourite!


As many of you already know, my favourite treat of all time is yam chews! They’re chewy and tasty, a little sweet and a whole lot of delicious! Whenever I get an especially chewy one, I get really excited and have to show it to my kitties. So I pace around the house until I find a kitty to throw my treat at, leaving behind lots of drool.

Since I love these yam chews so much, I thought it might be useful to share with my furiends some helpful tips for their humans when making these yummy threats!

1. Make sure the humans have selected only the highest quality yam. This is usually done with a quick sniff and a light nibble.


2. Keep a close eye on the humans at all times. As you may know, they can be easily distracted and might need your help staying focused. See, here I am pointing out that the oven temperature is set slightly high, which can lead to drier chews. Silly humans!


Everything appears to be in order here. You may proceed, humans!


3. Pull the smaller and thinner pieces out so they don’t overcook… plus they make great taste testers!



4. Be patient. Making yummy chews takes a long part of the day… but the wait will be worth it!


It’s even harder waiting for them to cool off!


And most of all, enjoy them tremendously! Get silly! Whine and prance around the house, holding your treat and drooling while you show it off to your kitties or fur-siblings or whoever you like to show your prized goodies too. It is, after all, your new favourite treat!



Click HERE to see the full recipe!

Just Another Day At Darko’s House

My day usually starts bright and early when my humans get up for work. The alarm goes off but I ignore it. I like to sleep in so I just grunt, roll over and wait until my humans insist that I get up.

Once I’m up I’ll go outside for a few minutes and do my morning duties. Then it’s off to the living room for a early morning nap in front of the fireplace. Sometimes the kitties will join me too.


If Frenzy’s not chasing Mom around the house demanding breakfast, he’s most likely bird watching and dreaming of breakfast. Yep, he’s a Lab kitty. Always has food on the brain. BOL!


Sometimes Ravage will join Frenzy on his bird watch. Especially if there are lots of birds (or bunnies) in the yard.


Deunan is like me and isn’t the best morning kitty. She’d rather sleep in and it usually takes her a while to wake up so she just hangs out and stares blankly at nothing. But once she’s awake she can be quite the silly girl.


The fireplace is my best friend first thing in the morning… Eventually it gets too warm and I have to move off my bed to the couch. But only for a few minutes. Then I move back to my bed again. BOL!


Once everybody is up it’s time for my morning walk.


We go down to the docks a lot for my morning walks. It’s such a nice place and there’s always lots to sniff. I like to practice my agility skills too when I’m there.


Can you see me? I like to go check out the water when I’m there. I am a water dog, after all.


Doesn’t the water look perfect for swimming? I always make sure to go down and at least stick my paws in.


After my morning walk it is time for breakfast.


Deunan and I are the patient ones so we sit back and wait. The Cons, on the other paw, are always under our humans feet getting in the way. You’d almost think they never get fed. BOL! Silly kitties.


After breakfast it is back to the fireplace for a relaxing nap while I wait for my humans to get ready for their day.


Ravage usually goes to the kitty tower after breakfast for his morning bath while he stares out the window.


Once I’ve had a nice short nap my the fireplace I like to get out all of my toys and play with them while whining and prancing around the house. My favourite toy after mealtime is Coon, but I will play with any of my toys because I love them all.


My other favourite toy is Frog. We like to wrestle! Especially if there is a human involved. Then it’s extra fun!


If Frenzy is in a good mood he’ll snuggle up with Deunan or Ravage (or even me sometimes). Aren’t they cute? It doesn’t usually last though. When Frenzy decides he doesn’t want to snuggle anymore then he makes sure to let everyone else know.


Once my humans and I have gone to and come back from work, it’s time for more fun.

After being at doggie daycare all day I almost always want to play with my tennis ball and the kitty tunnel. It’s one of my favourite games. (See my Facebook page for a few videos)


Then after some fun with my toys and my kitties it’s dinner time and then back to the fireplace for a nap.


Usually Ravage is quite silly after dinner. Must be that full belly of his. He likes to sprawl out and take up my entire dog bed. BOL! But I love my big bro so I don’t mind sharing.

Besides, how could any pup kick that guy off? Doesn’t he look comfy?


After the kitties and I have a good nap and some fun play time it’s off to bed. Frenzy will usually stay up with our humans but the rest of us almost always go curl up somewhere warm and cozy. And me? Well, I’ve got to claim my place on the bed so I can almost always be found on my humans pillows snoozing away. It’s the best spot in the house. But what dog wouldn’t think so, right?

So there you have it. Just another day at my house. Nothing too exciting. We’re just your regular cat-dogs and dog-cats. BOL!

Adventure Time With My Kitties

The sun was shining bright and it was making us restless. We wanted outside so the kitties and I paced around the house until our humans got the hint, and with the kitties meowing and chirping and following our humans around attempting to trip them – it didn’t take long. BOL!

After we got suited up we had to sit and wait at the back door – just like every other time we go out – until our humans said the magic work (“okay”) and then we charged out. Let the fun begin!

First, I found my old ripped up tennis ball. It’s really fun to play with if you grab it by a strand and shake it so whips around and smacks you in the face. Then you can toss it in the air and catch it now and again to add a bit of showmanship. ***wink wink*** Yep, old broken toys are pawsome!

Then, once I had my fun with my old tennis ball I found a few sticks of bamboo and chewed and ripped them in to small pieces. After that, I basked in the sun because DOG was it warm out!

DSCF7008 resized

Ravage went straight to his favourite chewable greens and started munching away. My kitties love to eat grass. I’ll have the odd nibble on a green blade but mostly leave that to my fur-siblings.


“Mmmmm… These blades of grass hiding in this plant are delicious!”


After Ravage had his fill of green goodness, he checked on me…

collage 1

… and then Frenzy, said hello to Deunan (who was hiding under the bamboo) and then strolled over to the water bucket.

He still has a little piece of grass on his chin. Can you see it? BOL!


Deunan hiding by the bamboo.


Then she found a sunbeam, got comfortable and eventually had a long bath.


I was enjoying a sunbeam too. A really REALLY big one! BOL! I LOVE sun basking. My humans will only let me do it for so long, but if I could I would stay in the sun for hours. It just feels so nice on my fur.


After Ravage sat by the water bucket for a while, he made his way to a nice sunny spot and had a short catnap.


Frenzy, of course, was at the far side of the yard prowling around in his jungle. He ate some grass, stalked some bugs and birds that flew by, climbed the two big golden plum trees several times, paced the perimeter of the yard searching for a way to escape when the humans weren’t looking then gave up and ate more grass, stalked more bugs and birds, played with a few sticks and.. well, I think you get the idea.

Frenzy is the only one out of the four of us who doesn’t really ever enjoy a sunbeam or follow our humans around the yard. He is constantly prowling his jungle and stalking his prey. In his head, I’m pretty sure he believes he is a giant black panther.


Ravage kept following Mom around and being silly for the camera. He likes the attention.


After Deunan had a long bath in a sunbeam she climbed up in to the bamboo and found another sunbeam, then rolled around and had yet another bath.


Once Ravage had his fill of sunbeams he found a shady spot in the bamboo with just a little bit of sun for his face. I went and checked on him several times and gave him kisses. He’s my favourite fur-sibling.


Can you see Ravage? He’s practicing his camouflage techniques. BOL!


Frenzy checking out the lemon grass plant looking for new grass blades to munch on.


After we had our fill of sun in the great outdoors that is our back yard, we all went back inside the house. Except for Deunan. She was still curled up in the bamboo enjoying the fresh air. Doesn’t she look comfy? Mom felt bad moving her so she let her have a few more minutes and took some photos (of course!).


It was another grand adventure with my kitties. We just LOVE adventure time in the jungle that is our back yard! What is your favourite thing to do with your fur-siblings?

My Sunday At The Beach

Sunday was a really nice day so my humans took me to the beach. I was so excited! When we arrived I started whining and trembling because I was really REALLY excited. My humans had to calm me down before we continued to the water. I LOVE the water and especially love splashing in the ocean, chasing sticks and rocks, rock hunting and beach combing.

Darko collage 1

Shake it off! I made sure to get close to my humans before doing so. They just love that. BOL!

Darko 1

Dad was throwing sticks and rocks for me to chase…

Darko 3

I could play this game all day long!

Darko 4

Can you see the two ducks in the photo below? I tried to sniff them a few times but they kept paddling just out of reach.

Darko 2

I am soaked but do you know what that means? I’m a happy dog!

Darko 5

I tried to say hello to a heron…

Darko heron 1

But every time I got close it flew further away.

heron and crow

After I raced around for a while I decided to go stand out in the water and have a break while I watched the birds and boats and everything else. I was quite a ways away but Mom used her fancy zoom thing to get a close up of me. Do I look tired to you? Well, I am!

Darko 6

After my short break it was crazy zoomies time!!!

Check out my silly faces. BOL! Zoomies are so much fun! Do you like to do crazy zoomies?

collage 2

My favourite pastime at the beach? Rock hunting! I only found a few though so I didn’t hunt for long this time.

Darko 7

As we were leaving the beach I found this rock and it smelled funny, so I had to roll on it! BOL!

Darko 8

My paw print in the muddy sand.

Darko paw print

Posing under the maple tree.

Darko 9

Ready to head back. “Please put that leash device on me, my human.”

Darko 10

Heading back to the car.

Darko 11

I was so tired when we got home that I had a long nap! But it was a pawsome beach adventure.

Up Close And Personal

It’s been a really busy week here at our house and we would like to apologize for the lack of posts. We will resume normal programming next week but until then here’s a few close ups of the kitties and I. Do you think we could be model pets? I think Ravage and Deunan could for sure! They are some good looking kitties. But I guess I am a little bias… BOL!

















Me and my big nose





Hope you are all having a great week!

Find The Starfish

While the kitties were enjoying their Lazy Caturday I was having a busy Saturday. I played with all my toys, wrestled with my humans and Frog, watched for bunnies and went on a nice long walk too.

For our walk we went down to the docks – which is one of my favourite places to go – and since it was low tide we explored the rocks in search of sea creatures and found a lot of starfish, some baby crabs and a tiny eel.

Can you find all the starfish in this post?

Darko walk 1

Looking for the rocks I like to hunt. I’m quite picky when rock hunting. Not just any rock will do.

Darko walk 2

“Sooo… I’m not finding any rocks. Maybe you could throw something for me to fetch instead?”

Darko walk 3

Continuing my rock hunt. There’s gotta be one around here somewhere…

Darko walk 5

My silly face photo of the day. BOL!

Darko walk 6

A few of the purple starfish we saw… (Yes, these are included in the total starfish count for this post)

starfish collage

Some of the baby crabs and the tiny eel we found. Can you see them?

crabs and eel collage

Did you see them all? There are four baby crabs and one tiny eel. They blend in to the rocks and sand real well so are quite difficult to see. My humans put the baby eel in the water after Mom took a photo. It was beached with the crabs under one of the many rocks.

Darko walk 4

So how many starfish have you found so far? There are nine altogether. Above is the last one. Can you see it?

Darko walk 8

My rock hunt turned up rockless so I decided to stand in the water and hope my humans would throw a stick for me to fetch or a rock to hunt down.

They did toss a few pebbles for me, and Dad threw a crab leg he found too but they didn’t throw anything far enough for me to have to swim to it. I didn’t even need to go up to my belly.

Oh well. Maybe next time the weather will be nicer so I can go for a big swim, fetch sticks and dive for rocks.

Darko walk 7

After my water fun I made sure to check all my messages before we returned home.

Darko walk 9

While I did my business, Mom took some photos of a tree. Look at all those potential sticks! That would be a lot of fetching. Or maybe chewing…

Hmmm… I will have to speak with my humans about this stick source. It is quite possible they have no idea that there are sticks growing in the tree so I must bring it to their attention the next opportunity I get.


After I checked all of my messages and left a few replies it was time to return home to my lazy kitties.

Darko walk 10

When I arrived home, my kitties still refused to get up and play with me so I went and watched the hockey game with my humans. They were cheering for these “Canucks” but I don’t know who that is. I find hockey boring and can’t figure out why my humans watch it.

The commercials, on the other paw, are much more interesting. Especially that commercial with the noisy chicken. I watched that one very closely.

Darko watchingn TV

Do you think there is a noisy chicken channel? I’d watch that show for sure! I guess I will have to look in to that.

Hmmm… Yet another thing to discuss with my humans. Maybe I should start taking notes.

Nah, this dog never forgets!

Lazy Caturday

Saturday was a lazy day for my kitties. All three of them slept almost the entire day, only bothering to get up for the necessities of life.

The reason why they were so lazy? It was cloudy and raining outside. On sunny days my kitties will pace around the house and demand to be let out, but on rainy days they are very lazy and sleep and sleep and sleep. We usually won’t see them until dinner time. BOL!

Here’s some Lazy Caturday photos…

Frenzy 2

Frenzy sleeping on MY blanket. But I’m a nice little brother and share my things. Besides, if I didn’t, Frenzy would beat me up.

Frenzy 3

Frenzy when he realized photos were being taken of him…

Frenzy 1

Ravage napping on the kitty tower.

Ravage 1

Ravage 2

Deunan getting her beauty sleep in her favourite basket.

Deunan 3

Deunan 2

Deunan being cute for the camera while purring loudly. She even drools sometimes. BOL! Nothing like Ravage though. He’s worse than most dogs I know.

Deunan 1

What lazy kitties, don’t you think? I wasn’t so lazy. In fact, I had quite the opposite day. I played with all my toys and went on a nice walk too. On the walk my humans and I saw a bunch of starfish, some baby crabs and a tiny eel. It was pawsome! But I’m saving those pictures for my next post so make sure to check back soon.


OMD bunnies!

***Darko races to the front window, whining and wiggling***

I have to keep watch over my bunnies because there is this big mean kitty that comes around and chases them. I don’t like that kitty and when I see him I growl and bark loudly at him so he runs away.

Gotta protect my baby bunnies, right?

bunny 1

This time Mom managed to sneak a few pictures of the bunnies from inside the house. Usually they run away when my humans walk to the window but Mom moved very slowly this time and they stayed.

How many bunnies can you see in the photo below? 

Darko bunnies

Can you see the piece of grass the little black bunny is munching on? You should have seen how fast it ate it! That blade of grass disappeared in seconds!

bunny 4

Ravage likes to watch the bunnies too. Growing up he had two chinchilla friends and so he gets really excited when he sees them. Probably thinks they are his old buddies.

Frenzy, on the other paw, just gets hungry. I don’t think he would be very nice to them.

Ravage and Frenzy

Deunan could care less about the bunnies. She’s more of a bird watching kind of girl.


Isn’t the bunny cute? All the bunnies visiting our yard are babies and are super tiny! Probably half of Deunan’s size and that is small!

bunny 3

Frenzy keeping watch from the kitty tower while day dreaming about dinner. He’s the wild one of the family.


But don’t worry, I promise to never EVER let Frenzy outside with the baby bunnies unsupervised.

Oh! Gotta run, friends. That mean kitty is back so I, as the bunnies guardian and watch dog, have some duties to perform.

Low Tide And A Giant Starfish

Dad picked me up from doggie daycare just after lunch and while we waited for Mom to finish work we came home and I had my customary afternoon nap. Then when it stopped raining Dad took me on a walk to the waterfront.

It was extra fun because I got to do lots of beach combing! There are a lot of things to smell and dig for under the pier when the water disappears.


Darko 2

A few crazy seagulls were really noisy and circled above us. They didn’t like us there so we had to be careful not to get pooped on!

Darko 3

Can you see the seagulls? They are difficult to spot in the photo above and below but they are there. BOL!

Darko 4

Look at all those barnacles!

Darko 5

Doing my beach combing round. There is almost always pawsome stuff to find and sometimes something to roll on too!

Darko 6

Dipping my paws in the ocean. I had to walk quite a ways out to do so. The tide was extra low today.

Darko 7

Further on I spotted something funny-looking in the water and I had to show Dad… and it was a giant starfish! Dad said it was probably as big as Deunan!

huge starfish 1

Isn’t it huge? You have to keep in mind that we are standing about eight or more feet away in the photo above. Dad used his zoom to get the photo below.

What a giant!

huge starfish 2

After lots of running and digging and sniffing, I was ready to go home… but not before playing hide-and-seek with Dad!

Can you find me? Dad did. He said my nose gave me away!

Darko 8

“These Paws Were Rescued” – Stylish Sydney

“These Paws Were Rescued” – April 2014

Stylish Sydney

Sydney and I met on Facebook last summer (2013) when I first started my page. She is a gorgeous tabby cat and a super pawsome friend, always willing and eager to help out a fellow furry in need. Being a rescue kitty, she knows what it is like for other shelter animals out there and shares photos of furry friends looking for their own forever homes on her Facebook page.

Sydney lives with a wonderful family and now has SIX fur-siblings! We’ll talk about them a little later on, but first let me introduce you to my beautiful feline friend, Stylish Sydney.


fav pic 2

Stylish Sydney

Darko: Thank you so much for joining us today, Sydney! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Sydney: Oh thank youz so very much Darko :) The pleasure iz all mine <3 I iz honored that youz chose to interview me :)

Darko: Well, I’ve got a lot of questions for you, my friend, so let’s get started…


What is your favourite… Food/Treat? 

Favorite food iz Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets or anything other flavorz mom feeds me MOL :)

… Toy?

And my favorite toy iz the laser that my beautiful furriend Mizz Furry bottom sent me from Canada!! Oh and I plan on catching that red dot one day :)

… Catnap spot?

My favorite Catnap spot iz the upstairs bedroom where the pawsome SUNBEAMZ come in during the morning. I just love those :)

… Pastime?

My favorite pastime iz watching the birdiez from my cat tower and chattering my teeferz at them :) Watching birdiez iz serious business youz know!

… Sibling?

My favorite sibling iz Cassie my 10 year old Shih-Tzu sisfur. She iz the same age as me and the same size..MOL :) Actually she iz very laid back compared to Zoey the 1 1/2 year old pittie and Capt’n Jack the pit mix that iz 1 1/2 Those two are always wrestling! Cassie getz in the middle of them and barkz at them to stop :) And they do :) Oh I just lovez Cassie for that :)




Do you prefer… Dog bed or cat bed? 

*Gigglez* I prefer momz head…MOL! She had to put another pillow above her head so I would stop sleeping on her head and grooming her hair….hmpft…thought I waz doing herz a favor! Apparently NOT!!! Guess not getting enough sleep before youz haz to go to work in the morning iz not a good thing :) That Mom iz so silly :)

… Sunbeam or blanket?

Oh I most definitely prefer the SUNBEAMZ! They feel so wonderful on my face :) And I stretch out to really enjoy them :)

… Catnip or peppermint?

I haz lotz of Catnip toyz that I roll all over on :) I even droolz a lil bit! Oh I never haz tried the peppermint!! MOM….what iz this I hear about peppermint?!?! How come we haz never had it?!?! Darko…. I haz to further investigate this for surez!!!!


Where were you adopted from, Sydney?

I waz adopted from the Shelter in Noblesville, Indiana. It iz a wonderful Shelter where the people that work/volunteer there network their animals by making them Facebook pages and ask people/pet pagez to share them. That iz how mom saw me. I had been at the Shelter for a year and I waz over-looked because I waz a senior girl :( Mom kept going back and checking in on me and it waz breaking her heart. So she decided I waz for her and she didn’t want me to spend Christmas there. So her and dad drove 5 hours to go get me and 5 hours back.


You were at the shelter for almost a year. What was it like?

Oh it waz really sad for me :( I kept getting over-looked. Not many people wanted a senior kitty. I kept going to adoption functions at pet stores and still no one wanted me :( The people that had surrendered me did it on New Years Eve and had said I didn’t get along with other petz! It’z not that I don’t get along with other petz, it’z just I am a laid back senior lady :) And I enjoy my time alone.


Did you have a different name at the shelter?

I think that my name waz Sydney but the Shelter in order to share me on Facebook came up with the catchy name Stylish Sydney :) Funny cause lotz of friends/furriendz think I iz a boy kitty cause of the name Sydney :) But I never correct them…I just smile and thank them for calling me a handsome boy :)


Your “Mom” found you through Facebook because someone shared a photo of you, correct? So do you think that even a single Like or Share has the chance to make a difference for an animal in need?

Oh yez I believe that with all my kitty heart!!! A single like or share can make a difference for an furriend in need. I am living proof of that and so iz my sisfurz Sally Girl, Tabby and Capt’n Jack the pitty mix that waz on death row, minutez away from being euthanized :( And my new brofur kitty Picasso…himz waz going to get euthanized az well but because caring, loving people shared, liked, networked they iz both alive and in their furever loving homez.

Freedom Photo 

shelter pic


Your humans traveled a very long way to adopt you. How did you handle the five hour car ride to your new home?

Oh I waz such a good girl the whole ride home. Mom had a big carrier and a cushiony bed and I just looked around and napped and ate treatz :) MOL…but I haz to tell youz that a couple monthz ago…mom took me for my yearly check-up and I meowed the whole time going there :) Oh good timez :)

Freedom Ride Home

freedom ride


You have five fur-siblings now. How many were at your new home when you arrived?

As of today (March 30th) I now haz 6 fur-siblingz! Yep mom haz lost herz marblez :) But anyhow…the boss of the house waz here when I arrived…that would be Cassie the senior Shih-tzu, Zoey the pitty and Sally Girl and Tabby the adopted kittiez.

At New Forever Home

at new home


What was it like meeting your fur-siblings for the first time?

Well the doggiez didn’t really care….they sniffed me and went on their merry way wondering what treatz they might be getting…MOL :) Tabby the shy kitty avoided me and hid. And Sally Girl kept hissing at me from a distance.

Did you need time to get to know each other?

It took a while for uz to just tolerate each other. I like to hang out upstairs most of the time and I come down to see what’s going on. Usually the big doggiez are wrestling and Cassie iz barking at them. Too much commotion, so I head back upstairs and lounge on the bed. Usually Sally Girl iz either hanging out on the cat tower or sleeping with the doggiez. Deep down I think Sally Girl thinkz she iz a doggie…MOL :) Tabby iz always napping on mom and dadz bed.

What is it like now? Do you all get along?

We just all do our own thing. I iz a mommas girl, so I like to follow mom around :) Sally Girl preferz the doggiez company and iz always massaging/kneading them :) Tabby iz a daddy’s girl and likez to hang out with him. The doggiez love everybody and always want to play with everyone including the kittiez :)


Two of your kitty-siblings, Sally Girl and Tabby, are adopted. What are their stories?

Dad waz looking on Pet Finder and saw a real chubby kitty named Scamper that had been at our local shelter for 5 years. So mom and dad went to meet Scamper and Scamper hid and was no where to be found. (The shelter iz an open shelter, no cages…the kittiez walk around and nap, eat and play) Just the kittens are kept separate and the new arrivals are quarantined. Anyhow mom spotted a real chubby cat in a cage that haz just came in a week ago. Holy Moly that girl waz Sally Girl and she waz morbidly obese at 25 lbs. Well it touched momz heart that when she approached the cage, the morbidly obese kitty could barely move but somehow managed to get up and come over to the end of the cage to be petted and give headbonkz :) Mom fell in-love with this sweet girl and decided she waz coming home with her! Before she left the place they told her that Sally Girl had come in with another kitty named Tabby, who waz petrified and so scared of all the other catz that she had to be kept with kittenz. OMC…long story short…mom adopted both of them :)

Sally Girl and Tabby

Sally Girl and Tabby


What about Zoey and Cassie? How did they come to join your family’s pack?

Cassie waz our first doggie. A lady mom knew said her daughters doggie had puppiez and they wanted to give them away or take them to a shelter. So dad said…lets take one of them. And Cassie chose dad when he picked her up and she hugged him and wouldn’t let go :) So they bought her home! Zoey came to be with uz after my Angel brofur Gizmo kitty passed from a stroke, he waz 11 1/2 yearz old and left Cassie alone without the companion she had know all her life. So dad waz looking in the newspaper for a fur-sibling for Cassie and saw Zoey and fell in love! When mom and dad went to meet her…she kept un-doing momz shoe stringz. So they decided this funny sweet girl waz for them :)

Zoey and Cassie waiting for Dad

Cassie and Zoey waiting for dad


Your fur-sibling Capt’n Jack has quite the story. Tell us about him.

OMC…Capt’n Jack!!! He iz the funniest, sweetest goofball ever :) A friend of moms on FaceBook from S.C. and her pet page The Fleabitten Four share petz in need. They asked her if we could share a dog named Macho Man that waz on the Euth List in S.C. Well Macho Man had the most gorgeous smile. We shared him and kept checking up on him. Hiz smile waz haunting momz dreamz and she couldn’t stop thinking about this boy. You see he waz in a High Kill Shelter and waz picked up az a stray and no one came for himz :( Himz hold waz up and he waz going to be euthanized. Mom heart started beating really fast and she messaged her friend in S.C and said please get him out now, I’ll adopt him!!!! OMC Darko…those ladies worked so hard and so fast cause he waz hourz, then minutes away from being euthanized. They all bombarded the place with phone callz at 6 am in the morning, they start euthanizing by 7 am and they worked on a rescue pulling himz, a foster to take him (at this Shelter Pit Bulls/Pit bull Mixes can only be pulled by a Rescue, they cannot be adopted out) They were all holding their breath and waiting…finally they were told that Macho Man waz safe and waz being pulled by Where Hope Lives. That iz Capt’n Jackz story formerly known az Macho Man!!! Our GOOFBALL with the most gorgeous smile :)

Capt’n Jack

Capt'n Jack


You’ve been trying to help other animals in need since you first started your Facebook page. What is it you do? 

Mom inherited my Facebook page when she adopted me :) My Foster mom started the page for me. That iz how I waz shared :) So then mom thought…what am I going to do with this page now? She then said to me, Sydney we should help furriendz in need!! We should Paw it Forward!! So I try and share a lil bit of everything….. furriendz looking for their furever homez, The Seniors, Shelters, Rescues, Fosters, Donations, Auctions, Fundraisers and any kind of help. I like to share fun thingz and thingz that my friends/furriendz post to my page as well.

Do you have any advice for others who want to help animals in need too?

My advice for those that would like to help furriendz in need iz to purrease like and share. Just a simple click could save a life!


Is there anything else you do that you would like to share with us?

We haz a new family member! He iz a 6 year old boy kitty that waz going to be euthanized in a High Kill Shelter in Tampa Bay, Florida Himz name iz Picasso…formerly known az Jimmy. Owner surrender, they were moving and didn’t want to take himz :( Me and mom shared himz and it waz breaking our heartz. Mom decided to adopt himz :) We so wish we could save them all!!! It iz so heart breaking to see all these innocent babies being put to sleep everyday :( We hope to see the day when there are NO Kill Shelters…NO Puppy Mills and people ADOPT Don’t SHOP!!!




These Paws Were Rescued 

paws 3


Sydney: My handsome furriend Darko, thank youz for this wonderful opportunity to tell youz my story and the story of my fur-siblingz and how we came to have our forever homez. It waz so funz and a pleasure!!!


A few more photos of Stylish Sydney and her fur-siblings…


fav pic 3

paws 2

fav pic 1

fav pic 4

Sally Girl

Sally Girl



Zoey and Capt’n Jack

Zoey and Capt'n Jack


Isn’t that a beautiful story? Thank you so much Sydney and family for sharing it with us! And a big warm welcome to your new family member, Picasso! We look forward to seeing him from time to time on your Facebook page. 

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This has been our very first edition of “These Paws Were Rescued.” Hope you enjoyed it! Next month another special furry friend will be joining us so stay tuned! 

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