Darko Logan 4

A Rude Awakening

Today began with quite the jolt for me. I was sleeping soundly on my big human bed with Dad when suddenly I heard Mom’s voice from the living room.

“Darko, there’s bunnies in the yard” she called quietly from the other side of the house.

Mom claims she was testing my hearing but I’m not so sure. I think she just wanted to get me back for how I woke her up yesterday. I do admit, it was quite the rude awakening. Anyway, back to me sleeping soundly…

When Mom said the word “bunnies” I immediately woke up and leaped out of bed. I raced to the living room as fast as my sleepy legs would let me, squinting and shaking my head in attempts to wake myself up.

On my way to the living room I slipped in the hallway and almost did a face-plant, but managed to recover fast enough to avoid that embarrassment. Then as I turned in to the living room I tripped over two of my toys, the second sending me stumbling on to one of my beds making me almost lose my balance. But even half asleep I somehow regained control and ran up to where Mom was standing. And that’s when I lost any remaining dignity I had left as I crashed ever so gracefully in to the wall below the window in front of Mom.

Needless to say, by the time I got up from the crash, shook my head and looked out the window all the bunnies that had been in the front yard were long gone. At my house, we call that “pulling a Ravage” because he is usually the klutz of the family. Not today though. BOL!

And that’s how I woke up this morning. A rude awakening, indeed.

(Below) Me watching for bunnies.

Darko bunny watching 1

Deunan and Frenzy watching for bunnies.

Deunan and Frenzy bunny watching

Waiting for the bunnies to come back. Can you see my eye-boogers? Yep. Like I said, I literally leaped out of bed from a deep sleep. At least I’m mostly awake in this photo. BOL!


After breakfast and more bunny watching the sky stopped raining and the sun came out so the kitties decided they all wanted to go outside and started the “Let Us OUT” routine.

kitties wanting outside

Ravage waiting patiently by the door.


Deunan waiting patiently by the door, purring loudly.


Frenzy was the only one who did not (and never EVER does) wait patiently and the entire time he was meowing loudly and twitching his tail. When Frenzy wants something he can be VERY demanding and makes sure to vocalize how he feels every few seconds.

kitties waiting to go outside

This is how we tell our humans we want outside. We all wait by the back door. BOL!

kitties and Darko waiting to go outside

But the kitties didn’t get their wish today because my blood brother Logan came over for a play date and my kitties don’t like to go outside when he’s over. Logan and I are always really crazy when we get together and make a LOT of noise as we wrestle and race around the house. My kitties don’t like “loud” so they all went to bed instead.

(Below) Logan and I playing with my toys in the sun. It was extra warm today. Almost felt like summer…

Darko and Logan

A big happy smile from my blood brother Logan X.


Me and two of my favourite toys. Can you see the second one?


Logan and I LOVE to wrestle! This is the only photo from today though because Mom took a short video instead so visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DarkoTheCanaanDog if you’d like to see it. Just click on the link. The video is titled “Wrestle Time!”

Darko Logan wrestling outside

If Logan and I weren’t wrestling, we were playing with my toys. See where I am in the photo below? Sometimes the toys fall off the deck and so I have to retrieve them before they roll underneath. Once in a while this will require the aid of a human but usually I can get them out before that becomes necessary. When I’m bored, however, I’ll drop them down there on purpose just to give myself a challenge. BOL! Yep, I’m weird.

Darko and Logan outside

After Logan and I had a few hours of wrestling and playing with my toys we were ready to go on a walk…

Darko Logan big nose

… So we took my humans to one of my favourite walk spots.

Darko Logan 1

Logan and I had a blast! We zoomed back and forth through the park wrestling and play growling, ran down to the water and dipped our paws for a moment then raced around the park some more. And we did that over, and over, and over… It was pawsome!

In-between all our crazy spurts I found a stick I really wanted down at the water but it was attached to something too big for me to pull out. I tried a few times but it was a stubborn little stick and refused to budge. After several attempts I gave up and went back to playing with my brother.

Darko 1

(Below) Heading to my message posts. There’s usually a lot of messages waiting for me on these ones.

Darko 2

Logan sniffed around the message posts and found a few that he was interested in too.

Logan 1

Then we went back down to the water. Logan and I are both crazy water dogs but my humans told us “no swimming” so we only dipped our paws.

Darko Logan 2

(Below) Having one last look at the water. We really wanted to go swimming.

Darko Logan 3

“Are you sure we can’t go for a quick dip? We’ll shake all the water off afterwards. Promise.”

Darko Logan 5

Making our way back home. No swimming on this walk. Maybe next time we’ll be allowed.

Darko 3

When Logan and I arrived back at my house we continued playing with my toys and wrestling until his humans arrived to take him home. I was a little sad to see him go, but on the other paw it’s probably a good thing because dawg, am I tired! Besides, I’ll see him again soon enough.

But right now I think I’m going to go crash on my bed. This Canaan Mutt is one tired pup! And I also need to claim my pillow before my humans decide it’s bedtime. BOL! Goodnight!

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