Frenzy on kitty tower

Just Another Day

Today started out unlike most days. Mom slept in and when I say “slept in” I mean REALLY slept in. The kitties, Dad and I all tried to wake her up but nothing worked. She was exhausted and just kept sleeping so I curled up beside her to keep her company.

A few hours later, not long before lunch time there was a knock on our door and I went straight in to “protect Mom” mode. I leaped up, stood over her and started barking as loud as I could with my big scary dog bark. I didn’t bark for long because I heard the voice of one of my human Uncles and got all excited but I didn’t need to bark lots to wake Mom up. She was awake within seconds. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? At least now I know for next time… BOL!

Once Mom finally woke up it was time for the fun to begin. I brought out all of my toys and was super silly, prancing around the house and throwing them around. Mom and I played my favourite wrestling game with Frog and then we played some tug and tennis ball too. It was pawsome!

Darko toys silly

Darko toys more silly

Frenzy and Ravage being lazy on the kitty tower.

Frenzy and Ravage on kitty tower

Frenzy being silly for the camera.

Frenzy on kitty tower

“AAAAAAAAAA!!! An evil gremlin!”

Oh.. it’s Frenzy.

Frenzy eyeballs

Deunan watching the birds and the bunnies at the front window.

Deunan at window

Me and my toys hanging out on one of my beds.

Darko toys

Mr. Cool Dude Ravage chillin’ by the fireplace.

Ravage by fireplace


***Ahem*** Right, it’s Frenzy.

Sorry, his face just freaks me out sometimes. Usually when we’re this close there’s a paw not far behind aimed for me.

Frenzy face

Deunan purring loudly while following our humans around.

Deunan on bed

After our late morning fun, Mom, Dad and I took my friend Marley with us for an afternoon walk and we went to the beach and back. It decided to rain on us but we didn’t mind and had a great time. There was a lot of messages for Marley and me and we made sure to sniff and reply to all of them. BOL!

Darko and Marley March 20 2014

After my big walk with Marley I came home and had a long nap.

And it looks like Frenzy was having a good snooze while we were gone. Look at that sleepy face? BOL! He’s a pretty cool guy… Most of the time. When he wants to be. But that’s “catitude” for you, isn’t it!

Frenzy on air chair

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