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I’m A Tortie

You’ve probably already guessed, but I’m a Tortoiseshell Cat or “Tortie” for short. We are almost always female and have quite the personalities and colour combinations.

Did you know that felines of my colouration are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many human cultures? In the United States we are sometimes referred to as money cats. See Tortoiseshell Cat – Wikipedia for more interesting facts about my kind.

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“Tortitude” – from The Conscious Cat

I am a Tortie from nose to tail, personality and all. How well do you know me? Go read the article and tell me what my main Tortie traits are.

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4 thoughts on “I’m A Tortie”

  1. You are a beautiful tortie. However, you republished material in this article that I hold the copyright to. Please remove the content you republished from The Conscious Cat without permission immediately. You may link to the article, but republishing violates the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    1. Hi there. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We are (obviously) complete newbies and had no idea. We have fixed Deunan’s post and the post about Ravage from the other day as it was done in the same style. We sincerely apologize and are reading through the Act right now. Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention and for giving us the chance to fix it. This will not happen again.

        1. Deunan sends purrs and head-bonks back! Thanks again for letting us know. We have read through the Acts and have a much better understanding so thanks for sharing that info. We appreciate it. And thank you for the offer! If we do we will for sure!

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