Ravage 2

The Norwegian Forest Cat

This may come as a shock to you but I am adopted.

Yes, you heard me right. My Mom and Dad are not my real “mom” and “dad” so needless to say I don’t know who my real parents are.

I am a Decepticon, yes, but I have also been told I am a Norwegian Forest Cat and when I read about the breed it was like looking in to a mirror. My humans might be right after all…

Ravage cat 1

What do you think? Do I look and act like one of them? Go read the articles linked below and tell me what you think.

Norwegian Forest Cat – The Cat Fanciers Association

Norwegian Forest Cat – Wikipedia

20131123_143850Ravage cat 2

2 thoughts on “The Norwegian Forest Cat”

    1. ***puffs up chest and winks*** Why thank you, Sydney! ***drooly purrs*** You’re quite the stunner yourself. ***head-bonks***

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