Frenzy 2

Who Let The Cats Out…?

Do you know what happens at my house when the sun comes out? My kitties decide that they are going outside and begin the “Let Us OUT” routine.

It usually starts with Frenzy crying at the door or the window while Ravage paces back and forth throughout the house. While the Cons are doing their thing, Deunan chums up to Mom or Dad purring and meowing at them while following them around and weaving between their legs. This strategy does work on our humans. Not all the time, but more often than not.

Like today, for example, it worked. As soon as Mom arrived home from work the kitties got up and went and sat by the back door. I – being the helpful little brother that I am – leashed them all up and we went outside for a little adventure. Okay, okay, Mom leashed them up for me but I still took them outside and watched over them while they explored and enjoyed their adventure time.

Ravage 1

Ravage waiting for one of our humans to “untangle” him because he  thinks he is stuck (but he’s not).

Frenzy 1

Frenzy licking his lips after chewing on some delicious grass, leaves and twigs.

Deunan 1

Deunan enjoying a sunbeam. Sometimes this is all she wants to do. Sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy the sun.

Darko 1

My favourite thing to do in the backyard? Play with all my broken tennis balls. They are the most fun when they have the outside layer partially peeled. That way you can hold the end of the felt stuff and shake it and toss it around. BOL! It’s a fun game!

See the top picture below? Ravage, Frenzy and I are all playing with the same stick. I’m chewing on it and they are batting at it and chewing on it too. Us boys are silly.

Darko kitties collage

Ravage doing his best “What you lookin’ at!” face.

Ravage 2

Ravage getting ready to attack a floating stick…

Ravage 3


***leaps up and grabs the stick***

“The weak Autobot stick is no match for the powerful Decepticon. Ravage has won this battle.”

Ravage collage

(Below) Frenzy and I sniffing around. Something was here the other night… It smells funny. Could it be bunnies?

Darko Frenzy

Frenzy being mouthy and meowing off to our humans. He’s a cheeky kitty sometimes. Well, actually, most of the time – I mean all the time.

Frenzy 2

Frenzy loves exploring the great outdoors. It’s his most favourite thing to do besides chasing the laser pointer.

Frenzy collage

Ravage enjoying a good chew on a nice yummy stick.


Ravage 4

We were outside for quite a while before our humans made us return to the house. It was a grand adventure and we had a pawsome time!

Deunan Ravage collage

So who let the cats out, you ask? Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? And yes, I’m still wearing my St. Patty’s Day bandanna. BOL! I like my bandanna.

Darko 2

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