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I Met A Starfish Today

This weekend was full of clouds and rain so when the sun came out yesterday afternoon (Sunday, March 23rd) my humans and I jumped in the car and drove to the beach.

We picked this beach because the tide was going out which means there would most likely be starfish and other sea critters, and Mom loves starfish.

Darko 1-1

After we went for a nice walk we made our way down to the shore. I started rock hunting and Mom began to look for starfish.

Darko collage 1

We saw a lot of wildlife on this adventure including three seals that my humans were unable to snap a photo of. They were quite a ways away and bobbing in and out of the water so by the time we made it to a good spot they were gone.

Darko 2

Scouting the shoreline for the perfect rock. I can be quite picky when I’m rock hunting.

Darko 3

“I’m not finding the right rocks so how about you throw something for me to fetch?”

Darko collage 2-4

It’s nesting season for the big birds so there was a lot of geese at the beach today. They were very loud and would fly over us honking and making a big fuss as they headed to the water. Luckily for my humans and I we didn’t get pooped on. I don’t like poop. I do like to roll in stinky stuff but I do not like poop at all. Not even for rolling.

Darko 4

Searching for more rocks.

“Maybe I’ll have better luck over here…”

Darko collage 3

Still nothing. This rock hunt isn’t working out as I had planned. Moving on to the next spot…

Darko collage 4

And then I met a starfish. We named it Starro.

I sniffed it a few times but wasn’t sure what it was or what I was supposed to do. It was rough and slimy and so after a few more sniffs I backed out of the way and let Mom take her pictures.

Darko 5

Once we found Starro, we found lots more. We called them Starro’s minions and WOW was there ever lots! They were everywhere! Mostly purple but we saw a few red and pink ones and a baby green one as well as a bunch of tiny little crabs.

starfish collage 1starfish collage 2starfish collage 3starfish collage 4

Did you see the little crab and the baby green Starro minion? They were soooooo tiny!

We found several Starro minions that had been abandoned along the shore when the tide went out. Some of them we couldn’t throw back in the water because they were attached to big rocks so my humans made them rock forts to protect them from the sun and hopefully from the wildlife that likes to eat them (like the seagulls and crows).

There was one that was on the sand and only attached to seaweed so Mom walked it to the water and we threw it in. I escorted them, of course, and made sure to give it a good sniff.

starfish collage 5

Then we carried on the the little islands at this beach. When the tide is low you can walk all the way out to them so we did.

Can you see the geese and I in the top picture below? They didn’t seem to mind me wading around in the water.

Darko collage 5

“Where to next, my humans?”

Darko 6

On our way to the little islands a heron flew past and Mom actually managed to get some photos of it flying.

heron collage

Can you see it in the two photos above?

heron collage 2

The heron landed and began fishing. We didn’t see it catch anything but it was still there when we left the beach.


Once we got to the first island we had a short break and I found a nice stick to chew on.


Darko 7

Then we continued on around the little islands.

Darko 9

And yes, I practiced my agility skills again. A dog’s gotta keep in shape, right?

Darko 8

See the photos below? Dad went to walk up that cliff when he heard this growling noise and guess what he was approaching? A nesting goose! Dad very VERY quickly backed up and turned around. Don’t want to mess with an angry goose! Dad might get beat up! BOL! Mom climbed a nearby cliff and used her zoom to get a few pictures. Can you see the goose? It was giving Mom the evil eye the entire time, even though she was a ways away.

goose on nest collage

It turned out to be a gorgeous day for boating and we saw many sailboats on the water. The one below was the biggest one we saw.


One last pose for Mom before we headed back to the car.

Darko 10

And on our way back I saw two of my fur-friends, Nigel Bull Terrier and Zeus Bichon Frise, from doggie daycare. BOL! It’s a small world!

Darko collage 6

Once we arrived home I went straight to bed for a long, long time. These kind of walks are exhausting but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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  1. OMC….what beautiful scenery <3 Youz iz soooo lucky to live at such a gorgeous place where youz can see nature likiez that <3

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