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How To Play Soccer

You need two things before you can play this game. A human and a soccer ball (at least one of each).

Next, go find yourself a nice grassy park, preferably a big one so you can have lots of room for running.

Now, we can begin the game.

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Let your human have the ball. They need to kick it across the field to start the game.

Once the soccer ball has been kicked CHASE IT DOWN! You need to get it and bring it back to your human.

Catch it, chew on it, herd it, paw at it, bark at it, pick it up and carry it – however you do it, just get it back to your human as fast as possible so they can kick it again.


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Once you’ve had your human kick the ball for you a few times challenge your human with a round or two of Keep Away.┬áSimply kicking the ball can be boring for your human so make sure to engage them in this fun one-on-one game to mix things up.

In this game your human runs around the field keeping the soccer ball at their feet and your goal is to take it from them. This game is a lot of fun and can be really hard, especially if more than one human is involved. But the harder the challenge the more fun it is!

After you have tired out your human(s) with Keep Away get them to kick the ball again. A soccer dog can never have too much soccer fun!

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Repeat until you are too tired to participate or until your humans decide that you are all done for the day.

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Remember: BE GENTLE with your soccer ball. They can pop so do not bite them, just hold them and NO PLAYING TUG with them.

Darko 2

And that’s how to play the game soccer, my most favourite sport!

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