A Day In The Life Of Darko…

Today was a very good day… I got to do so many things!

The morning started off rough because my humans got up so early again – but then Dad took me to the park and I forgot how tired I was!

After breakfast, I settled in for a nap with the kitties, but then Dad asked if I was going with Mom “to work” and I got all wiggly with excitement and gave him lots of snuggles! Of course I want to go with Mom! I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I found out that Mom was working for the “dark side” again today, but my friends at daycare soon made me forget that and I even joined on a pack walk.

Soon I was ready for a nap, and luckily my Dad showed up with my cousin Summer (who I love sooo much!) and they took me home where I found a spot of sun and kitties to nap with. My rest was pretty short because I overheard my Dad and Summer talking about the “beach” and I came racing into the room to see if it was true… Are we really going to the beach, Dad? Really?

We finally got to the beach after Dad and Summer took forever getting some food (funny humans, BOL) and we were off on another adventure!

Well, a short-lived adventure anyways. Mom was due to be off work soon. But we did a whole lap around the beach and I found lots of things to smell! Dad and Summer made me get my picture taken a few times. It’s rough but I like to share my adventures with my friends!


I even made funny faces for you. BOL!


After picking up Mom from work I was ready for another nap with my kitties before supper. When my cousin went home, Dad left in the car for awhile… and when he came back, he gave me a brand-new toy! I love toys! (Did you know that?)

Now it’s after dinner and I am lounging by the fire. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…?

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