Darko 12

A Beachy Afternoon

I had one fun filled day today!

In the morning I went to doggie daycare and participated on a pack walk with a few of my fur-friends. Then early afternoon my Dad and human cousin picked me up and we went to the beach while we waited for Mom to be released from the dark side (she was working at the dog spa today).

Darko 1

I was so excited when we arrived at the beach! And the weather was perfect for water fun! I was one extra lucky pup and would like to say “Thank you, sun, for gracing us with your rays today!”

Pipers 1

But before we stopped at the beach for our water fun we took a stroll around the park.

I did my best to pose nicely for my humans. They always want to take lots of photos when the weather is nice like today.

Darko and Sum

Doesn’t that water below look lovely? Makes you want to race over to it at maximum warp, leap in and create a huge splash! Right?

Pipers 2

A beautiful sight to behold for any water loving dog. Just let me dive in!

Pipers 3

We made a few short stops on our way to the beach and of course my humans had to take more pictures. BOL! Humans…

Darko collage

Do you like the fort Dad and I are sitting by? We thought it was pretty cool but I was a little distracted with all the strange people and kids around so I didn’t check it out much. There were a lot of people at the beach today.

FINALLY!!! We made it to the water. Or rather, I made it to the water and had to wait for my humans to catch up.

And can you guess what the first thing I did when my humans let me off leash? I found a part of a carcass and rolled in it! Unfortunately it was all bone so there was nothing to make me smell nice. Better luck next time. BOL!

Darko 2

Can you see me in the photo below?

Darko 3

Look how much fun stuff there is along to beach to practice my agility skills on? I barely did any practicing today, though. The water was too distracting for me this time.

Pipers 4

(Below) Aren’t these rocks neat looking? And check out that all-natural agility equipment!

Pipers 5

“What’s that Dad? Starfish? Pawsome! But I think I’ll just be over here by the water, okay? Take some pictures for me.”

Darko and starfish

I wasn’t very interested in these starfish creatures. The water had all of my attention today. They are pretty cool though. You might think starfish would be squishy but they’re not. They’re actually quite solid, hard and a little rough on the surface, like slimy sandpaper. BOL!

starfish collage

After we had our fun we continued on to the next beach location.

Pipers 6

I was very alert and focused the entire time because of all the commotion. It’s spring break where I live so all the young folk are out and about taking advantage of this pawsome weather. But I was very good and didn’t woof much at them, I watched instead.

Darko 4

More agility practice. I’m going to be a pro one day!

Darko 5

And the next stop is… THE BEACH!!! Again!

Darko 6

My humans wouldn’t throw any sticks or rocks for me at this beach because there were a lot of barnacles here. I stood at the shore for a long time staring at them but they refused to cave. It’s for the best, I guess. My paws are grateful at least.

Darko 7

Once I realized there was not going to be any chasing and fetching I began hunting for rocks in the water.

FOUND ONE!!! ***dig dig dig***

Darko 8

“Sooo… Were you going to throw something? Are you sure? I’m pawsitive you said something about fetching a stick…?”

Darko 9

Waiting by the shore again hoping my humans will throw stuff for me but just like the last spot there were a lot of barnacles.

Darko 10

Pawing at some plants floating in the water. Sometimes I’ll pick them up and carry them to shore, then roll on it. BOL!

Darko 11

“Hmm… I wonder if my humans would notice if I swam over to that island……..?”

Darko 12

Going for a run. My humans don’t really like me doing this on the barnacles but I didn’t care. Besides, my paws are fine this time. No cuts or scrapes.

Darko 13

Can you see me in the photo below? I decided to go for a nice walk through the shallows all by myself. I love the beach!

Darko 14

Yep. It was a beachy kind of day and I loved it! Hopefully the sun returns soon so we can do it again.

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