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Yesterday’s Pawsome Adventure

The day started out just like any other. My humans forced me to get out of bed and go for a walk. It was a nice walk and I got to see some bunnies and birds, but that was it.

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I went down to the water like I always do and dipped my paws in to test the temperature. It’s still a bit cold but I’d swim in it… If Dad didn’t say “no swimming” as I raced to the water. ***sigh***

Darko funday collage 2

And of course I made sure to check all the latest message posts and reply to any that seemed interesting.

Darko funday 1

Once we returned home from the morning walk we all had breakfast and then I went back to bed.

But a few hours later guess who came to visit me? My favourite human cousin! I was so excited! I wiggled like crazy for the longest time when she arrived and we’ve been having a barkin’ good time ever since. We have so much fun together!

Darko funday 2

Not long after my cousin arrived, my humans took us all to a big park and we played soccer!

Darko funday collage 5

Do you like soccer? I LOVE soccer! It is – paws down – my most favourite sport!

Darko funday collage 3Darko

But playing soccer sure tires me out!

Darko funday 5Darko funday collage 4

See that big smile? That’s my “I’m in soccer heaven” smile. BOL!

Darko funday 6

Not long after the last photo (above) Dad decided we were playing tug with my soccer ball. Since I was so tired I went along with the idea and I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened next…

I got a soccer hat!

Darko funday 3

Needless to say, I now need a new soccer ball.

So since the soccer fun was over I rolled around on the grass for a while. It’s nice and cool and feels great when you’re all warm and panting like I was.

Darko funday collage 7

Then my human cousin started climbing a tree and so I had to try too. I didn’t get as far as she did but I think I did pretty good considering the circumstances and how exhausted I was.

Darko funday collage 6

After our tree climbing session we went and played in the playground for a bit. I went up and down the ramps and down the slide too. I even tried to climb on a swing (with my cousins help, of course).

Darko funday 4

And just to please my humans I walked through the rock cliff a few times. It was probably the easiest thing I did all day! BOL! Humans are so easily entertained. But that’s okay because it makes our job easy, right? ***wink wink***

Darko funday collage 8Darko funday collage 9

Once I had my fill of fun at the park we returned home and I passed out for several hours. Fun is tiring. But after I re-energized I played with my kitties and my toys and then my cousin and I played some games. It was a super pawsome day!

Read my post Lets Play Soccer for more photos of me enjoying my favourite sport.

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