Darko walk 2

My St. Patty’s Day Walk

There was a lot to sniff on my walk yesterday. I go to this spot quite often on my walks because it is on our route and so there is always a lot of messages waiting for me to reply to.

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day I sported my lucky four-leaf clover bandanna for the entire walk (and the entire day, too). If you’d like to see me in the silly hat Mom put on me read my post from yesterday titled Happy St. Patrick’s Day! for a good chuckle and for some interesting facts about the holiday.

Darko walk 1

I really enjoy going to this spot because (A) it’s along the water so I can dip my paws in as we walk by, (B) there are usually geese, ducks, herons, bunnies, squirrels, otters, raccoons and sometimes even a seal or two, and (C) I am usually allowed off leash as we walk through the park which makes it even more fun!

Can you see me peaking at Dad in the photo below?

Darko walk 3

I think my humans like this walk too because it is always so pretty there. Sometimes if we go extra early in the morning the water looks almost like glass and it is beautiful. I always make sure to go down and dip my paws in it just to disturb the perfection. BOL!

Darko collage 2

My humans usually keep walking while I sniff around and go down to the water so sometimes they get a little ahead of me. Below is me catching up. I always have to go down to the water on both sides of the pier so I’ll race over, jump down to the water and then jump back up and continue on to wherever my humans are waiting for me.

Darko collage 1

Unfortunately there were no critters to watch this time, but on my way home I did see a white bunny that hopped across the road about a block ahead of us. That was really exciting! I started wiggling like crazy and whining, just like I do at my kitties when they are being silly. I hope that one day a bunny will play with me like my kitties do. But until then, I’ll just keep trying to make friends with them.

Darko walk 4

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