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Dog Dayz Of Winter 2014

My friend Tierce and I attended Dog Dayz of Winter yesterday (Saturday, March 15th) with our humans for Dog N’ Suds Pet Services.

I had never been to one of these events before but Tierce had and he assured me it was going to be pawsome because we’d get lots of treats. And was he ever right!

When we first arrived I was a little excited and nervous so Mom and Dad set up my bed and let me lie there until I relaxed while they set up the booth with my human Auntie. Tierce is a pro at this type of thing and he just sat and watched the commotion.

Darko and Tierce 2

Once the booth was set up and I had settled in Mom let me leave my bed and hang out by the table. I decided to crawl underneath for a better view of the activities.

Darko under table

Then I crawled through and popped out the other side. BOL! I get braver and braver by the minute.

Darko 2

After supervising everything from under the table for a while I slowly made my way out in to all the commotion. All I wanted to do was meet all the strange people and pups but everything was so new and so I was a little shy to start. But I did get over it and by the end of the show I was Mr. Social!

Darko 1

(Below) Posing for Mom in front of one of the big board things.

Darko 3

(Below) Posing for Mom in front of the big banner. Can you see the photo of me on the banner?

Darko 4

Our humans decided they needed a break so Tierce and I offered to man the table for them – uh, I mean dog the table. We made sure to give away lots of treats to all the pups that stopped by while our humans weren’t watching. ***wink wink***

Darko and Tierce 1

I met so many nice pups! Below is me meeting a really pretty Husky that was super friendly and nice. I was wiggling my nub the entire time we were sniffing. She was really pretty.

Darko and Husky

I can’t remember all the pups names that we met but Mom took lots of photos. There was way more pups than we have photos but Mom did her best at taking as many as she could while still working at the booth. I would have offered to take pictures for her but my paws aren’t the best at pressing single buttons. I can press them all at once, though! BOL!

We even saw a bunch of pups from my doggie daycare! There was Maddie Golden Retriever, Maya Great Dane, Murphy Airedale, Penelope Shih Tzu mix, Shelby Miniature Schnauzer, Tess-Lee, Toby Portuguese Water Dog, Willow West Highland White Terrier, and lots more! All of them recognized me and my Mom too and got all excited and gave us lots of kisses.

All the Pups collage 1All the Pups collage 2All the Pups collage 3All the Pups collage 4All the Pups collage 5All the Pups collage 6All the Pups collage 7All the Pups collage 8

Tierce and his human entered two contests. The first was the “Dog and Owner Look-A-Like” contest and the second was the “Longest Sit and Stay” contest. They didn’t win the first won but they tied for first place (along with three other pups) for the second one and so Tierce won himself some dog beer. Good job, Tierce! ***high paw***

I entered a contest with Mom called “Musical Mats.” I was a bit confused at first but by the time the game was over I was getting the hang of it. We didn’t win but we sure had a fun time.

Darko and Tierce collage 1

It was a really long day for Tierce and I but we did good and were very well behaved the entire time. Well…. I did woof a little at the beginning and Tierce did try and stalk our neighbour’s breakfast sandwich but other than that we were the perfect pups!

(Below) Me with my new toy that Dad bought me from one of our neighbour booths (the one that Tierce was stalking their breakfast sandwich). It’s my new favourite toy and I’ve been playing with it ever since we arrived home yesterday evening. It is pawsome!

Darko with new toy collage

I did my best to stay awake all day but getting up at 5 am is really early and all the commotion at the event wore me out so by mid afternoon I was passed out on my bed.

Darko sleepy collage

What a day! We ate lots of yummy treats, received lots of pets from lots of people, met many furry friends, played a few games and had several naps. Yep, it was a lot of fun. Tiring but fun. I hope that Mom lets me go again next time.

Darko and Tierce collage 2

Dog Dayz of Winter Pet Expo (as well as Dog Dayz of Summer) is an indoor celebration hosted by Scarlett of Nice Dog, Scarlett for K9s and their companions! Enjoy fun activities and games, win prizes and learn about the local pet-friendly services in the Oceanside area. Help raise awareness and money for local non-profit animal charities by participating in activities and donating to their causes.

4 thoughts on “Dog Dayz Of Winter 2014”

  1. Wow Darko!!!! That lookiez absolutely PAWSOME and lots of funz <3 What a bunch of beautiful doggiez there waz <3 Youz lookiez amazing :0 WTG my handsome furriend <3

    1. It was a LOT of fun and I look forward to going again! There was so many pawsome pups! You would have loved it! ***wiggles***

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