Darko Sophie park 1

My Adventure With Sophie – Part Two

~ Continued from yesterday’s post My Adventure With Sophie – Part One (click on the link to read it)

After Sophie and I had our fun at the beach we walked home and stopped at the park along the way. There was a few ducks paddling around and a few others hanging out on some of the logs. Can you see them in the photo below?

Darko park 1

These birds aren’t noisy like those honking geese are. In fact, I didn’t hear them quack once. They seemed like nice birds.

ducks collage

I sniffed around while Sophie watched the ducks paddle in the water. If my humans would have let us, we’d be right back in the water swimming with them. BOL!

Darko Sophie park collage 3

Taking a stroll through the park together.

Darko Sophie park collage 1

Sophie and I had a lot of messages to check. We made sure to sniff and reply to them before carrying on our walk.

Darko Sophie park 1

Once we finished our business Sophie and I did crazy zoomies with the last of our energy. It didn’t take long for us to burn through it and shortly after my humans took us home.

Darko Sophie park collage 2

When we arrived at home Sophie and I both went straight to bed and passed out for several hours. We were exhausted!

Sophie after tired

Below is one of my favourite ways to sleep. I take up more room on the bed this way. BOL!

Darko after collage

And after we had a good nap my humans took us for a real bath because Sophie was going home and we both smelled amazing after our weekend of fun.

Or at least we did smell amazing until my humans bathed us. Now we’re all clean and stinky. Yuck.

I gotta find something to roll in…

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