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My Adventure With Sophie – Part One

So you’d never guess what happened today… The sun graced us with its presence again! Two days in a row. Isn’t that pawsome? This must be my lucky week! BOL!

I love sunny days and was a super happy pup when my humans agreed to take Sophie and I to the beach. We – of course – asked nicely with lots of sighs and puppy eyes. But all our hard work paid off and we had one splashing good time together!

Darko Sophie beach collage 3

Sophie and I met a few dogs at the beach during our time there. They seemed nice but we didn’t play at all. We just introduced ourselves and carried on with our water fun.

Darko Sophie beach collage 4Darko Sophie beach collage 1

Sophie is a true Labrador and LOVES water. Maybe even more than I do and that’s a lot. BOL! She splashed in the waves way more than I did today but I was extra focused on my rock hunting.

Darko Sophie beach 1Darko Sophie beach collage 2Darko Sophie beach 3

Sophie and I chased a lot of sticks. Dad even found a really REALLY long branch that he broke in to several smaller sticks for us to retrieve and chew on. Thanks, Dad!

Sophie beach

Sophie loving the water dog life.

Sophie collage

Sophie retrieving sticks while I hunt for rocks.

Darko Sophie beach 2

Don’t worry, though. I didn’t hunt for rocks the entire time I was at the beach. I did crazy zoomies, wrestled with Sophie, fetched some sticks and made sure to get nice and close to my humans just before I’d shake off all the salty water. Humans love that. ***wink wink***

Darko collage 1Darko collage 2

We had some big birds join us for a swim too. These two geese flew over us and landed just a short ways down the beach. They didn’t care at all that Sophie and I were splashing around and enjoyed their own paddle through the waves.

geese collage

It was a pawsome adventure! I love going to the beach.

Darko 1

But before I go, I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with rock hunting. I will search the beach all day long looking for certain rocks, then dig them up and carry them to the shore.

I’m not sure why I do this, I just do. My humans have been working with me on getting my obsession under control, as sometimes I can get a little carried away. In the photo below I am carrying one of the rocks I found (and Sophie is about to chase a stick that Dad just threw.. just in case you were wondering. BOL!).

Darko rock hunting 2

Once I’ve found the rock I’m searching for I stick my head under the water and pull it out. If it’s too far under I’ll dig at it with my paws and pull it closer to shore until it’s in shallower water so I can grab it.

Darko rock hunting collage 1Darko rock hunting collage 2

Me carrying one of my rock trophies. Don’t worry, I’m quite careful when I carry the rocks. Once I bring them to shore I gently place them down and return to the hunt.

Darko rock hunting 1

The ocean is full of my kind of rocks and my goal is to find them all!┬áBut I’ll save my rock hunting stories for another time.

2 thoughts on “My Adventure With Sophie – Part One”

  1. I have never seen a dog do that! Looks like you had an awesome time!! We live right by the Ohio River and my dogs hate the water! When it’s real hot they will wade their feet but wont let their bellies touch the water! lol

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