Darko Sophie resized 2

Two Happy Pups

The skies made up for showering us with rain all day yesterday by allowing the sun to visit today so my humans took Sophie and I to the beach.

We were so excited! Going to the beach is our most favourite activity. But I guess for any water dog that is the case, isn’t it?

Darko Sophie collage 1

We raced and splashed, wrestled, chased a few sticks and I (of course) had to do my rock hunting. I can’t go to the beach and not hunt for rocks under the water. That’s just unheard of. BOL!

Darko resized 1

While I was rock hunting Sophie practiced her doggie paddle and had a grand time splashing around.

Darko Sophie collage 3

Then afterwards we convinced my humans to throw some more sticks and rocks for us to fetch and find.

Darko Sophie resized 1

Mom almost always gets carried away with her camera and sometimes forgets that she’s supposed to be throwing stuff for us. Does anyone else’s human(s) do that?

Darko Sophie resized 3

I’m glad she thinks I’m handsome and enjoys taking photos of me but seriously! Sheesh! Pay attention, Mom! I’m not a model dog, I’m a water dog which means I like to play in the water and chase stuff, not pose for the camera. ***shakes head*** Humans.

Darko Sophie collage 2

It’s okay though. Dad was with us too and assisted us with the stick and rock throwing. Thanks Dad! We appreciate it!

Darko Sophie collage 4

Once Sophie and I had our fill of water fun we practiced our agility skills, jumping on and over the trees and stumps along the beach. Sophie enjoys challenging herself as much as I do and we had a pawsome time competing!

***sigh*** And yes, Mom took more pictures of our paw prints.

Darko Sophie collage paw prints

When Sophie and I arrived back home my humans made us get hosed off in the backyard because we were covered in sand and mud and salty water. We weren’t too impressed about it but we tolerated. At least we both received a nice towel massage afterwards. Those are always nice. Sophie likes them so much that she tried to steal mine by sneaking between me and my humans. BOL!

And that was our pawsome adventure of the day. Sophie and I have been napping ever since!

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