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To The Beach We Go

Today my humans took Sophie and I to the beach. It decided to rain just as we arrived but we didn’t mind. A water dog’s motto is the more water the better, right? BOL!

We ran along the beach together wrestling and making a lot of noise, splashed in the ocean, retrieved a few sticks and I found some rocks to dig up from under the water. For some reason I can’t resist doing that. Ya, I know. I’m a weird dog.

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 1

Just like yesterday, Sophie had to jump right in and go for a good paddle. I didn’t join her because I was too busy trying to dig up those rocks under the water.

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 6

Sophie also found a really big stick but she was unable to retrieve it due to its size and since I was preoccupied at the time I didn’t help. Sorry Sophie. I tend to have tunnel vision when I’m rock hunting.

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 2

Every once in a while during my rock hunt Sophie would swim over and then leap out of the water and tackle me. BOL! She is one silly girl but I love her!

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 3

There was quite a few humans at the beach and some little humans too. I woofed and Sophie wagged. We’re quite the pair.

walk 1

See the middle picture in the top row below? Sophie thought she’d try some rock climbing but my humans said no. The rocks are very slippery when wet and it is too dangerous. Especially for us pups when we’re all excited and not being careful.

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 4

After our water fun Sophie and I explored the dry land. We raced up one of the cliffs, ran around then raced back, wrestling and making loud noises the entire time. We can get a little crazy when we’re together but we sure know how to have fun! BOL!

Walk Neck Point with Sophie collage 5

After we left the beach my humans stopped at my doggie daycare and Sophie and I got all excited….¬†Only to realize that we weren’t there for daycare at all. We were there for a bath!

I tried to dodge the bathing room and sneak towards the daycare door but Mom just shook her head and told me to get in the tub. I listened and walked very slowly over to the tub looking up at Mom every few seconds to see if she had changed her mind yet. Unfortunately her mind was set on giving me a bath and she said I should consider myself a lucky dog that I didn’t get one yesterday too. ***sigh*** Humans and their cleanliness. I don’t understand it.

Sophie, on the other paw, likes the extra attention during bath time and was one happy pup (it must be the Lab in her). I, of course, was not impressed and made sure to put on my very best sad puppy eyes and sulk until it was over.

But it all turned out okay because after our baths my humans took us to a pet store and the humans there gave us some really yummy treats! And lots too! It was pawsome!

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