walk 1

Splashing Through The Forest

OMD guess what? My best friend Sophie is here!!! ***big wiggles***

Today started out with my humans getting up way too early. I was not impressed and didn’t want to get up but breakfast was being served so of course I had to. Don’t want Frenzy eating my food – he’d brag about it for days. So after I chowed down my breakfast I went back to bed.

Then all the sudden Sophie was pawing at the front door and I got so excited! I leaped out of bed and barked at Mom to let her inside and we both started tearing around the house being loud and crazy. BOL! We have way too much fun together. Or so our humans tell us.

Sophie is staying at my house for the weekend and we have BIG plans. We’re going to PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!

… And maybe sleep a bit. But mostly play.

Since Sophie and I were both super excited and being extra crazy after she arrived, my humans decided to take us on an adventure so we could burn off some of our energy.

I wanted to go to the beach but since it was raining and a bit cold my humans took Sophie and I to this big huge forest where us dogs can run until we drop (it also has easy trails for the humans).

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 1

And that’s pretty much exactly what we did. We ran and ran and wrestled and ran some more. It was pawsome!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 2

Check out the big stick I found! It was stuck in a tree though so I was unable to retrieve it, but I sure tried. I even put both my paws in to it and it still refused to budge.

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 3

With all the snow that is still melting (from two weeks ago) the forest was filled with puddles and over-flowing creeks and mud and everything else a water-loving dog could dream of. It was amazing!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 4

See all the water and mud? Ya, Sophie and I made sure to make good use of it. BOL! Some spots were even too deep for Mom’s rubber boots but that didn’t stop us!

walk 2

Sophie taking a breather before we continued our crazy racing and wrestling game.

walk 5

During our walk we encountered a few other pups and their humans. One of them we knew from our doggie daycare. Small forest. BOL!

The further we went the more snow we found. And the more snow we found the crazier we became. Snow is really pawsome to race and wrestle on!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 5


walk with Sophie at Linley collage 6

Sophie and I love to wrestle and race and we always takes turns chasing each other. Sometimes I chase her, sometimes she chases me. It’s grrreat!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 7

We will do this for hours. It’s one of the reasons our humans say that we have too much fun together. We are silly.

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 8

I never knew this game could be even more fun than it already was, but apparently snow makes a lot of things better. And the best part? When snow melts it makes puddles! Who knew? I love puddles!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 11

Sophie getting ready to pounce on me as I zoom by…

walk 3

Look at that face! How could any dog say no when a pretty girl like that walks up to you and says, “Hey, wanna play tag?”

walk 4

Sophie and I found a nice long stick to share and carried it together until it broke. But it was even better that way because than we each had our own! How pawsome is that? Team work! ***high paw***

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 10

Come on! Throw that stick already!

walk 6

Sophie is a crazy water dog like me, as you might already know from my post My Best Friend Sophie and so she just couldn’t resist the over-flowing creek as we walked past and had to dive in.

My humans sighed and said “Well, good thing we remembered to bring a towel.” BOL!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 12

Our muddy and snowy paw prints.

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 9

There was a lot of stumps and logs along the trails so I took advantage and brushed up on my agility skills.

walk 8

Sophie has pretty pawsome agility skills too and was jumping log to log behind me showing off. Then after I jumped down she leaped over and tackled me. Mom actually caught part of her big tackle on camera (see second and third frames in the image below). ***shakes head*** Crazy girl.

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 13

My paws and Mom’s boots are surprisingly clean. I wonder how that happened…

No, of course we don’t like walking through big puddles and creeks. ***wink wink***

walk 7

There was something beneath this spot on the walkway but I couldn’t figure out how to get to it. Mom said I was crazy because she couldn’t see anything but there WAS something under there. I am pawsitive something was there and would have happily bet all my kibble and yam chews!

I was so sure that I almost tried to crawl under it. My humans yelled “Noooooo!!! We only have one towel, Darko!!!” But that would have been their problem, right? I’m a dog. I like mud. BOL!

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 14

Sophie and I both received a towel off before my humans let us in the car to go home. I don’t see a problem with a little mud. Do you? It could have been a whole lot worse. We could have rolled in all the mud and avoided the puddles and creeks so it wouldn’t wash off.

But we’re good dogs. We always make sure to splash in all the puddles and creeks. Don’t we, Sophie? ***wink wink***

walk with Sophie at Linley collage 15

And that was the pawsome adventure I had with my best friend Sophie today.

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